For many people, saying goodbye to wishes on Thursday was hard. For me, the hardest part was camping out in the hub for three hours. I was ready to usher it out and bring in something new. After all, Wishes debuted October 9th, 2003, right after I graduated high school. And I am now a woman in my thirties. That is an INSANE amount of time for a fireworks show to be around. But it was a good show. Beloved by many. The background of my twenties as we ran around the park after dark. Camping out in the hub to take fireworks pictures, and really learning long exposure photography via the fireworks.

Last Wishes Ever!
Last Wishes Ever!
Last After Wishes Picture Ever!

On Friday my body was ready for Happily Ever After. There was a new poster under the train station, and everyone and their brother was at Magic Kingdom to see it. We got our spot three and half hours early and camped out in the hub. I am an avid watcher of fireworks videos from Disney’s parks around the world on youtube. I have seen in person, Remember, Magical, Believe in Holiday Magic, Disneyland Forever, Fantasy In the Sky, Hallowishes, Holiday Wishes, Magic Music and Mayhem, 4th of July fireworks, and New Years Fireworks. I love fireworks shows. I have the software on my computer that lets you design fireworks shows. It’s my secret dream job.

So based on my knowledge of fireworks shows, let me tell you that Happily Ever After is the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen. It makes me cry. No. SOB. It features Mulan, Quasimodo, Tiana, Hercules and more rarely used characters in Disney shows!! I’m not going to spoil every second for you. But please, enjoy my photography of the first show of Happily Ever After. <3

So what do you think? Does this look like a show you’d like to see? I can’t wait to shoot it again!! Next time, two cameras! One to get long exposures, and the other to get the castle imagery!

SPOILER ALERT: If you want to see the whole show and hear the new song, you can watch the Disney Parks Live video of Happily Ever After which we’ve embedded below. Give it a watch and then let us know your thoughts.


Now, here’s the audience participation part. Let us know which of the Magic Kingdom fireworks shows is your favorite:

See you in the parks!!

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