Welcome back to the Disneyland Resort as we start the summer here in Southern California. Let’s look at Walt’s park and all the little changes happening. Also, be sure to come back tomorrow as we continue the coverage over at California Adventure and Downtown Disney.

Welcome To Summer

Sun and Some Crowds

Say hello to crowds. Not terrible, but busy.

Over in Tomorrowland the weekend bands have returned to the Tomorrowland Terrace

The band seemed a little nervous for their first set. But they were great. If you can’t tell from the photo, they are a Beatles tribute band, Hard Day’s Night.

The new $40 firework viewing and dessert on the second floor of the Innoventions Building has begun. I heard Mickey and Minnie come out before the fireworks.

And of course, we cannot forget to mention the Main Street Electrical Parade. The parade is scheduled to close August 20th. Hopefully, we can get Paint the Night back in time for the holidays, fingers crossed!

Trains Back On Track

It’s One Big Train Set

As the summer season begins, the next exciting thing coming to the resort is the return of the river, trains and Tom Sawyer’s Island. The Disneyland Railroad has been rerouted for Star Wars Land and is having new track installed between New Orleans and Toontown Stations.

Over in New Orleans Square, the temporary exhibit has almost been completely removed.

White safety line has been laid for wheelchair queue at the attraction exit.
Just the old engine boiler left from the exhibit that needs to be removed.
We can’t wait for the trains to returned, they are deeply missed.

Over in Tomorrowland, the train station continues to be used as a smoking section.

They need to update this sign as it still promotes the train exhibit in New Orleans Square.

The tri-panel rotating sign looks like it needs to be reskinned as the some of the panels appear to be peeling

At Toontown the rails now extend past the wheelchair platform. Lights on the wheelchair platform are now being rewired.

The train trestle over Critter Country is still being rebuilt.

“Use Your Imagination…”

Fantasmic! 2.0 Upgrades Continue

Along the Rivers of America work can be seen day and night. Many people are saying that the show will not be ready until mid-August or September at this point. We will have to continue to use our imaginations until they are ready to brighten the night.

Upper control booth window were open to facilitate nightly testing and rehearsals of Fantasmic.
Fantasmic fountains facing the Haunted Mansion were exposed in maintenance mode during our photo shoot. Doesn’t bother me one bit. They can’t get my favorite show operational soon enough.

The Mark Twain moving from the Frontierland Dock to Fowler’s Harbor for testing of Columbia at night. WONDERFUL to see the ship in motion.
Projectors and speakers are open now every night along the island

Over at the Tom Sawyer’s raft dock, the previous signage has been removed. The way they removed the old sign makes it look like there will have to be a completely new sign, as the far right post looks to have visibly sawed off.

Here’s what it looked like before:

And here’s what it looks like now:

A hole for the new post

Along Big Thunder Trail, a crane continues to sit just behind a wall by the exit to Big Thunder Mountain.

I believe that this crane is being used to install full sized trees and other features along the river just on the other side of Bear Creek.

Over in Critter Country trees are now being planted around Hungry Bear and the River.

The south corner of Hungry Bears is still being worked on.

The new restroom sign has returned. It had been incorrectly mounted previously.
This and That from Disneyland


In the Esplanade and Downtown Disney, two new music loops have been introduced. MrLiver over on our forums has the lowdown, HERE.

Also, the Guided Tours Garden inside the park has reopened.  The temporary meeting spot (rarely used info booth) near the trams is once again closed.


Inside the Castle’s gift shop, The Christmas merchandise at the Enchanted Chamber has been moved across the walkway to Castle Holiday Shoppe.

Moving down to the Red Rose Tavern, the Beauty and the Beast theme quick-service restaurant is still packing guests in and still keeping food quality high (by theme park standards).

The line just out the door is about a 20-minute wait

Inside, the menu boards are no longer animated.

The screens themselves also look to be in bad shape
One of the screens is just plain missing, a printout is in its place. It would look better if they just temporarily replaced both screens with print.

New Matterhorn Fastpass

Across from Edelweiss Snacks stand, this new sign looks as though it was plucked from an alpine trail.

The permanent FASTPASS distribution area has opened

At the not well-defined entrance to the Fastpass Area, you are encircled by six machines that have carved animals on them.

Front of the trail board
This is not the way I picture the Yeti. This Yeti looks more like the one from the new Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Back of the trail board

This box hides the computer operating the new machines
They unfortunately have left the temporary carts just sitting out. Perhaps they were left as a backup plan in case the new machines have trouble.

What do you think of the new Matterhorn FASTPASS area?


Inside Tomorrowland, the Season of the Force has ended, although they have not really removed anything except the red and blue churros from the churro cart and some signage.

The Tomorrowland sign now replaces the Season of the Force wording on each of the PeopleMover overpasses
The blue and orange “Tomorrowland” banners now hang off the PeopleMover track where the Star Wars banners were last week.

Star Wars Launch Bay remains. But, like Innoventions before it, is rarely busy.

The Disneyland Monorail is currently closed for refurbishment. I hope they fix up the interiors of the trains as they need some TLC. The monorails are scheduled to return Saturday, June 17th.

Space Mountain Classic Returns!

The original, well the 2005 version, has returned and the beautiful Michael Giacchino music now plays as your rocket runs through the dark attraction.

Listen to the Space Mountain Soundtrack from the Disneyland Soundtrack:


The only issue I could spot with this attraction is that the blue warp tunnel still has burned out lights. The tunnel was dark for Hyperspace and Ghost Galaxy layovers for two years and yet there was no attention to fix the burned out bulbs in the tunnel prior to returning the classic version of the attraction. Also, the projection of the black hole as you go up the launch lift hill is very dim and hard to see and the projection tube is also very dim. I’m thrilled to ride Space Mountain again, it’s truly wonderful. But it would be nice if Disney could get some maintenance folks in there to fix all the effects.

Nice to see his friendly face again.


Benny the Cab above the sign to Roger Rabbit has not been moving for a few weeks.

One of the sound effects boxes is missing and a recycle can is sitting over the hole and the wiring

The firework plunger has returned
The talking manhole is not working at the moment.

Just remember in life…


Inside Adventureland, this newly potted plant has been added just outside the men’s restroom.

Indy has returned from its quick three-week refurbishment with no noticeable differences.

I found this guy this week. Take the time to explore the inner queue. You’ll find all sorts of neat details. This is one of my favorite Disney queues.

In Frontierland, these three pillars with a horseshoe ring have been placed outside the Golden Horseshoe and another three are along the walkway to Big Thunder by Rancho del Zocalo. I wonder what they are for?

Heading over to Critter Country so we can start our…

Star Wars Land Update

Inside the berm, the river rock work is almost complete, but the ever growing Battle Escape attraction can now be seen inside the park.

From the parking structure, you can see that the Battle Escape attraction is still growing. If we did not see them being added, you would not know there are two AT-ATs inside, as you can’t see them anymore. This will be a MASSIVE building.

Back behind the Battle Escape building is the Millennium Falcon attraction. It’s similar in height to its neighbor building.

To close today’s article I would recommend getting great views of Disneyland at twilight by heading up to Tarzan’s Treehouse, it’s a great view!

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