Universal Studios Hollywood has finally shed the horror filled persona it is known for during Halloween and is slowly reemerging as a festive holiday wonderland. Yes, it’s nearly Grinchmas time for all good Who girls and boys.  But there’s more. We’ll also show you some changes to the House of Horrors, and share information about the Jurassic Park refurbishment. And no trip to Universal Studios Hollywood would be complete without a spin through the world famous Studio Tour.


Yes everyone’s favorite holiday monster, The Grinch, is moving in.  This means that a large portion of the upper lot is behind walls and being converted for the Grinchmas holiday event.

Christmas lights are currently being installed on the entryway

Just inside the park, the Grinchmas store is being set up.

In the center of the park, the wild west area is transforming into Whoville once again.

The frame work for the Whoville tree is staged and ready to be built.

The double decker bus has been adorned with garland.

Over in the Paris section of the upper lot, Mr. Bean’s car sits with a tree on its roof.

There are also other bits of set dressing.

The Starway leading to the lower lot is also decorated.

The dining area near Curious George is also being dressed.

Not to be upstaged, the Studio tour complex gets all spruced up for the season as well.

The escalators leading to the Studio tour



The Jurassic Park River Adventure ride is currently down for the usual winter refurbishment.  All water is drained and the ride is getting worked on from top to bottom.  An employee mentioned that they are doing extensive work on some of the animatronics, which we are very glad to hear.

Don’t worry, the play area is still open.

Exterior lighting fixtures being replaced.



During Halloween Horror Nights, the House of Horrors was reinvented as Monsters Remixed.  This reinvention was preceded by a month-long closure and refurbishment.  Halloween Horror Nights came and went and the attraction reopened for normal operation.  But, we see now, that House of Horrors benefited a great deal from the refurb.

Some figures that were installed for Halloween Horror Nights remain.

A creepy mother figure sits just before the Bates mirror maze.
The white lights in the Bates mirror maze are now red.
A change to purple light on the shower curtain.
The new werewolf figure.
A new hunter figure in the werewolf scene.
Then a final werewolf figure after the tunnel.

We are very happy to see that Universal continues to invest in this little piece of year-round scares.  Keep it up!

There are a few changes at the Studio Tour dispatch station as well as along the tour route.

There is work occurring near the tour guide station.
A house facade is being constructed near Little Europe
Nothing new here, we just like Jaws.

The chicken ranch house is receiving a bit of refurb work now that the Munsters Facade has been removed from the other side.

The ill-fated Munsters pilot, 1313 Mockingbird Lane, didn’t take off. The facade for the show has been removed.


A few months ago we reported that inside the Transformers queue, guests had found an interested way of decorating sections of the queue with pennies.

Photo from June 2012
Plexiglass panels have been posted to prevent perplexing the penny popping problem.

That’s what we have for you this week from Universal Studios Hollywood, the entertainment capital of Los Angeles.  Be sure to check back soon for information on the upcoming Grinchmas celebrations.  We hope to see you soon, in the parks!