Disneyland Paris is a beautiful park which has suffered a series of challenges, including declining attendance. It’s also a park in the middle of a major anniversary celebration. Let’s take a look at the resort and see how things are going during the 25th birthday of Disneyland Paris.

To begin, an announcement that will change many things about the development of the Disneyland Paris Resort. In the coming months, the Walt Disney Company will take over full ownership of the resort. It is an entertainment city that the TWDC (The Walt Disney Company) buys for just over 220 million euros. That’s a great deal for two parks and recently renovated hotels.

It will be interesting to see how TWDC restructures the resort, its operations, and executive structure. Disneyland has not had a major new attraction since Space Mountain opened in 1995. In addition, the Walt Disney Studios park is in need of a complete placemaking project and DCA level redesign. Disney Village (Downtown Disney) is also in need of a complete refresh. AND, the question of the third park must be addressed before 2030, date when Disney loses its rights on some land if the development is not done in accordance with the commitment with the French state.

Disneyland Paris will need to be maintained and run at least as well as Disney’s other fully company owned parks in the United States.

Resort Tour !

The bus station is being enhanced to improve connections between the Disneyland and the region.

Starbucks Power

The Hotel Santa Fe has received theming to tie in the Cars movie franchise, and the Cheyenne is currently under major renovation. Each of these hotels now has a Starbucks coffee in the main building.

Hotel cheyenne & Starbuck Coffee

Disney Parks

In the last week, a new scan control system has arrived at the entrance of the Walt Disney Studios Park. Disneyland Park will follow in the days to come.

Disneyland Park:

Walt Disney Studios:

Mickey & the Magician, always perfect!

A new show with animated visuals has arrived in the Walt Disney Studios Park. While it is fine for a break, the lack of investment in the show disappoints.

The entry of Moteur… Action! Stunt show spectacular is under renovation to install a statue of Lightning McQueen more than 6 years after his arrival in the show.

Little Paris

Disneyland Park

A brand-new street salesman has arrived in the park. He sells sweets, fruit and beverages (including lemonade) with the ability to move around in the park. The vehicle is very ergonomic. It’s perfect.


At the Chaparral Theater and the surroundings, preparations for the arrival of “The Forest of Enchantment” have completed. It starts on July 1st.

New pathways have been laid.

New Fences as well.

Disneyland Railroad will run with only one train throughout the summer due to budget restrictions. There are going to be some long waits at this attraction.

The work on the façade of Pirate of the Caribbean will wrap up soon. The result is beginning to be revealed and looks great so far. Visit the 24th of July to discover the new version of this attraction.The auctioneer and the women being sold will be removed to make way for a whole new scene and the “Blue Lagoon restaurant” changes its name to “Captain Jack’s Pirate Restaurant.”

At Discoveryland, the Buzz Lightyears Laser blast attraction should return without Fastpass this summer. This is also to reduce operating costs.


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