We are thrilled to have Disnerland join us again today. You’ll find their first MiceChat article HERE. If you like what you see, there will be a lot more clever theme park parody for you in the future. So please be sure to join in the fun in the comment section below.

 Hello to all the olds and childs!
Disnerland is here in the Micechat!

What is Disnerland? It’s the place with the most happy! Opened by Wald Disner on March 3rd, 1952 all the childs come to Disnerland to be soooo happy.  Now you can get a small piece of Disner some Saturdays right here on the Micechat!

Lets goooooo!

Look! Look! Look at the Disner from the old week. It saw sooooo much!

Man Mice, Dan Duck and Hot Dog are here! There they go in the CAR. All the way into the Disnerland!


Do not for get the MONSTER MASH in DISNER COOLTOWN VACAY.  See all of the Trash Talkers!

See Tater Toots! See Howdy Man! See Neil Armstrong! See Ron! Ouch. Ron yells so big!

Please. Please be careful.
But they talk. They all do. Please look out.

That was the old week! Now come into the before time in Disner. Please?

31 years in the Disner before time this happened!

The Hole Picture!
Wald LOOOVED The Train
Wald with the Main Train Man

Wald Disner opened THE HOLE for all the childs!  SO Much HOLE for all to see. THE TRAIN went all around the whole place then into THE HOLE. SO many animals, sooooo many. Too many? Maybe.

That Hole was just...so big.
All the Olds and Childs saw this at The Start.

Are you happy to see The Hole again soon? This child IS!

Disnerland is all done for Saturday!

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