Walt Disney Imagineering has released a video offering a glimpse into the massive Star Wars lands being built at Disneyland and Disney World. While the details of the attractions have not yet been disclosed, some images of the land and even the rides are included in the video.  Take a look below at the short video and the stills that we pulled from it and let us know what your takeaways are.

It’s clear that a huge team of Imagineers are working tirelessly to create a detailed universe in the theme parks which brings the Star Wars legacy alive. From the video, here’s what they want us to know about this project:

  • They want you to be able to see, hear, taste, smell and touch in a way that makes Star Wars real for you.
  • What they’ve created is an extension of the Star Wars story. Not something you’ve already seen on film, but something brand new. But there will be things that are familiar and that you’ve always wanted to see.
  • There will be random characters that you can interact with.
  • They’ve put a lot of love and care into this massive project

And here are some screen grabs from the video that we can hypothesize about:

We love the marketplace look of the image below. Does this remind anyone else of the Morocco pavilion at Epcot?

Could this be a queue for an attraction? Very hard to tell. But thematic detail is strong with this one.

In the video, a character is revealed when the liquid in the tank drains.

  The Millennium Falcon appears under the arch. That’s likely the entry area for the ride.

This pod appears to be the ride vehicle for the Millennium Falcon attraction. It’s very similar to the experience built for the Disney Cruise ship, but much more detailed here.  Watch the video above and let us know what you think.  Below, we see a pre-visualization of an AT-AT in a hanger. This is very likely one from the show building we’ve been documenting during construction.

While not much was revealed in the video, it’s exciting none the less. Also great to see the names and faces of the folks working on the attraction. So far, so good. Let’s hear from you. What did your eagle eyes spot?