There are lots of places in this world I’d like to go, but I can’t necessarily afford. But Disney sure does make it sound tempting to me. But it never hurts to be informed, right? So I got this free guide to Adventures By Disney, which provides the vacations families (and I) have been dreaming about. Vacations to Europe to little towns and quiet villages that look like they came straight out of Beauty and the Beast,

Relax in natural geothermal hot springs in Iceland:

Or take a captivating River Cruise!

You can get a travel guide to start dreaming of your trips now, and you don’t have to plug it in or charge it up – Disney will mail it to you, so you can actually read it without worrying about battery life!

To get your FREE travel guide, click on the image below!

When you click on the above, it helps MiceChat, too, which we really appreciate. But you’ll appreciate the beauty of the photos and the quality of information. I know I sound like an infomercial, but I have one and it’s really, really pretty. I got it from Teresa Cory at the last MiceChat event, along with a Fairy Godmother Travel coffee traveler. Both are awesome.

It’s also comforting to some folks to visit exotic places with someone they trust, like Disney.

Click to book your Adventure!

You can also visit Shanghai Disneyland in China and Australia’s gorgeous Gold Coast! One of them has the cool Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. One has incredible clear waters and natural beauty. I love natural beauty but give me a huge castle any time:

Read the guide, drool over the photos, sell a kidney and plan the vacation of a lifetime. Or Dream about the one you’d like to take one day. But when the time does come, let our own Fairy Godmother help you with all the details.

MiceChat sponsor Fairy Godmother Travel is THE Adventures by Disney Specialist. Look! They even have their own page dedicated to all of their specials!