Things are starting to return to normal at the Disneyland Resort. Tom Sawyer Island is back from an 18 month closure and crowds on Father’s Day were down right enjoyable. For a few fleeting moments, Disneyland has felt like its old self.

Tom Sawyer Island Reopens

These views have been missed. Disneyland’s island returned to regular operation on Friday. While lots of work was done for the upcoming return of Fantasmic, the Island will look mostly the same to guests . . . with one exception . . .

The fantasmic stage and structures have been refreshed and repainted. The two stairs have been completely rebuilt.
Some ugly black rugs cover a seam in the stage which might pose a tripping hazard.
This boat hides new lighting or projection for Fantasmic.

Strobes hidden in the walls.

You can’t climb Tom and Huck’s treehouse any more, but it has been fixed up and looks great.

Unfortunately, even with a year and a half of down time, some items on the island aren’t in full working order. The rope bridge was out of order this past weekend.

But the Pontoon Bridge, which has often been out of order in the past, was open this past weekend.

The train from the old Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland has been removed.
Glitter has been sprayed on the pirate treasure at the back of the island.


Fort Wilderness is still used only as a Fantasmic staging and employee break room.

Unfortunately, the cemetery at the back of the fort has been lost. It would be great if they’d find a way to bring it back when the full island restorations are complete.



But what’s really neat is that we can get a great view of the construction at the back of the river.

Note the Indian Village on the right hand side of the image. This is the new location for this scene.

Workmen are everywhere planting trees, painting rocks, working on the train tracks. It’s an all out effort to get things done.

A new disability access lift has been installed at the canoe dock.

Ironically, the Hungry Bear remains enshrouded in tarps, even though all this construction can now been seen from Tom Sawyer Island. This restaurant would be much more appealing to eat at if those scrims came down.

Dusty took us on a long video journey through the island on Friday. If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth your time. It’s a little slice of Disneyland on your desktop . . .

There should be a sign above the entrance to the rafts to Tom Sawyer Island. The sign support on the right rotted out and collapsed during high Santa Ana winds in April. The entry now looks a bit naked. Perhaps a temporary sign can be strung up until a permanent replacement has been fabricated.

The left post is intact.

This is what remains of the right post.

Everything Comes Full Circle

In addition to the return of Tom Sawyer Island, Fantasmic is scheduled to return July 17th (Disneyland’s Birthday). The river boats, canoes, and Disneyland Railroad are all slated to return on July 29.

Big Thunder Trail

Mr. Crane (the big yellow crane which was in use just beyond the construction walls) is now gone.

The wooden structure in the middle might be new. But we don’t know what it is.

They’ve re-stocked the pond now that the construction is complete.

Adventureland Shuffle

Things are moving in Adventureland, literally. While Bengal Barbecue remains open, the Indiana Jones gift shop is becoming a seating area for the Barbecue. Meanwhile, the beverage and snack shop near the Jungle Cruise exit (Tropical Imports) will take the place of the South Seas Traders. The vacated spot left by Tropical Imports will become a stroller parking station when all is complete. Some additional traffic flow modifications will be made to planters, all in an effort to ease the crush of crowds on busy days.

Throughout all of this, Adventureland Bazaar will remain open.

Star Wars Land

The Battle Escape building just keeps getting bigger and bigger. That’s going to be one impressively huge ride.

This and That

I decided to duck out of the heat into one of my favorite Disneyland locations . . . The Tiki Room.

Carmen Mirongo.

If it’s your lucky day, they may be making Carmel Bars at the candy shoppe on Main Street. They are devilishly good.

Nothing beats a Mint Julep on a warm day.
OK, maybe ONE things beats a Mint Julep, but it’s close.
This painting of Shrunken Ned can be yours for a mere $3,600. But it’s all kinds of amazing!

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