Is Blue Man Group really on the ropes? Is Wicked still coming to the Universal Studios Orlando Resort?  How is Transformers The Ride 3D coming along?  We have all the answers.  But that isn’t all.  We’ll also update you on the progress of the expanded Springfield area near The Simpsons Ride, and take a peek at the Harry Potter expansion. Oh, and we’ll take a look at the preparations for the Holidays as well.


Last week we ran a rather controversial rumor that Blue Man Group’s show at Universal’s City Walk might be on its way out and that the 30 minute version of Wicked, from the Osaka park, might be on it’s way into the same theater.  Comments flooded in on the boards and via email claiming that Blue Man Group was here to stay.  At the same time, our sources insisted that Wicked was also on its way.  As it turns out, both were correct, but we were a bit off.

According to many close to the Blue Man group, the spectacular is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Still, there are indications that they are struggling with ticket sales.

Aside from sources in the ticket industry who point to soft ticket sales, there’s also the issue of an apparent sponsorship loss.  Sharp electronics was the corporate sponsor for the show when it opened on June 6th, 2007.  That sponsorship was recently removed. Then consider the ease of buying a ticket.  Just how easy it is to grab a ticket to the Blue Man Group show? We were able to put 10 seats on hold that were front and center for this Friday (a holiday weekend no less). To be fair, it is in the splash zone.

Blue Man isn’t the only theme park hosted show having trouble filling seats. Disney World’s La Nouba has the same issue. Again, we were able to nab tickets, during the holiday weekend, in a section very near the front of the stage – 10 seats all in a row.

So it’s not that we are saying that the Blue Man Group show is bad.  In fact, we hear good things about both Blue Man and La Nouba. The larger problem in Orlando is tourists who seem disinterested with night time separate ticket shows.

And what of Wicked? Apparently the 30 minute stage version of the show that enjoyed a successful run in Osaka, is coming to the Orlando park.  But we now know that it will not be replacing the Blue Man Group.


Transformers The Ride continues to morph into a recognizable shape.  It appears that the entrance to the new mega attraction will be facing the lagoon and the exterior of the building will appear to be drastically different from the other incarnations, as promised.

It appears that that the entrance to the Transformers ride will be here, the shaved corner facing the lagoon.
within the construction, large units wait to be unpacked and installed.



Here we have the latest from the area that will become a Mini-Springfield next year. Soon, in addition to shopping at the famous Kwik-E-Mart, guests will also be able to grab a bite at Krusty Burger or have a refreshing beverage at Moe’s. Let’s peek in at the construction.

They aren’t wasting any time


Of course, we can’t have a Universal Update without checking up on the progress over at Harry Potter.  Currently, all that is visible is the construction of a large show building.

We can see here that the structure is being enclosed now


Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Holiday/Christmas season at the Universal Orlando Resort. With that, the final touches are being placed.

Krusty got his Santa hat.
Garland has been wrapped around the polls of the Boulangerie.
Banners are up for the Macy’s Holiday Parade.


Islands of Adventure is not to be left out of the Holiday fun.  From the entry over to Suess Landing, the park is a Christmas wonderland.

Wandering over to Suess Landing, we see they have also begun preparing for the Grinchmas show too.

Grinchmas is curvy festive fun

Grinchmas is coming


Ending on a positive note, we see more work has been completed inside Toon Lagoon.  Notice the exact, stark lines and color being maintained.

minor things like this add up and make a park shine.
Hagar’s banana yellow boat once again gleams in the Florida sun.

There’s a lot of construction going on at the Universal Orlando Resort but now is still a great time to visit. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you seen Blue Man? Make your best pitch to help them fill those seats. And are you a Grinchmas fan? Looking forward to Springfield, Potter or Wicked? Let us comments below.

Have a happy Thanksgiving folks. By the time all those Black Friday sales are over the theme parks will be in full Christmas frenzy through the end of the year. Lot’s more for us to uncover in the coming weeks. We’ll see you again real soon.