Heroes in Hollywood, patriotic bunting, and Halloween rumors are just a few of this week’s topics. There’s even a humorous little construction item. Let’s start at the beginning . . . it’s a very good place to start . . .

All adventures must begin somewhere, ours starts on Buena Vista Street . . . which is currently decked out in red, white and blue for the recent Independence Day celebration.

Summer of Heroes

There seems to have been a failure to launch for the “Summer of Heroes.” While the meet and greets are popular enough and add some excitement to the otherwise dead Backlot, the rest of the offerings fall a bit flat. Honestly, they could have skated by with just the opening of Mission: Breakout. I personally would have liked to see a big 80’s dance party nightly on the street leading up to the Tower.

Do the kids want to become heroes? You can register for the Avengers Training Initiative in front of the old Millionaire building. The show has already been shortened. While it’s fun for the kids on stage, it isn’t as much fun for the audience to watch. By contrast, the Jedi Training Academy in Tomorrowland is a hoot to watch.

   Use one of the tables (that are still working) to find out which hero you are most like.

A marvel clip show has moved into the Sunset Showcase Theater, which they now call the “Summer of Heroes Showcase.”   

Although it’s new(ish), it plays to nearly empty audiences.

There’s a tiny bit of Food and Wine Festival going on at the back of Summer of Heroes, where a booth from the Festival has been recycled to serve the Summer of Heroes. 


Turtle Talk with Flush

The Animation lobby is getting a touch up. While it is closed, some of the attractions are available via the emergency exits.

Ladies and gentlemen, live from the Disney California Adventure bathrooms . . . Turtle Talk with Flush!   

The entry may look crappy . . .

Potty humor

But you’ve got to applaud them for trying. Wraps hide back stage infrastructure and help guide guests through the maze of walls to find the Turtle Talk lobby.   But very few guests are filtering in. At least it’s not clogged.

On the Hyperion side of the building, you can access the Animation Academy.

With the Animation lobby closed, Anna and Elsa have moved to the old Millionaire Building, which is STILL decorated for the Frozen winter playground. It’s the perfect meet and greet spot. Huge, themed to the movie the characters are from, and fully air conditioned. Sadly, this is just temporary and the gals will move back to the Animation building when the renovations are complete. Seems like they should remain here.

Hurry Up and Wait

The rollout of Fastpass scanners has created some unfortunate lines. We encountered several long queues of Fastpass holders which stretched well into guest walkways and created some interesting operational challenges.

In Cars Land, the Fastpass line for Radiator Springs Racers stretched all the way to the intersection with the blinking streetlight. Cast members needed to hurriedly move the line  twice so Lighting McQueen and then Mater could make their way through the intersection.

Meanwhile, over at Grizzly River Run, the Fastpass line snaked all the way to the Grand Californian entrance.

Note that the folks in that super long line are waiting for Fastpass return. They aren’t facing forward walking slowly. Many are facing each other talking because the line just wasn’t moving.

All new systems require an adjustment period. We hope they figure this one out quickly. In our opinion, the issue seems to be caused by two main factors 1) questions and slowdowns resulting from guests not being able to scan the Fastpass ticket itself and needing to find their park ticket (which is what you actually need to scan), and 2) a lack of scanners. Each attraction probably requires a minimum of 4 scanners to compensate for the extra time each guest seems to be taking.

Halloween Speculation

The latest MiceAge Update mentions that Halloween will begin a slow transition from Disneyland to California Adventure to ease overcrowding in advance of Star Wars land’s debut in 2019.

While the article mentions overlays for Mission: BREAKOUT and Radiator Springs Racers, some of our readers correctly note that the two easiest attractions to do overlays for would be Midway Mania and California Screamin’.  Moving Paint the Night to DCA and adding Halloween options could very well help distribute crowds across both parks and make the experience in both parks better. We’d really love to hear your ideas on how DCA could be transformed into a spooktacular Disney offering.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! features video screens which make it easy to change the media being displayed.  The queue is already creepy and it wouldn’t take much to add a little extra scare to this intense attraction.

Radiator Springs Racers was the other attraction mentioned. According to the rumor, the citizens of Radiator Springs are preparing for Halloween. Those who have seen the short “Mater and the Ghostlight” can likely imagine how such an overlay might work.

But there are other attractions which would be even easier to give a little Halloween pizzazz to. When Toy Story Midway Mania opened, the Imagineers proudly told the media that the attraction would be updated with new scenes for the holidays. That never happened. Perhaps Halloween would be an opportunity for this aging attraction to get a little love.

Speaking of needing love . . . it seems like Mr. Potatohead is broken more than not these days.

The other attraction which could easily receive a Halloween theme is California Screamin’. All they need to do is add a Halloween soundtrack to this attraction, perhaps add some fog (and or fire effects) to the helix, and perhaps a bit of theme to the queue.   For those who can’t imagine Halloween at DCA, in the early days of Mickey’s Halloween Party, California Adventure was the home. There were some inventive decorations as well. While they likely wouldn’t match with the current theme of the park, I dug up some old MiceChat photos just to get you thinking.

So, what do you think? Could they pull off Halloween at DCA? Is it perhaps even an opportunity to add a not-so-scary Halloween maze? Halloween World of Color? Fog and dramatic lighting throughout Grizzly Peak? Let’s hear you! Get creative.

Flo’s To Go

There’s a new BBQ Sauce available for purchase at Flo’s. It comes in an oil container. Most folks just think it’s a prop. But it’s really a thing you can buy. I plan on trying it soon. Have you had a taste? Is it more than just a novelty?

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Downtown Disney

Splitzville is finally coming along. This building is huge. The one in Orlando is two stories of dining, bowling and bars and it appears that will be true here as well.

I really looking forward to this. MiceChat bowling league!

Star Wars Land Construction

The Battle Escape building keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s so large now that most of our views inside the land are blocked.

Well folks, that wraps this one up. I know that Summer has only just gotten started, but my mind is straying to Halloween already. There’s so much to look forward to. I really do hope the DCA rumors are true. DCA needs a boost and Disneyland needs a break. What could be done, in your opinion, to make DCA the perfect Disney spooktacular?!

My sincere thanks to PhotoMatt and DsnyDebbie for their help with this update!!!

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