Epcot Food and Wine Festival Photos – Double Feature

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Published on November 16, 2012 at 5:01 am with 2 Comments

There are two Yesterland photo essays today.

The 2012 Epcot Food & Wine Festival is now over. Whether you were there or you missed it, take a photo tour…

Read the full article HERE: Food & Wine Festival, 2012.

Then attend the Culinary Demos and see what the chefs made…

Read the full article HERE: Culinary Demos, 2012.

When you are done reading, please leave your comments below, we’d love to hear what you thought of this year’s Food and Wine Festival and events.


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  • Trumpet

    Great article Werner

    I have never been to this event, but is looks like it is really good. hopefully, one dya I might venture to Florida for a holiday.
    I hope they bring it back at DCA. I don’t know where they would put it, but maybe the Paradise Pier resturant area would be a good fit.

    Thanks again Werner, as I have said before, a highlight of my Friday


  • Thank you Werner. I agree with you about the cost of the signature dinners. They are far too expensive. They have enough room and time to increase the number of these dinners and lower the price.

    I thought that the event, over all, was better this year than last. For years they’ve been cutting back on the event, but that seems to have begun to turn around. We shall see.