Avast, it be too late to alter course now mateys . . . the Gumballs have rolled and their fates have been sealed. Now there just be the little matter of naming names and calling curses.

2017 Gumball Rally Results, Photos, and Thanks

May 6th, 2017, was our 11th annual Gumball Rally. While in many respects it was our most streamlined effort to date, it was also the most challenging for the teams due to the oppressive overcrowding at Disneyland. But we did find out that even on the most jam-packed days at the parks, you can still ride a ton of attractions if you put your mind to it.  Our winning team completed 30 attractions during the 11-hour event, and even our 50th placed team completed 21 attractions!!! On thing is for sure, the teams brought their own magic and managed to have a great time in the parks despite the crowds!

Many of you found out about this year’s event from the AMAZING promo video produced by Michael Matzur and Scott Attula. Let’s give them a hand.

Below, we’ll give you an overview of the event, share some photos and list out the top 50 winning teams (if you aren’t listed, we are happy to send you your score – you can write to [email protected] for assistance).

Pizza Press Party – May 5th

We like to start things off a day early with food, drink, and friendship.  This year we held Early Registration at the Pizza Press in The Anaheim Hotel across from Disneyland. They offered a tremendous discount to our teams and we gave everyone who stopped by early their team packets!

Our thanks to The Pizza Press for being the primary sponsor of our 2017 event. They brought you breakfast, trophies, and medals. They rock!

Gumball Rally – May 6th, 2017

The Gumball Rally is a race to see which team can complete the most attractions at the Disneyland Resort in a single day.  It’s a load of fun and a great way to spend a day with friends and family.

The 2017 event was inspired by the 50th anniversary of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. As a result, pirates took over the writing of this year’s game packet . . . which made things more difficult, but a whole new type of fun!

The teams assembled at The Anaheim Hotel in preparation for the big event . . .

Teams excitedly arrived at Disneyland for the start of the race and we got a 360° view of their arrival (use the direction symbol to adjust the view):

Teams in the park:

We captured some 360° video to immerse you into the Gumball Rally, starting with a colorful team on Casey Jr. Circus Train.

And another as we braved the icy slopes of the Matterhorn.

And finally, a nice leisurely ride through the Jungle Cruise

Awards Party

There were a fine haul of booty at the awards party . . .

While the teams were waiting for the scores to be tabulated, Denny Moynahan sang pirate songs for the crowd. Then Hastin Zylstra took to the stage and presented a funtacular game show – The $418 Pyramid Pipesamid.


Special Awards:

Best Team Name:  I’ll Stand Bayou
Here’s a link to the cute story about their name – HERE
Best Team Logo:  Hello…Is It Smee You’re Looking For
Spirit of MiceChat: The Lost Adults
Anthony’s story from MiceChat:
So we are the team The Lost Adults coming back for our second run. We had so much fun last year we even added a member this year….this year however we will be running for a different purpose…

A little back story. I was fortunate enough to grow up with some incredible families and as all the kids have grown up and went our different ways a handful of us have had the opportunity to reconnect and become close friends again and have our own little ones to watch over. One of those friends has two beautiful girls that I have been fortunate on a few occasions to share in the Disney spirit and visit Disneyland with. Two years ago her younger daughter Lilly (yes named after Lillian Disney) was diagnosed with leukemia while at Disneyland for her 3rd birthday. What transpired over the next year was nothing short of amazing watching a little girl battle for her life and still having all the spunk that we all had known to love in her. Sadly after almost a year of fight Lilly passed away on May 6th of 2016. I have never felt so bad for a friend than I did for this family on that day. No parent should ever have to say good bye to a child. So this year to celebrate the life that was Lilly we will be running with the logo of the Lilly Chiquet Strenght Foundation a non profit started by her family to help donate money to help find a cure for this awful disease. We are running because her mom asked that we all do something fun to celebrate her life and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate was to do that than to run with these shirts on our backs.

Link to Lilly Chiquet Strength Foundation HERE

Individual Spirit Award:  Sheila Sutton
Sheila’s Story:  Sheila and Her team mate, Amanda were our second place winners in the 2016 Gumball Rally. Last summer, Sheila was in a serious motorcycle accident. Even with her new physical limitations, she still powered through a two park Rally for the sake of having fun with her partner Amanda.
Gumball Rally Traditions Award:  The Arnold Family
On March 14, 2006, Charlie Arnold (aka Circarama) posted a thread on MiceChat sharing a family dinner discussion about if it was possible for someone to ride all the rides at Disneyland in a single day. He and Dusty hatched a plan to see if it could be done, and the Rally was born. A casual family dinner discussion at the Arnold Family’s home helped create new traditions, celebrations, friendships, laughter, and healthy competition for countless Disney enthusiasts around the world.

And The Gumball Machine Goes To . . .

First Place – Carlos’ Cheek-ens:   

Second Place – Lost Falls Expedition Minus 1:

Third Place – Arr 2 – D2:

How did you do? We’ve listed the top 50 teams and scores below. (if you aren’t listed, you can request your score by writing [email protected])

Place Team Number Points Time Team Name
1 229 30 6:26 A Carlos’ Cheek-ens
2 336 29 6:52 B Lost Falls Expedition Minus 1
3 275 27 6:31 Arr 2 – D2
4 263 26 6:07 A Booty and the Beast
5 231 26 6:07 B No Time for Snack Bar
6 285 26 6:37 D Powered by Pixie Dust
7 260 25 6:33 B Atomic Mice
8 283 25 6:36 A T-Town Tinker Bells
9 335 25 6:41 B Keep the Prince I’ll take the Pirate
10 256 25 6:54 Captain Jack ‘N Peter
11 259 24 6:05 The Arrgh Rielists
12 339 24 6:16 A Rally Life for Me
13 249 24 6:24 A Sugar Rush
14 334 24 6:25 Bioluminescent Diversion
15 411 24 6:27 B Argh It’s Our Princess
16 213 24 6:33 A Ingrumpabros
17 235 24 6:35 B H Swag
18 340 24 6:37 C The Lost Adults
19 247 24 6:41 C Lost Disney Hermanos
20 246 24 6:47 A Dead Men Lose No Rallies
21 241 24 6:47 B Just Keep Swimming
22 203 24 6:48 Yo Ho and a Bottle of Rum
23 286 23 6:00 Jack & Sally
24 243 23 6:02 A Purple Reign
25 248 23 6:10 What Would Dory Do?
26 287 23 6:16 B Hello. . .Is It Smee You’re Looking For?
27 232 23 6:26 C Team Wonderland
28 355 23 6:27 C Retlaw 1 & 2
29 257 23 6:35 A Ginger’s Snaps
30 262 23 6:37 A Show Us Yer Larboard Side!
31 264 23 6:37 B Pirates of Paradise Pier
32 254 23 6:41 A Skip the Drama, Stay with Mama
33 284 23 6:43 B Bibbidi Bobbidi Booze
34 255 23 6:45 B Team Bad
35 278 22 6:02 B Mickey’s Marauders
36 341 22 6:06 A Guardians of the Gumballs
37 276 22 6:14 Green Vaders
38 227 22 6:18 A Blew By You
39 456 22 6:23 Sooskapolka
40 422 22 6:26 B Twain and a Half
41 291 22 6:27 A Bitter Bellhops
42 466 22 6:34 A Fear the Beard
43 333 22 6:34 B Go, Fight, Win!
44 244 22 6:38 C I’ll Stand Bayou
45 295 22 6:39 Buccaneer Bears
46 492 22 6:42 B We Wants the Churros
47 277 22 6:52 A Mickey’s Maniacs
48 280 21 6:11 B The Dapper Dolls
49 258 21 6:29 A Brazen Wenches
50 337 21 6:33 C The Famed Arts & Crafts Movement



But Wait There’s More . . .

Did you miss the 2017 event? Excited to improve your score from this year? You won’t have to wait as long as usual to go for the gumballs. The 2018 Gumball Rally will be held on February 3rd, 2018, during the MiceChat Anniversary weekend! Get your name on the list now so you don’t miss out:

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We would also like to thank our staff, who worked countless hours for months to produce a fantastic event for all of our attendees. Press play below to see the credits for this year’s event.

But most of all, we’d like to thank all of you for your support and for making us want to keep the Rally tradition going!

We hope you’ll join us for the 2018 event on February 3rd: Add your name to the list HERE