It’s Disney California Adventure day on MiceChat. And that means more Tower, Midway, FASTPASS, merchandise, and . . . um . . . something really inappropriate (or not). Plus, lots of photos, which we know you love. So let’s see where the heroes are headed . . .

But first, IT’S RALLY TIME

For full info on the Gumball Rally and how to play, visit the Gumball Rally Info Page HERE

Second, if You have not read yesterday’s article covering Disneyland. Please Do Read. Click the photo below or clicking HERE:

Disney California Adventure

Tower of Pointed Objects

Over at Tower (Sorry Disney, Tower is easier to write and say), most of the exterior of the building is now complete with the erection of some new railings along the upper portions of the structure. But on these new rails is a repeating pattern that some think is a bit . . . ahem . . . ‘phallic’ in design. The ball and arrow pattern might be a little bit of a reference to Imagineering’s hesitation on this project . . . sticking it high in the air, in duplicate, to be seen across the resort.

Don’t see it?
Are the Imagineers telling Bob Iger to stick it? Who knows. But it’s fun to speculate and there’s been a lot of talk about it.

Of course, there’s a lot more to be offended by on Tower than this pattern. So let’s just let this go. It’s such a small issue. I mean, really.  😉

With the new attraction opening next month, Disney will need to change most of the Tower references around the park. Much of that signage is for the Red Car Trolley and its final stop.

Ad for Hollywood Tower on Trolley
Trolley Line Stop Information
Trolley Stop Signage
Advertising for the Silver Lake Sisters for Tower at the end of the Red Car Trolley Line inside Starbucks. Though this will likely remain as a tribute to the old attraction.

Summer of Heroes

Disney is also starting to advertise the Summer of Heroes for DCA. The line up: The new Guardians theme to Tower, Black Widow meet and greet, the Captain America and Spiderman meet and greets (which are already there), and a new nightly dance party.

Watch this video and let us know what you think?

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Around the Park:

Buena Vista Street

To finish up the Easter egg hunt you can take a photo with Egg-shape character cut-outs.

Hollywood Land

Over at Sunset Showcase, Beauty and the Beast is out and vacant theater is back in. Does anyone else miss the Muppets?

Tarps on the overhead catwalk hide the old Muppet props. All the Beauty and the Beast images have been removed.

Grizzly Peak

A couple of weeks ago Grizzly River Run returned to operation…

Are you a Grizzly River Run fan at #dca

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…and look at that fully extended FASTPASS queue that they have set up in front of the attraction. On cold days they don’t need much queue at all. This is one of those rides that you reserve for super hot and sunny days. You WILL get wet and it will take a lot of sunshine to dry off.

Paradise Pier

Out in the bay, Disney has placed these big metal boxes on the World of Color platform. It looks like a temporary projector that does not lower into the water with the rest of the fountains. Hopefully, the repair work on the main projectors or possible projector upgrades does not take too long as these huge boxes on the water look horrible during the day.

Over at Toy Story Midway Mania, we’ve been able to get more access to that attraction lately due to the new FASTPASS. But we still feel bad for those who choose to wait in the always 60+ minute standby queue.

I might have a chance to get better at this again since I can now use FASTPASS

On another note is that as I have been able to ride the attraction more often, what stands out more each time I ride the attraction is how old the technology inside is. The main problem is it’s an all screen attraction, the technology is not aging well with ride infrastructure. These video game machines run 14+ hours every day and it might be time to put in money to upgrade the hardware to keep the video motion and the game graphics smooth and fast. Also, because the attraction gets E-Ticket waits, perhaps they should add more theme to the ride to bring it up to the E-Ticket level. There are huge gaps between screens that would be perfect for interaction with animatronic characters or for large props and sets to be placed. That would help fill in the blanks on this attraction and bring it up to a new level. If folks are going to wait 60 to 90 minutes for an attraction, Disney should give them a ride worthy of the wait.

Multiple screens in the attraction’s 3D component are not working well anymore. Noticeably on the Game Tutorial Screen, Buzz’s Ring Toss, and the Final round.

Over at Goofy’s Sky School, there is a noticeable amount of decay on the structure facade from the recent gallons of rain.

That’s some nasty rust on Goofy’s Sky School!
Downtown Disney


Work continues on Splitsville. Have any of you visited Splitsville at Disney Springs in Florida? It’s a really fun bowling alley/restaurant/bar/entertainment complex that serves . . . wait for it . . . really good sushi. Yes! Bowling alley sushi.  We’ll see you there if this thing ever gets built . . . it’s taking forever to go vertical.

At AMC Theater, they are promoting Disney Nature’s upcoming Earth Day feature, Born in China.

Suburban Legends, a band formerly popular on the Tomorrowland Terrace stage, was playing Downtown Disney this past week.

More new merchandise throughout Downtown Disney

Starting at World of Disney, there are some excellent new-to-us items to be purchased.




Some definitely weird eye plush plus some emoji plush.

This one is not new but I really love the design.

At D-Street

Over at Wonderground, these little frames stand out.


Here’s a strange promo:

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I wonder when the construction will begin on the new Downtown Disney parking structure and when they’ll break ground on the resort’s fourth hotel?

Mickey and Friends Parking Structure


I just found another Tower Reference and this one is on the Coke Vending Machines at the Structure, let’s see if Disney Notices this one. (also, a rare “hidden Brian”)


Construction Continues on the back Parking Lot

Is another building going inside the fenced area?


Work recently finished on this building, which looks like it will be used for security purposes.


At the Mickey and Friends tram loading area, they’ve been promising “New Plants” for over 5 months. Do Something here Disney, anything. Plant some flowers, put grass down, or even astroturf. But don’t just say you are going to plant something and then do nothing at all for nearly half a year.


Toy Story Parking Shuttle


On the Toy Story Parking Shuttle, they they’ve added in a prerecorded spiel as you approach the Resort Transportation Hub. Let’s just say Disney World’s bus system does it better. Take a listen:


Check out The Anaheim Hotel

Dusty was on his way to do a Facebook Live from Disneyland and ended up taking an epic hotel tour at the brand new The Anaheim Hotel (the old Anaheim Plaza Hotel). He even gets to eat at the awesome new Pizza Press and drinks some beer samples. Looks like he had an amazing time and we found this video strangely intoxicating. No, it isn’t pure Disney, but it’s super fun and informational. Give it a watch, you’ll be glad you did.

We love you Dusty. You make everything so much fun! You know what else I love? Pizza! And there’s some REALLY delicious pizza here. And affordable.

Do you remember the original Pizza Press at the Carousel Hotel? They’ve moved into a HUGE and beautiful space at The Anaheim Hotel across the street from Disneyland. Not only do they have one of the best pizzas you’ve ever tried, but it’s right there next to Disneyland and an affordable place to take the family or hang out with your friends.


Don’t Miss the 2017 GUMBALL RALLY!!!

It’s almost here folks! The Gumball Rally is a not to be missed fan event that has you riding more of the attractions that you love and spending time with your friend and family in an all day celebration of Disneyland.

More Information and Sign Up HERE

The World Famous Gumball Rally is a contest to see who can ride the most attractions at Disneyland and California Adventure in a single day. Are you the biggest Disney fan? Let’s find out. This year’s event pays tribute to the Pirates of the Caribbean, which turned 50 years old this year and remains beloved by generations of Disney fans. If you be brave enough to face a pirate’s curse, proceed!!! GUMBALL RALLY INFO AND TICKETS HERE

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