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Published on November 22, 2012 at 5:01 am with 5 Comments

Six Flags Magic Mountain is moving full steam ahead on the construction of their newest coaster and newest up-charge thrill ride. No track for Full Throttle is on-site yet but ground preparation has been moving quickly over the past few weeks. We’ll show you the current status of those projects as well as the Christmas decorations that are showing up at the park.

Full Throttle

The area that is being re-themed for Full Throttle has been completely closed off and at least one original park building has been removed in preparation. Just after you enter the park and make a right turn towards Goliath, you are greeted by a big wall.

These walls have been recently painted, We are guessing there will be some Full Throttle artwork on them soon. The construction barriers extend all the way across the path and you must go behind the M&M store to get around the construction zone.

Walls go to the end of the Palace arcade which is rumored to be planned as a food location once the new area opens.

Not a whole lot of room to walk, but more than was given in parts of DCA during its reconstruction. 😉

Land clearing is proceeding. This shot is from the old Log Jammer location loading area.

The former queue for Log Jammer (and the site of the Blackout Maze) is completely gutted and ready to become the Full Throttle queue.


They are currently working on the side closest to Tatsu

Ground leveling is being done on what will probably be the first launch/loop and third launch/top hat elements.

No more fried goodies. The location has been leveled.

As a result of construction, one of Magic Mountain’s original buildings was recently removed. Some of you may remember the building that used to be here as the Chicken Plantation, it was most recently “What the Fried?”.

No visible work is being done on the tunnel element other than some survey markers.

More of the grading can be seen up near Superman

A peek through the trees at the work currently taking place.

From the Sky Tower you can get an idea of just how big the construction area is. Since there will be a crane on-site soon maybe they can give Tatsu a paint job.

Another casualty of construction is the Looney Tunes Kid Club stage. This is a location that had certainly seen better days and was probably due for removal anyway. Hopefully the kids shows that were done here will be back in a new or re-built location.


Even though it was never “officially” announced, construction of the new up-charge attraction is beginning. The ride is not being constructed where Thrill Shot was, but instead near where Deja Vu was. This spot was originally going to be the location of Road Runner Express before it was built in Bugs Bunny Land.

The walls have been moved and you can no longer walk back to where the Deja Vu queue once began.

The Epic Rides store has also been closed during construction (or perhaps was just closed during our visit). Construction of this ride should not take long and we’d anticipate it being open long before Full Throttle opens.

Around the Park

Over the past few years the park hasn’t done much for Christmas. This year it looks like they are doing a little bit more. Instead of cheap store-bought-looking decorations they are putting up some garland in the entrance area.

Santa should be greeting children soon under the gazebo.

The sign heading up to Samurai Summit looks like it recently received some work.  It’s nice when the park takes the time to improve things that most guests wouldn’t notice at first glance.

One of Ninja’s trains is being refurbished. We anticipate the current train going down too once the other is done. Expect Ninja to have 1-train operations for awhile.

There are still some leftover Frightfest decorations around.

The Facade for Willoughby’s will likely stay up permanently. The park really should consider opening this up as a walk-through attraction during non Fright-Fest days. Maybe even just on peak traffic days.

Happy Anniversary Grand Carousel!! 

And finally, let’s look back 100 years and wish a very Happy Anniversary to the Grand Carousel, which turns 100 this year. The park did a fantastic write-up about the Carousel here, it’s a great read. Congrats to the park and it’s staff on their commitment to the history of this ride. It takes a LOT of work to keep a 100 year old ride running and they are to be commended. Be sure to leave a thank-you note on the articles page, I’m sure the park would love to hear how much we all appreciate their hard work.

That should do it for this week. Hopefully we’ll see more vertical construction taking place on Full Throttle and the Sling Shot before our next update in a few weeks.

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  • mratigan

    I did not know it was turning 100
    Good thing I went on it twice in July

  • GoneAway562

    Well this is the first I heard about Sling Shot. I was super sad to see Deja Vu leave as it was my favorite attraction at six flags, and to hear its being replaced by an upcharge ride just makes me even sadder. :'[

    Great update btw!

    • Gregg Condon

      Technically this isn’t replacing Deja Vu, that entire area is still empty. This is being placed in the plot of land they cleared for Road Runner Express a couple of years ago. The area where Deja Vu is and the rest of the RRE area could actually fit a decent sized ride. I’d anticipate something for 2014 going here.

  • GhostHostJeff

    I just find it a bit sad that slowly Six Flags is taking away areas of the park that gave it some natural beauty that you can’t see at every park.

    • Gregg Condon

      I agree. But the land they are currently clearing has needed some help for awhile. It’s still sad they took out Log Jammer and essentially decided not to use the natural setting in that area for the new ride.