Welcome back to the Disneyland Resort where it has been so hot you could cook an egg on Main Street. But all that heat also chased away the crowds. If you were able to brave the temperature, you likely had a great time in the park with unusually low waits. This week we bring views from Adventureland and its recent changes, take a look at the Fantasmic stage just one week before it is set to return, and show you what’s new in the park.

With all the heat and humidity, clouds loomed over the park for much of the weekend, but without the reprieve of rain
Adventureland Flow

It’s Flowing…Mostly

Major work to improve Adventureland crowd-flow is mostly complete. Stroller parking has moved inside the old fruit stand, and the fruit stand moved into the old South Traders Seas shop. The rest of the shop space between the South Seas Traders and Indy shops now contains tables for Bengal Barbecue dining.

Unfortunately, crowd clogging can still happen, especially in front of Indy. If a group of guests stop in this area, the pathway is still tight enough to slow things down.

The whole land fills up after fireworks

The South Seas Traders sign still hangs over the dining section.

Unfortunately, the old merchandise puns on the walls don’t make much sense anymore.
Very happy that they were able to save Shrunken Ned.
It seems that the fruit stand takes up much less space than it did in its old location.
The Tropical Imports sign is still above the stroller parking area.
So much empty space…
Bengal BBQ is using temporary queue lines. Hopefully they can drill some stanchion holes so they can make this all look a little more permanent.

There is also a new menu item at Bengal.

Pork Belly Skewer




The new FastPass system is bringing all sorts of little changes to the resort. Unfortunately, many guests seem to be struggling to scan their tickets. In the past, you got a Fastpass ticket and simply handed it to a cast member at the attraction. Now, you get a Fastpass ticket, but it is just a reminder of your return time. Once you get to the attraction, you’ll need your admission ticket to scan at the new readers. Three things are slowing guests down: 1) Finding their ticket, 2) Not knowing which ticket to scan, and 3) Taking their time scanning their ticket. It doesn’t take but one or two confused guests to start a backup. Disney really needs to find a way to get these people through the entrances faster.

There has been another change to Fastpass which should work in your favor if you pay close attention. The minimum Fastpass wait time is now just 5 minutes (even less in one example we’ll show you later). Pay attention to the Fastpass return times as they are sometimes SHORTER than the posted standby wait time!! You’ll usually find this happening early in the morning, but it can happen at any time of the day.

FASTPASS return lines can get very long at many attractions, including the Matterhorn.
Trains, Rivers, & Projections; Oh My!


Work continues on the Rivers of America as Disney approaches the July 17th reopening of Fantasmic, next week. I am so excited for the return of my favorite show . . . though I’ll admit I’m a little worried about some of the rumored changes.

The center Fantasmic! lighting tower now rises out of the ground around 3:30 pm every day and is used after 5 pm for music on the rafts, then later for fireworks.

Along the Rivers, work continues for the return of the Railroad and River Boats on July 29th.

So much detail is being added.
Work continues on the relocated Indian Village as well. Hopefully, the Indian storyteller returns.

On the Critter Country side of the river, deer are being added to the riverbank.

Walkway to the left, deer on the right.
Fence along river being installed
The canoe dock looks mostly complete.

At the raft dock, the old damaged sign remains.

On the other side, they just placed a box over the hole where the post for the new sign will need to go.

Painting is not Disney’s strong suit on the raft dock.

Over on Tom Sawyer’s Island, I was finally able to visit the Dead Man’s Grotto Cave walk-through. Mostly looking good but not much work occurred in the cave during the refurbishment. Unfortunately, by Sunday it was closed to guests. Not sure why.

Projectors inside the grotto’s jail are not working. You can see the dummy’s blank face.

Over at Hungry Bear some of the scrims have been removed, now Disney just needs to remove the rest of the scrims.

Views from the removed scrims

Testing is continuing every night for Fantasmic!

That’s a big projection screen.
Train testing continues with 3 trains on the track.


Let’s take a quick stroll through the rest of the park.

Main Street

Shhh, a Disney weather balloon being transported for release into the wild.

Disneyland’s run of the Main Street Electrical Parade will end in approximately 6 weeks, and hopefully, Paint the Night will return not too long beyond that.

Are you going to miss the Electrical Parade? Do you hope that Paint the Night returns to Disneyland or goes to DCA?


On these hot days, the Tiki room has been my air conditioning refuge.

But who can resist the equally well air conditioned Indiana Jones?!


Props still have not been reinstalled on the recently replaced Fort Wall at the entry to Frontierland.
I still can’t figure what these wooden posts are for. Help me out here folks?

The explosion has not been working for far too long at Big Thunder.

The new rocks along Big Thunder Trail are very photogenic.

New Orleans Square

The Haunted Mansion will soon close so it can receive the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay. It generally closes in August, and the holidays collide starting in September.

I would like to put in my two cents on the upcoming Pirates changes. I feel that Disney is not taking the changes far enough. I would like Disney to completely remove Jack Sparrow from the attraction in favor of the redhead becoming the predominant character in the story. Jack is so much of an anti-hero at this point that he no longer belongs here (not that he ever did to begin with). In other words, “We want the Redhead!”

Who gets the gold in the end? Jack! Oh how I’d like to see Red finally trick them all out of the treasure in this scene. Is it too much to hope that they remove Jack once and for all?! After 50 years in a slave auction, Red has earned her right for a little revenge!

Star Wars Land Construction

This week some HVAC (ventilation and air conditioning) was installed onto the Battle Escape attraction.

Remember when we were all excited about the AT-ATs inside the building? Now we can’t even see them any more.


You can see the stain of the blue glitter where the storm drains empty into the moat.
Really nice to see the Tweedles out and about in the park

It is so hot lately they are running the daytime parade with the least amount of dancing possible. It’s still a fun parade to watch.

Walk in time, walk in time. Walk in time, walk in time. Never need a reason, never need a rhyme. Walk in time, we walk in time!


This photo was snapped at 5:42 and Roger Rabbit is distributing FASTPASSes for literally two minutes in the past. Meanwhile, the standby wait is 25 minutes. Pay attention folks. Why wait in line when you can get a FASTPASS and ride immediately?

Stars Wars Land construction is clearly visible from inside Toontown.

On another note, Donald’s Boat is looking pretty sad lately.

The floor has seen better days

The props are chipped, filthy, and gross.

Would you put your face on this? Apparently many kids do.

Painting is still not on Disney’s priority list.

So much discoloration on the ToonTown hills.


Would you buy a family meal from Pizza Port for $69.99? Is the pizza and some extras worthy of a price like that?

Over at Tomorrowland Terrace, all Star Wars mentions have been completely removed, even on the menus.

One of the things that drives me crazy about Summer Nights concerts is how they have the band warm up on stage in the middle of the day. Can’t they do this underground or back stage?

Traffic, right?

Rock It Mountain is still built into the Space Mountain Marquee sign even though it was a promotion which took place over 10 years ago. Would you like to see them bring Rock It Mountain back from time to time?


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