It’s another big news week for Disney fans. Walt Disney was back at Disneyland last week as Tom Hanks filmed his role in the upcoming motion picture, Saving Mr. Banks.  Starbucks is on the way to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot amid controversy. Disney World attendance is falling, and there are a variety of opinions on why. Tokyo DisneySea has launched a new Christmas show which isn’t living up to the high standards of previous productions. Christmas has sprung up in all the parks and we’ll share photos and video. Universal Orlando may be putting together a “Wicked” show for the park. Finally, we’d like to ask for your vote as the top theme park fan site in the Thrill Weekly poll. All this and much more in this week’s Disney News Round Up.




Show your appreciation for MiceChat! The third-annual “Thrill Weekly Awards” is now well under way to name the “Best-Of” for 2012 in the amusement industry. The internet has revolutionized the way people communicate, including theme parks. The parks not only give themselves exposure – fan sites from across the world provide the latest news, information, and even juicy rumors to their readers. They all bring something good to the table, but which one is the best?


Christmas has arrived on Main Street, New Orleans Square, and Toontown in Disneyland, and over in DCA, brand new old fashioned decorations have arrived on Buena Vista Street, Radiator Springs has its own distinct Christmas décor.  We also discover a new snack in Disneyland which is sure to be a hit! Then find out more about what was taped at Disneyland, for its Christmas Day TV special! ~ Aladdin

Tour of Buena Vista Street & Cars Land 1st Holiday/Christmas MakeOver! HD
The Christmas Season has arrived in DCA, like it never has before! (and that’s a GOOD thing!) SoCalbma brings us video highlighting an old fashioned Christmas on Buena Vista Street, Radiator Springs brings us a White(wall) Christmas – just look out for wrenches masquerading as snowflakes, and the Mad Tea Party turns Christmas upside-down!

Carthay Circle Dinner and Xmas Decorations
clara has this report from an evening meal at the Carthay Circle.

Monte Cristo Bites at Jingle Jangle Jamboree
Wendygirl has news and photos of a brand new snack treat that is sure to become a favorite in Disneyland, this Christmas Season!

DLR Christmas Day Parade Taping 2012
Beginning with Post Number 37, We have some photos from the Christmas Day Special that was taped at Disneyland, last week. Details are here, including photos of Mario Lopez, Backstreet Boys, and Ross Lynch.

That empty area in the Space Mountain Que
What a discussion this has generated, have you ever wondered about the empty area that is used for the space mountain queue? APJ1127 thought the same!

Disneyland Resort Photo Collages
Barbaraan has brought us another wonderful set of collage pictures from here recent trips to Disneyland!

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Walt Disney World
This week we have some attendance issues, Starbucks coming, and a question about the ride that you most wish would come back. Let’s take a look to see what else is going on in the Walt Disney World forums this week. ~yoyoflamingo

Walt Disney World Attendance Down for 2012
In an announcement that should surprise no one, Walt Disney World has apparently shown a slight decline in attendance this year. Will new Fantasyland be the key to turning this around, or should there be a much bigger investment required?

What’s one ride you’d bring back, or return to its original state?
A fun topic that is always worth revisiting: What’s worth bringing back to Walt Disney World? Maybe taking some of these ideas will help with their attendance problems…

Starbucks to Replace Main Street Bakery
In a surprisingly controversial announcement, Disney announced the Main Street Bakery would be converted to a Starbucks location. What are your thoughts of this change? Discuss it here.

Welcome to the latest Communicore Weekly, where we have our usual antics, chatting this week about The Hub, Imagineering Legends, New Fantasyland Bathrooms, and Yak and Yeti! IT’S TIME FOR DISNEY HISTORY! – Jeff and George talk a bit about the Hub of every Magic Kingdom Theme Park. BOOK OF THE WEEK! – George reviews Jeff Kurtti’s Imagineering Legends for his Book of the Week. BATHROOM BREAK! – Jeff and George look at the NEW bathrooms of NEW Fantasyland for a Bathroom Break. FIVE LEGGED GOAT! – And finally, the Yak and Yeti hides this weeks Five Legged Goat!

Also, we are trying to raise $2500 for the American Red Cross to help with their Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief. Please consider helping out! Read more about our goal at:

Colors of Christmas
TravisMT81 has posted two videos from Tokyo Disney Sea’s Colors of Christmas. Those who know this park well have high expectations and are unfortunately NOT impressed with the show.

New Year’s at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea January 1 – 5, 2013
The program is announced, and TravisMT81 has it for you.

Disney’s Pixar Names Building After Steve Jobs
To honor Steve Jobs, Pixar names the studios main building ‘The Steve Jobs Building.’

My final visit to Haunt on Halloweem Night 10/31
For those of you who missed the Haunt at Knott’s Berry Farm, madmonkeygirl provides a final trip report from Halloween Night.

R.I.P. Lucille Bliss (1916-2012)
The voice of Anastasia from Cinderella and Smurfette has passed away.

Angry Video Game Nerd: The movie feed
Alexshow brings us a trailer for another movie based on video games of the past.

Arthur Christmas Harry Potter connection…amazing voice talents…
Wild Ol’ Dan brings us some interesting news of the voice talents from Arthur Christmas.

Orlando ICE, Snow and more…
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Decorations are going up around the various parks, and they are also fully in place at Downtown Disney already. At the Magic Kingdom, the upcharge Very Merry…

At Disneyland Christmas may be extra
October began a new fiscal year for Disney, and the Team Disney Anaheim (TDA) suits are rushing quickly to kick off projects big and small over the next twelve months. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those warm and fuzzy updates that makes you feel good about being a Disney fan. To the contrary, Tomorrowland, Christmas and the way the company treats its best employees are all being dealt tough blows. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for an eye opening updated that will challenge the way you feel about how the Disney Company is being run these days.

Disney + Lucasfilm = $
Is the deal between Disney and Lucasfilm a good thing? What will it mean for the movies, the Parks? Al Lutz weighs in on this brand new bit of news and shares his opinion on this major announcement.

Christmas comes to Disneyland with unique new holiday offerings in Cars Land and Buena Vista Street
Happy Holidays! We’ve got a huge update for you this week as Disneyland kicks off its annual holidays season with all-new offerings across the Resort! New this year are spectacular seasonal decorations and entertainment in…

Holidays at Walt Disney World and Magic Kingdom
Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World!! This week, we’ll take a look at the Holiday season arriving at the resort, as well as the ongoing construction and refurbishment projects at the Magic Kingdom. Welcome…

The Disney Jungle Cruise Is No Joke
Sorry for the absence of a column last week…I was right in the middle of Hurricane Sandy, and didn’t have power for a few days, and thus, couldn’t get an article written in time for…

Imaginerding Vintage Walt Disney World Photo Finds
Doing Disney historical research means lots of different things. Sometimes it’s interviewing a Disney Legend, scouring Disney maps or leafing through older Disney publications. Recently, I was perusing my collection of Disney News and I…

It’s a Cars Land Christmas at Disneyland Resort
There’s no denying it, the Holidays have arrived at the Disneyland Resort. Some of it is wonderful and some a bit disappointing. But there’s one real standout as Christmas zooms into California Adventure’s Cars Land.…

Walt Returns to Disneyland for Filming of Saving Mr. Banks
FILMING SAVING MR. BANKS AT DISNEYLAND This week the film production Saving Mr. Banks moved in and began filming in various locations throughout Disneyland park. The film tells the behind the scenes story of how…

Knotts Berry Farm Prepares for New Attractions and Christmas
Knott’s Berry Farm has its hands full on the present, while prepping for the future. They are now in the middle of creating another charming, down-home Christmas celebration for 2012. At the same time, gearing…

Universal Orlando Prepares To Get Wicked
Just when you thought we had heard enough from Universal Orlando there is some exciting new info leaking out.  Lots more in fact. Rumors are swirling internally about the Blue Man Group’s ultimate demise and…

Ice at the Gaylord Palms Resort is a Frigid Success
A tropical 9 degrees! Ice at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando, is an amazing ice festival which has become a Christmas tradition over the past 10 years in central Florida.  Last year Gaylord Palms licensed characters from DreamWorks and…

Christmas is on its way at Busch Gardens Tampa
When visiting Orlando, many forget that there is an amazing park just an hour away.  Busch Gardens Tampa is a 335 acre theme park and zoo that offers high entertainment value year round.  One event that…

EPCOT’s Biergarten Restaurant Review
Biergarten, Epcot’s answer to a traditional German beer hall, is one of those locations that’s got something for everyone: Kids will be entertained by the traditional German folk music, adults will like the food, and…

Welcome to Mickey’s Toontown
I’ll admit that I just love Mickey’s Toontown. It is one of my most favorite immersive environments at Disneyland. This is not to be confused with the Toontown Fair out in Florida. I do not…

Designing Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris
Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris is similar to the Haunted Mansion attractions in the U.S. and Tokyo Disney parks but with a “darker” tone and a scarier soundtrack. Today Alain Littaye of the Disney and…

Day Three at Sea on the Disney Wonder
We join our intrepid MiceChat cruisers as they enjoy Day Three at Sea on the Disney Wonder. Today was their appointed Character Breakfast day on the cruise. They also dined at Animator’s Palate and ended…

Scarlett’s Adventures In China
Scarlett Stahl and her friend decided to take a trip to Beijing, China, but unlike most U.S. tourists, these two adventurous ladies decided to take their own self-guided tour. It’s a good thing they were…

Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey
Sounds Dangerous could also be called Sit in Complete Darkness. That’s what you do during most of this 12-minute show starring actor-comedian Drew Carey.

A Brief History of the WEDWay PeopleMover
”Tomorrow’s transportation . . . today!” That’s the slogan that once graced the PeopleMover’s attraction poster at Disneyland. Debuting July 2nd, 1967 with the newly remodeled Tomorrowland, the PeopleMover was one of the most visible…

Starbucks Coming to Walt Disney World
Fellow Mice Munchers, we’ve known for a while that Starbucks is coming to Walt Disney World, but we’ve never had a firm date or location. Until now! Two locations at Walt Disney World will see the addition…

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