Guardians taking over the Tower may be the big news this week, but Disneyland had a very interesting weekend as well. After weeks of horrible overcrowding, you might have expected this past holiday weekend to have been packed at the resort. It wasn’t. With most annual pass holders blocked on Friday and Saturday and the 3 day SoCal ticket special now expired, it was one of the most enjoyable weekends at the parks in recent memory. Great weather only made things extra magical. We’ll take you on a journey through the park to see what’s new, where the construction is happening, and show you some glamor shots of your favorite place on Earth!

The after-rope-drop rush to Hyperspace Mountain, Which had its last operating day on Monday. Regular Space Mountain returns on June 1st.
Farewell Hyperspace. We hope to see you again.

Star Wars Land Construction

The biggest expansion in Disneyland history is coming in 2019 and work is progressing on two major attractions, shops, restaurants and experiences.

The Battle Escape attraction just keeps getting bigger. This thing is a monster. Can’t wait for it to open!!

Frontierland Construction

Star Wars isn’t the only major construction. The Rivers of America continues to evolve as it approaches a summer reopening. While we can’t wait to ride their river boats and train again soon . . . it’s the Big Thunder Trail that we are most anxiously awaiting as crowd flow in the park really needs it.

Preparation for Fantasmic! 2.0

Are you a FANatic? It’s one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, theme park show ever built. Since the river was drained over a year and a half ago, Fantasmic has been left dormant. But with the return of the river eminent, a refreshed and enhanced version of the show is on the way as well.

That curtain was removed the day after we took this photo. The island is once again fully revealed.

Testing lights for F!2

ROA Construction

You’ll head under that train trestle (upper center of this photo) to walk to Star Wars Land from Critter Country.
Even from as close as Hungry Bear, the top of Battle Escape and the Parking Structure behind that, are visible above the treeline. That will change as the trees grow, but hopefully more tall trees will be planted before Star Wars land opens.

Indy Returns and Breaks Down

Indy has returned from refurbishment. However is was down when I took these pictures. When it was open, the wait was 80 minutes shortly after park opening. Strange considering how empty the rest of the park was. Also odd that an an attraction fresh from refurbishment would suffer so much down time.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Malfunctioning Ride System.

Tomorrowland Terrace Dancing

Live music is returning to the Tomorrowland Terrace stage. Rock bands (performing hits from the ’50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and today) will play every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, from 7:30-11:15 p.m. Different bands will be appearing through August 20th.

Space Mountain AP shirt

It’s hard to believe, but Space Mountain turned 40 years old over the weekend. You can celebrate with this 70’s style tshirt.

Jack Sparrow

Pirates of the Caribbean was the #1 film at the box office this past weekend.  In celebration of the new film, Captain Jack Sparrow himself was wandering through New Orleans square and taking photos with guests.

Look, Ma, No Crowds!

Although the screenshots of the Disneyland app were taken in the morning, most of the pictures in the park were taken in the early afternoon.

Note the odd high wait time for Indy in the early morning when all the other attractions has reasonable waits.


The line at the Mint Julep Bar. Most were in line to get Pirate mugs, but you can get them at the beverage cart outside the Haunted Mansion entrance as well.


It’s basically grapefruit juice, with a hint of pineapple. I’m not a fan, but if you like grapefruit, I think you wouldn’t arrrrg-gue with the taste.
If you want a Pirates of the Caribbean mug, check here first.


What do you think of that PotC mug? Folks seem to have gone crazy for it.
The Cinderella popcorn bucket is available near the Matterhorn.


There are now two choices if your youngling wants to dress up as R2-She2.

I know Dusty has shown these shirts before, but artistry of them is really fantastic:





These spoof attraction poster magnets are cool, but I think actual posters might sell better.



It’s rare to get this shot without people in it. After all these years, I’m still stunned every time I see the Mickey floral in front of the Train Station. It’s the ultimate welcome home sign.

The tour garden has reopened after a brief refurb.


Only $9.50 for a corn dog.  😉
Tiki shield is not impressed with that price.
It’s nice to see that they are still updating the signage.


Enjoy a few moments of Matter-zen.

It’s a Small World

Let’s pop in to the happiest cruise that ever sailed . . .

Yes, flash was used on some of the following pictures. There was no one on the ride but me, and using a flash didn’t reveal any tricks or secrets. Flash does bring out some details you normally don’t see.

One of Sid’s relatives?


Have these masks always been part of the attraction?

This scene is to IASW as the exterior of GotG-M:B is to DCA.

Downtown Disney

Earl of Sandwich is delicious and affordable. It’s so much better than most of the quick service food you will find inside the parks. Any other fans out there?
The Monorail is closed for refurbishment.

I can’t wait for Splitsville to open. The pizza is good, and the sushi is amazing.

This store has a really nice selection of hats, if you are looking for something without ears.


The North side of the Grand Californian is undergoing major room refurbishments.
If you need a snack on the way in or out of the parks, Wetzel’s Pretzels is a great place to go.

That’s all for this week. Until next time…

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