Independence Day is upon us and that calls for fireworks, concerts and plenty of red, white and blue. However, don’t expect quite the same amount of entertainment as in years past. Disneyland Resort has scaled back their patriotic offerings for 2017. While Disneyland will be offering their “Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky” at 9:30pm through July 4th, there won’t be anything at DCA other than a special preshow before World of Color on July 4th. And, while Military Band Concerts have been scheduled for locations across the resort, they’ll only be there through today (July 3rd). Odd that they weren’t scheduled for the actual holiday on the 4th.

There’s a lot to see at Disneyland right now and we’ve got a huge update for you today: PC Pirates, reshuffled Adventureland, river construction, Tomorrowland curiosity, and even some new doughnuts . . .

River Attraction Collector Cards

Free trading cards celebrating the reopening of the Rivers of America are now available in Critter Country, New Orleans Sq, Adventureland and Frontierland. Collect all 6 to form a map of Tom Sawyer Island. The cards can be found at Pieces of Eight, Port Royal, frozen lemonade stand, Briar Parch, Hungry Bear, River Belle Terrace, Bonanza and the fruit stand across from Jungle Cruise.

Here’s what the cards look like on the front:

And here’s the map you can piece together if you collect all 6 cards:

River Attractions

Tons of new foliage has been planted at the back of the river, mostly obscuring the rocks.

Trees now block most of the rocks.
It’s wonderful to have views like this again.
The rope bridge has re-opened on Tom Sawyer Island.

Scrims are still up around Hungry Bear. Since you can now see most of the river construction from Tom Sawyer Island, it would be nice if these ugly scrims could come down. The joy of eating at Hungry Bear is the view.
The pathway to Star Wars Land is still under construction along the bank of the river at Hungry Bear.

More of the animals are being placed around the river.

The little Indian boy and his dog are in the process of being reinstalled. (He’s currently under a tarp)
Some of the old props, such as this eagle, have been relocated.

A Murphy’s-eye view of Frontierland and New Orleans Square.

Train Testing

While they are only testing at the moment, it’s wonderful to see the trains out on the rails again.


While the new MaxPass has yet to roll out in the park, the scanners and paper ticket process is now in full use throughout the resort.

You receive a paper FASTPASS reminder after you scan your ticket.
When your return time arrives, you scan your ticket at one of these machines. This  particular machine is at the entrance to the Haunted Mansion.

Once you see these machines, you scan your ticket again. You then merge with the regular line.

Streamlining Adventureland

One of the worst bottlenecks in Disneyland on a busy day is Adventureland. To help keep traffic flowing, a major reshuffling of shops and stroller parking took place in June. That project has now wrapped up. Adventureland now has indoor seating for Bengal Barbecue where the Indy Shop used to be. The fruit and water stand which was near the exit of Jungle Cruise has moved across the way and it its place is the new stroller parking. Prior, strollers were parked right in the middle of the walkway. So all this movement was done to get strollers out of your way.

A beautiful palm tree now occupies the area once reserved for the Bengal BBQ outdoor dining.  You’ll recall that a large planter and standing table was previously in this spot.

There are a few new things on the menu for a limited time. Ahi Poke Spring Roll, Hummus Trio, and a Jungle Julep (A tropical slush with grape, orange, pineapple and lemon) are available at Bengal BBQ.

One the shops were cleared of their fixtures and merchandise, tables were brought in. There’s now room for guests to sit in comfort in Adventureland.


Worry not, Shrunken Head Ned survived the reshuffling.

On the Jungle Cruise side, the old fruit stand is now the Stroller Parking and the large planter has been removed from the Jungle Cruise exit area.

The cast member is standing about where the large planter was previously located.


Season of the Force is long gone, but several of its elements remain. Path of the Jedi continues to play to an empty house.

Similarly, Star Wars Launch Bay (the old Innovations) is also an lightly attended spot.

The upstairs exhibit showcases the Dark Side.

It’s nice to see Shag is still creating art for Disney.

Meanwhile, the Monorails are back in full operation, but don’t look like they are in tip top shape.

The monorails have definitely seen better days. Maybe they could increase ridership and generate more revenue by adding stops in Ogdenville and North Haverbrook.

This was not the tomorrow anyone envisioned. The rotting Peoplemover tracks now collect pine needles.

Dusty took a ride on the rails yesterday and shared his journey:

Frontierland Construction

The fence at the entry to Frontierland (which looks like a fort) is under refurbishment. The props along the top of the fence have been removed while the logs are replaced.

PC Pirates

The big news of last week is that Pirates will soon revise the “Auction” scene to remove reference to the bride auction. Instead, Red and the Auctioneer will be selling off plundered treasure.

Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland) – Artist Concept

The Readhead will take on an expanded role in the new version of this scene and it appears that she’s become a pirate as well.

This and That

On days where DCA opens at the same time as Disneyland the crowds are pretty evenly dispersed at the front gates.

When was the last time you visited the Firehouse on Main Street?

Inspired to challenge my low light photography skills, I also took a little visit to Haunted Mansion to see what I could scare up.

The ride stopped and I was able to take a picture where you can see the detail on the clock face. Click to see the original. There is much more detail than I expected.

Want. If Honda will send me one of these planes (a prop from Autopia), I can take photos for you all more often.  😉

New Doughnut Flavors are released every Friday. Here are the current batch. Gummy Bear, Chocolate Chip (as in potato chip and chocolate glaze), and Bacon Caramel.

And that’s our Disneyland update for this week. We’ll have DCA and Star Wars Land construction for you tomorrow. Our big thanks to DsnyDebbie and Dusty Sage for their help this week. We love bringing the parks to your desktop and hope you take a few moments to comment on your observations below.

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