There’s a lot to show you as summer officially kicks off! To get started, just pull out that little paper card you received earlier and wave it in front of the lighted box…yes! Your new scanners await! Disney has begun using new FastPass scanners at Disneyland. We saw them being used at Mission:Breakout last week, and now they’re lighting up across the Esplanade. The digital MaxPass system hasn’t launched yet, but the paper ticket scanners are up and running and are a sign of things to come soon. Another sign of change is the testing of the Disneyland Railroad. Trains and river boats have all been seen testing during regular park hours. Soon, Frontierland will be A World on the Move! Let’s take a look around the Happiest Place On Earth and see what’s new.

New Fastpass / MAXPass System debuts

The active FastPasses – ones that you can use with the scanners – have a bar code on them. The other ones don’t.

The new system will have you scan your park admission rather than your actual Fastpass.

Early and late arrivals cannot be accommodated.

 Disneyland Railroad Returns from its long slumber

One of the most beautiful sights in the entire world, deeply missed and one that will soon be warmly welcomed back.

She’s got a head full of steam. Isn’t she lovely?

Nothing really new to people who keep abreast of these things, but it’s nice that the casual visitor can find out what’s going on by looking at these displays. Back in the day, Main Street USA was home to Preview of Coming Attractions, where guests could learn about all of the things that Disney had planned for Disneyland and later, previews of Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland. The models displayed there were incredible.

When the trains come back, expect a lot of hoopla and some guests, including John Lasseter – and it’s rumored that a very special guest engine, the Marie E, might be making her first return to the Disneyland Railroad tracks since Ollie Johnson last took her around the Park.

Photo Courtesy of OhMyDisney. Click to see event video on website.

Rivers of America and Fantasmic!

Fantasmic will be returning soon, but they’re using the water screens for the fireworks show again. @Disneylandpanda shot an amazing photo of it in action below.

Wonderful shot courtesy of @Disneylandpanda, give him a follow on Instagram!

The Main Street Electrical Parade

Crowds still gather en masse for this parade that just celebrated its 45th anniversary!

Geir Ness Brings Frozen in a Bottle to Disneyland

After dozens of appearances at Walt Disney World, Norwegian perfumer Geir Ness made his first one at Disneyland at Le Bat en Rouge on Saturday, debuting Frozen in a Bottle, available only at Disney Parks and Resorts and at his website,  Known for clean, natural herbal fragrances utilizing native flora, (as in hike up into the mountains by his house) when Disney asked him to put something together for Frozen, he watched the movie 20 times, and took his inspiration from the pure sisterly love and sacrifice of Anna doing that non-spoilery thing in the movie. The perfume and lotion are clean, snowy Norwegian herbs with a hint of lavender. He also has Laila there, his signature fragrance, which literally has his mother’s signature on it. He made it for her as a gift when he was younger, using local herbs and screen-printed her signature on it. The perfumes and lotion are available alone, as well as together with a light blue bag with the Norway flag on it in crystals and are available at Le Bat and the Fortuosity Shop.

Photo: Shelly Valladolid

Star Wars Land Construction Update


Changes to Adventureland

As soon as you hit the Adventureland Bazaar, you know that things have been rearranged. The whole first section of the shop is practically all Indiana Jones merchandise at this point.

Photo by Shelly Valladolid
Photo by Shelly Valladolid

Construction continues on the Not-a-Skipper Canteen seating area for the immensely popular Bengal Barbecue. They are no longer serving onions on the side, but the price remains the same. You just get plain skewers.

Hey, what’s going on at Disney California Adventure? If you go to see certain films in your local theater this month, you might actually see a “making of” the Mission: Breakout attraction during the previews, especially if you go to Edwards/Regal Cinemas in Southern California.

Summer of Heroes

A nightly dance party (let’s just say DJ) takes over the Hollywood Pictures Backlot at night.

There’s a new film showing in the Sunset Showcase Theater (the old Muppets theater). It’s similar in concept to the Path of the Jedi film in Tomorrowland, but focused on Marvel.

Of course if you love Guardians of the Galaxy the movie or the ride, there is plenty of merchandise throughout Hollywood Land that you can purchase!

This and That

If you look closely across from the loading dock at the Jungle Cruise, Moana’s canoe has sailed into this spot.

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