After nearly a year and a half of major work, Disneyland’s Rivers of America were refilled with water these past few days. Construction scrims should begin coming down soon. In addition, the Sailing Ship Columbia is out of dry dock and the big pipes tower in DCA is nearing its inaugural drop.

Dusty was busy with the amazing MiceChat Gumball Rally all weekend, so I’m here to give you your weekly dose of Disneyland.

River Refill

On Friday morning, Disney started the process of filling the Rivers of America.

This is the Canoe dock.

On Saturday morning, the river was nearly filled to its banks.

Here’s 20 seconds of Disney zen, for those that prefer video.

The following pictures are from the area near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Since we’re in that area, enjoy a few seconds of the Big Thunder waterfall.

Star Wars Land Construction

Pictures of Star Wars Land construction don’t convey the true scale of the project. You just have to see it for yourself to understand how massive it really is. But let’s try . . .

Disneyland Bits and Bites

The Disneyland Band performs Be Our Guest with Belle and the beast.


This is Ned. Have you ever stopped by the Adventureland Bazaar to say hello?


Indiana Jones Adventure is down for refurbishment, but should be back up by the end of the month.

Bengal Barbeque has a Jungle Julep, available with their usual skewer options, that is quite tasty. The dominant flavor is grape.

May the Fourth and Revenge of the Fifth were this week, and Disney set up a TIE Fighter wing with the rebellion symbol spray painted on it as a photo op.


The Haunted Mansion had hour-long wait times posted this weekend, ouch! Scott was around for the Gumball Rally, though, and grabbed some photos of the Mansion. Watch out for the dark ride photography article that he’ll be posting on MiceChat later this week, which includes some tips on how to take photos like these.

Delicious treats from the park . . .

Annual Pass buckets have been seen around again sporting an Electrical Parade graphic. They’re $15 and refills are $1 until July 30th. Considering a small bucket of popcorn is almost $5, after a few refills the bucket should pay for itself.

The Tour garden is still under refurbishment, the guided tours booth is now out in the esplanade near the western ticket booths.

It was a VERY busy weekend, even though most Disneyland annual passes and Cast Members were blocked from the park.  So, why such huge crowds? The 3 Day $150 SoCal tickets and Grad Nights (which came early this year) made Disneyland a mess to navigate. But even with huge lines of guests waiting for Security, they still don’t open all the tents and scanners at the parking structure.

California Adventure

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT is getting closer to its May opening. Enjoy some close-up pictures of the detail (for better or worse).

The Corn Dog Castle refurbishment seems to be shaping up.

Special thanks to the HoJo Anaheim for making this week’s update possible. If you are planning a visit to the DLR, please consider staying there. The rooms are clean, quiet, modern, and the hotel is within walking distance to the DLR.


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