Things are about to drop into a new dimension at Disney California Adventure. Walls around Guardians of the Galaxy are set to come down any minute now. Summer of Heroes begins installation next week. Pixar Play Parade returns in 10 days. And by the end of the month, Guardians will open to guests.


There’s a lot of neat backstory at the Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe. The establishment on Buena Vista Street is operated by the fictional Silver Lake Sisters, who once had an illustrious career in Hollywood. Among the items in the restaurant are photos and posters tying the ladies to many famous Hollywood landmarks (both in the real world and at DCA).

It appears that the ladies have played the South Seas . . .

The Carthay Circle Theatre . . .

The Music Box . . .

The Apollo . . .

The El Capitan . . .

The Club Ritz . . .

But there’s one place that Dorthy, Dottie and Ethel famously played that has suddenly dropped into the Twilight Zone.  The wall nearest the Starbucks beverage pick-up window once held posters of the Silver Lake Sisters engagements at the Tip Top Club in the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

Apparently, a last minute decision was made to remove these mentions of the Tower Hotel. It was all done so hastily that the hooks are still on the wall and no replacement art was hung in their place.

Here’s one of the posters from a previous MiceChat Update. It shows how deeply the Hollywood Tower Hotel was woven into the Buena Vista Street and Hollywood sections of the park. The Silverlake Sisters, The Red Car Trolley, and the Tower Hotel were all tied together in a tapestry of fake history that really gave this front section of the park a sense of place:

What makes it all the more perplexing is that Disney wanted to highlight this neat little bit of backstory about the Silver Lake Sisters and the Hollywood Tower Hotel by having them play live in the lobby of the Tower of Terror during its final months.

The ladies were amazing and it’s a shame that Disney was so quick to wipe this tiny bit of backstory off the map. It was an innocuous but sentimental little nod to a formerly beloved attraction. A shame it was slated for unnecessary removal.


“Hollywood, 1939. Amid the glitz and the glitter of a bustling, young movie town at the height of its golden age, The Hollywood Tower Hotel was a star in its own right; a beacon for the show business elite. Now, something is about to happen that will change all that.”

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! is just about ready to drop in to DCA’s attraction lineup. As you read this, preparation is being completed to remove the construction walls around the attraction, if that hasn’t happened already.

The attraction has been in near constant testing for quite some time now. You can see the elevator doors open and close, the attraction photo lights still strobe.

The movie which inspired this attraction is opening this weekend. By the end of the month, the attraction will be officially open to the public as well.


Let me just tell you that I had absolutely no interest in seeing this film, or this preview for that matter. I loved the first Pirates film and with each subsequent release, I just felt less and less excited about the franchise. However, I did decide to go into the preview to cover it for you. And I’m glad I did.

Like all the other previews, giant banners and signs cover all the old Muppet details.

There’s a display case of costumes in the lobby.

Inside the theater you’ll find the usual mix of water and wind effects, along with strobe lighting effects and even some projection on the walls. However, that’s not what impressed me. I actually enjoyed the lengthy cut played on the big screen. It was funny, unexpected, and a bit of a theme park attraction.  Lots of fun. I can tell you that I’m much more inclined to actually see the film now that I’ve seen the preview. I want to know what happens next.


The Disney Jr. puppets are no more. Disney decided to close the show after a string of performer injuries and their subsequent unionization. The new show will be less labor intensive and rely more on video, music and having the kids dance.


It’s been a long time since Disney has opened the Blue Sky Cellar to guests. Perhaps we’ll see something from this summer’s D23 Expo make its way to DCA. Seems like a prime piece of real estate to let it just sit unused like this. Especially with it sitting on the patio of the Winery.

The giant mural outside of Tough to be a Bug continues to decay. We’ve been covering this for months now.

Over at Paradise Garden Grill, the sign for the “Mediterranean Skewers” is proudly displayed.

But at the actual restaurant . . .

Chicken and Waffles Skewer and Beer Battered Corn or Corn Dogs are served.

Yes, this appears to be a temporary menu while Corn Dog Castle is closed for refurbishment. But it’s been since before Christmas since the old menu has been served at the Garden Grill. Clearly, the Mediterranean cuisine has under-performed. I’ve always enjoyed it, but perhaps it’s time for something new to grace this establishment. What type of food would you like to see here? Please don’t say burgers and fries.

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Also returning to the area is Elena of Avalor, who remains popular with guests.

Because I’m a sucker for water and it was a hot day . . .

I’m not sure if they were just turned off on Friday or if they are already broken, but the Geysers were not functional during my visit. Mind you, it was a very hot day and this attraction has just returned from a major refurbishment.


The actress who plays Cinderella in Santa Monica Playhouse’s “Finding Belle” (Sabrina Twyla) was at the park during my visit. The show is described as:

A host of enchanting fairytale characters are unceremoniously plunked into 2017. Cinderella, Snow White, Little Bo Peep and even Mother Goose confront the mysteries of modern living as they try to find the lost Belle, save the fairytale world, and prove that you’re never too old to believe in imagination, happily-ever-afters, and mostly importantly, yourself.

Sabrina has even competed in the Gumball Rally in the past. She’s amazing, and mark my words, she’s going to be a big star.


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