Day Three at Sea on the Disney Wonder

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Published on November 11, 2012 at 5:01 am with 7 Comments

We join our intrepid MiceChat cruisers as they enjoy Day Three at Sea on the Disney Wonder. Today was their appointed Character Breakfast day on the cruise. They also dined at Animator’s Palate and ended the evening with the popular Pirates of the Caribbean Deck Party. ~~Rick

Other than nightly dinners, the only meal with a dedicated time and place is the character breakfast. Each party was designated one per cruise:

It was pirate day, so the servers dressed us up in clever head gear:


I think Jeffrey had the best headgear:

Obligatory Mickey shaped waffles:

Waffles alone are okay, but add fruit, whipping cream, and/or a very tasty caramel sauce, and they become spectacular:

After breakfast, a napkin folding workshop. Here is my napkin tuxedo.

Napkin boat:

Napkin corn:

Tonight was Toy Story the Musical. Most of our group were not impressed. The music was largely forgettable, and the set pieces were weak. When Buzz was supposed to be flying, he would slowly be raised or lowered by a cable, and it just didn’t convey what was supposed to be happening very well:

Disney cruise ships are unique in that there are three separate dinner restaurants that you rotate through. Tonight was Animator’s Palate:

The decor is black and white:

As dinner progresses, color is added:


Earlier, I was part of the winning group at a Disney theme park trivia contest. Okay, Hastin and Matt *might* have come up with most of the answers, but if not for my contribution they would have scored only 74 points out of the possible 75. The drink was certainly pretty.

Baked potato and chedder cheese soup. You can really never go wrong with baked potato soup:

After a little show and appearance by Sorcerer Mickey, the restaurant is now in full color.

Pirates in the Caribbean deck party. The ship isn’t anywhere near the Caribbean, but the name remains. Drinks served in light-up novelty plastic pirate glasses were available. There was a buffet as well, but it was a bit too soon after dinner for me:

The fireworks are not a spectacular display, they just launch one at a time, but it’s still a neat show and there is a certain novelty seeing fireworks out at sea:

Quite a few guests wore elaborate pirate costumes, including Chris & Ron with our group:

After dinner, Ron shows us his stuff at Karaoke:

Towel monkey:

More soon folks!

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  • jcruise86

    Rick, thank you VERY much for that! I stocked up on pirate accessories at our local wonderful 99 Cents Only store before Halloween so we’re set.

    (WAAAAY off topic, but potentially helpful to one or more of you: if you have “99 Cents Only” stores near you {accept no substitutes–sorry Dollar Tree} near you and you’ve never been, they may have some items that you regularly pay $3 to $7 for at other stores, so going a few times a year might save you a couple hundred bucks a year. The stores are clean and will make you feel rich. Just bring something to read if there is a long, slow checkout line.)

  • Dusty Sage

    We just couldn’t wake up in time for the character breakfast. But we made it in time for napkin folding! If only I could remember how to do it. The Pirate party with fireworks, show, dance music and deck-side buffet was a lot of fun.

    I’m glad you recorded this trip, because I think I only took a dozen pictures or less.

  • Wendygirl

    It’s fun reading about this cruise because I went on the West Coast Pixar cruise two weeks later. They were doing the same things for our cruise. It was so much fun!

  • Gullywhumper

    Hey! Howd a pic of me get in there! ;>)

    • Rick Wright

      Maybe because all the cool kids were on this cruise? ;)

  • uvsc_wolverine

    We did a Mexican Riviera cruise on the Wonder back in January. People on the forums raved about Toy Story the Musical. I kind of wish we had skipped it and spent some quiet time on the top deck instead. The only thing that really stuck out to me about it was Syd’s song. I can still get my wife to laugh by calling out “I’m the Da Vinci of destruction! I’m the Rembrandt of wreckage!”

  • SlurpeeBrainfreeze

    Pirates day was indeed my favorite! And I wasn’t expecting much from the Toy Story musical so maybe thats why I was actually pleased with the performance. Great Pictures guys! Dusty’s sister taught us some Napkin Folding as well hehehe