Howdy Partner, welcome to Calico. Ghost Town has come alive again this summer, as cowboys and townsfolk add a rich tapestry of story development to the heart of Knott’s Berry Farm. We also stop by the new Circus of Wonders, which lives up to its name . . .


Ghost Town Alive

Knott’s is hosting Ghost Town Alive for the second year. The event was so popular last year that they’ve enhanced things this time around with more story options and a developing story throughout the summer to keep you coming back. Get as involved as you’d like. Stand back and watch things unfold, or interact with the characters and get swept up in quests, tasks, and become part of the story yourself! The fate of Calico is in your hands, and you never quite know if the good guys or bad guys might win at the end of the day.

It seems that one of the dastardly Mayfield clan has decided to run against the Sheriff so he can release his kin from jail. Here’s where you come in . . . a mysterious character named the Raven has left messages around town which disclose the misdeeds of the Mayfields and the Townfolk. To get to the bottom of what’s going on, you can go on a search for these clues, help spread the Raven’s messages, and interact with the townsfolk throughout the day. It’s amazing where a tiny bit of information will take you if you share it with any of the characters. Of course, they all have their own point of view on what it all means and they all have their own agendas and backstory.

The characters can be found throughout Ghost Town, from Ghost Rider entrance to the School House to Calico Square. A daily hoedown concludes the day, and the story, at 5:30 pm. This is quite simply one of the best theme park offerings in Southern California if you are looking for something fresh, exciting and loads of fun.

The story changes a little bit every day, so you’ll want to check back in throughout the summer to find out what’s going on in this reality show/game/theater experiment called Ghost Town Live!

Cast your ballet for Sheriff

If you see a box with an “R” on it . . . open it up . . .

Meanwhile, over at the Calico Saloon, the show has been updated for the summer.


The game is friendly for the whole family and the characters do a great job of adapting to entertain the younger folk.

Have you had a chance to visit Ghost Town Live this year? Let us know your experience in the comments.

Circus of Wonders

The other huge thing that Knott’s unveiled this summer is the nightly Circus of Wonders show. It’s a theatrical spectacular filled with circus stunts and great music. They’ve done a great job of mixing classic 1920’s and 1930’s music with a modern flair and it works amazingly well.

The performers arrive by train to start the show.

Be sure to come early as the show starts about ten minutes before the listed time with the clown coming out to get things started.

This is just the start folks. There’s still more to uncover. Shelly Valladolid will be popping in soon with even more entertainment from Knott’s, including the replacement for the beloved Snoopy on Ice show and interviews with the creatives down on the farm.

Knott’s is evolving at a rapid pace these days, and with all the former Disney talent they have acquired are stepping up as a worthy destination for theme park fans interested in family friendly entertainment. It really was an amazing day down on the Farm and I’m ready to get back their soon to check in on the citizens of Calico and see how their story unfolds.

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