As we say goodbye to the Season Of The Force in Tomorrowland (again) we’ll take a look at what’s leaving, the idea behind The Grey Jedi and some photos of the newest developments in Star Wars Land. I’ve got a great feeling about this (or however that goes).

Goodbye Hyperspace Mountain…For Now.

The seasons are changing again in Temporary Star Wars Land. Hyperspace Mountain is reverting back to Classic Space Mountain next week and with it will be the end of the Season Of The Force. But other than the signage coming down and Space Mountain changing (for the summer), not much else will be different. Here’s a quick look as we say goodbye…until November (when promotion kicks in for The Last Jedi).

I think we’ll see a rotation over the next couple years between Space Mountain, Ghost Galaxy and Hyperspace Mountain. Should Space Mountain retain the same theme year round, or do you like the temporary overlays? Would love to hear your thoughts.

The Grey Jedi

I’m gonna’ nerd out here for a minute. I ran across a couple of items this week that talk about what happens after the Jedi end and presumably where the universe will be at the conclusion of Episode IX. The premise is that the Jedi failed because they were too pure. The force can’t be all light or all dark. There has to be a middle ground…the grey. SlashFilm had an article this week that examines this idea HERE.

What is also interesting from a storytelling point of view is how the Lucasfilm Story Group has been “seeding” this storyline in the books and animated shows. That technique along with the grey theory are covered in this video from Dash Star:

This sounds very plausible to me. What do you think?

Star Wars Land Construction

We’ll start this photo update with the north end of Star Wars Land where the Millennium Falcon attraction has gone vertical.

At the Battle Escape Attraction, the showbuilding continues to expand with some interesting metal work going on inside the structure. Are these catwalks?

And the excavated basement of the building has been partially covered by what looks like a walkway.

That basement connects underground to the circular structure.

Rebar is being attached to that part of the structure for some very large concrete walls.

From inside the park, the view from the Hungry Bear Restaurant shows some progress on the detail work around the Disneyland Railroad.

And…we’ve been anticipating the re-opening of the Big Thunder Trail as the summer season quickly approaches. This week, the barrier moved quite a distance out to the exit of Big Thunder Mountain. A large crane is behind the wall. We can’t see what it’s there to lift, but this is a sure sign that we could see that opening soon.

That’s it for this week. You can see the archive for all the Star Wars Land News HERE along with photos of the progress over the past year. Thanks for reading!

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