Casey Jr Circus Train returns at Disneyland with new safety additions plus a closer look at holiday offerings in both parks

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Buena Vista Street, Cars Land, Dateline Disneyland

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Published on November 19, 2012 at 5:05 am with 238 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy writes the weekly Dateline Disneyland column, which can be found every Monday on MiceChat.

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  1. I’m going to be very critical of the work done on the Casey Junior bridge. Clearly this was the work engineers that had no concern for aesthetics or basic building principles. I am in the building industry as well as a set designer and engineers have a habit of thinking that just because something is faux and calculates out on paper then you can design anyway you want, wrong. Basic building practice tells us that you start with the bigger stronger material at your base and work up to smaller/lighter building materials. Notice how the faux stone work on the new cantilevered section has larger stones then the bridge. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle does not have larger stones at the top for this reason (as well as for forced perspective). Also notice the faux wood beams supposedly holding up the new cantilever section, they are clearly undersized for the visual load that they are caring. The correct design would have ben to have faux horizontal wood beams at the cantilever supported by stone supports coming out of the bridge wall, remember you always have lighter material supported by stronger and/or larger material. In addition the stone columns at either end of the bridge are as straight, plain and uniformed as you can get….this is Fantasyland, where is the whimsy?! It makes me nervous when there is clearly no evidence of good design working hand-in-hand with good engineering and I hope that this is not a foretaste of things to come i.e. Alice in Wonderland.

  2. Great update. Love Disney during the holidays.

  3. Great update! Thanks for all the hard work!

  4. Thank you, Norm, for another excellent contest, I mean update!

  5. Great pics and update as always! Thanks, DD!

  6. Great update…saw some great new Carsland merch in the curios shop. From postcards to mugs to sweatshirts with Flo on them. All of it is great.

  7. We’ll be there one week from today!! Can’t hardly wait!

  8. great update! thanks for the extra video before and after of casey jr

  9. Anyone have a picture of the inside of the Pear/Cherry Cream Cheese Ugly Pie?

    And is it a combo of pear and cherry or are there two different ones?

  10. Great update today. Loved the flashback to 2010. Can’t believe how much DCA has changed.

  11. Excellent. Thank you.

  12. Happy 5th Anniversary once again, Dateline Disney! WHAT would MiceChatters do without you (*sniffle*)!!!!!!

  13. I would love to see the holiday decorations again! It seems like they are doing more in Disneyland then a few years ago! I still miss the ” Merry Critters and a Happy Pooh year” sign from critter country.

  14. What a shame that the day has come when something new at Disneyland would be referred to as “doesn’t look bad” “isn’t terribly noticeable” “aren’t the prettiest thing” and “aren’t that intrusive” (the Casey Jr. safety railings).

    The Coney Island-ification of Disneyland continues. But what do you expect from a company so totally devoid of talent and imagination that it has to make TV shows and movies based on theme park rides, and has to buy out LucasFilm, Marvel and the Muppets just to come up with a few new bogus ideas.

    I can’t wait for virtual reality to arrive, so I can put on my 3D glasses and go “back” to the real Disneyland–the one with the Peoplemover, Skyway, Mine Train, non-Nemo subs, the Main Street Electrical Parade, and the smooth, featureless pavement.

  15. Will have to leave work early on a future Friday to see DCA Xmas events.