Candy canes and Candlelight return to Disneyland as the busy holiday season continues

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Published on November 26, 2012 at 5:05 am with 230 Comments

About Andy Castro

Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • Trumpet

    Great Update Andy

    It is amazing how far DCA has come when you look back at the archives.
    I like the new Paradise Pier colour scheme. Does anybody know what is happening with the pool area, if they are changing the theme to the new Paradise Pier. It would really he;p to remove the puns from DCA 1.0

    Thanks Again Andy for another great article


  • Carnation Dave

    I can’t believe all the changes to DCA. Thanks for the update.

  • pose2pose

    As usual, a great update–love the Buena Vista Street Christmas decor images. And the retro-looking Flo merchandise!

  • parker4fm

    I love these updates! Before Carsland opened, there was some talk of a DCA Phase 2 upgrade, but now, nothing. I am surprised that this isn’t still on the table. Hollywoodland and Bugs Land are still very “boring” areas of the park. Can anyone elaborate on this Phase 2 and if we should expect it in the near future? Say, 1 to 3 years?

  • Terrytiger

    I really enjoy the updates. Even with WDW an hour away from me here in FL, I miss Disneyland so much and can’t wait for my next trip to CA in the spring.

  • mratigan

    Thanks Andy
    It’s amazing how it took Walt one year to build the park,and it takes multiple years for a single ride.

  • DisneyMomma74

    Thanks Andy! I love seeing the beautiful Christmas trees in the resort lobby of the hotels. They look fantastic. The look back is always fun! Brings back memories when DCA was mostly a construction zone. But the wait has been well worth it!

  • SanDiegoAl

    It’s amazing to see how cheezy DCA 1.0 was. What a difference!

  • clippers6

    Aren’t the premade candy canes handmade using the same recipe as the Main Street ones except they’re made off site? Would there be a big difference in taste as I would probably not eat my candy cane until I got home anyways? I heard the big draw of the freshly made ones was eating them while they were still warm and slightly softer, but once they’ve cooled off they’re the same as the premade ones.

  • Dduck1972

    Great update! DCA is looking great,

  • crmwed

    I love looking back at the Dateline DL’s from the past. It feels like yesterday they were just taking off the orange peel. Time sure does fly!

  • Bee14

    Thanks for the update! It always starts the week off right!

  • CrazyDreamer

    Thanks as always for the wonderful update!

  • SFDave

    Love the update, I really think theyt did an awesome job on Buena Vista Street decorations. Really amazing looking back at how much construction was at DCA.

  • fitzaboo

    It never ceases to amaze me how Disney creates these places! The photos from the past, really are incredible. Love the holidays at DL. Just wish I could be there this year!

  • Outtiehere82

    More to look forward when I visit this week! I was hoping I wouldn’t miss the candy canes:)

  • Ashphan

    Amazing update! The new prices make it so hard to afford trips to disneyland!

  • rstar

    Great update! And now that the front planter to the right of DCA is finished, it’s hard to believe that the DCA reconstruction is finally DONE! I wonder what the next project will be over there? Also, the pictures from the past remind me how much they have done, and how much the did all at once! Wow!

  • Kimc0486

    I’ve looked and asked on a board before, but maybe someone can answer me here. Why was the terrazzo floor replaced in front of Carthay? I’ve seen the progress in the updates here, but was just in the parks a few days ago and saw it in person. Looks pretty much the same. Anyone know why? Thanks! And thanks for the great updates!

  • BlueEyedCub

    Great tour of the Disneyland Resort, as always, thanks!

  • mickeyandme

    I need some prizes!

  • JediPrincess

    Great update!

  • TCadillac

    The hotels and Trader Sams are looking spiffy with the Xmas decor. Holiday Village not so much..

  • Skimbob

    Seeing the tree in the Grand is making me excited for our upcoming trip.

  • WheresMickey

    Great update!

  • jcruise86

    Great update & look at the recent past! Thanks!

    We went on that crowded Monday (Nov. 19) and had a very nice time. My favorite part was hearing the Buena Vista Street carolers & bell ringers.

    • jcruise86

      P.S. And we bumped into the great Fishbulb himself hard at work taking pictures in Toontown. Much more exciting than meeting Mickey!

      • Fishbulb is better than Mickey and has helped me out here on Dateline Disneyland many times over the last five years! 😉

  • BC_DisneyGeek

    Enjoyable update as always.

    Is this a typo?

    “Silly Symphony Swings: Closed January 7, 2013 through November 17 for refurbishment.”

    Sounds like an overly long refurb.

    • Thanks for catching that. The correct dates are January 7 through February 17.

  • yoyoflamingo

    One day we’ll be there in time to get the candy canes.

    Thanks again for the update!

  • r1hert2

    Great update as usual. Holidays are more magical at the parks. Planning a trip out to the coast sometime next year.

  • brem

    The candy canes are fantastic! We were lucky enough to get some last year and they are the best tasting candy canes I have ever had.

  • cris77

    Great reporting and amazing pictures as always! Thanks for the weekly DLR fix, not to mention getting us in the mood for a Disneyland Christmas!

  • napamaninsocal

    Great update. The west entrance of DCA is Really boring

  • JDN

    Love the shots from inside the hotels. Thanks!

  • chiroguy40

    Great stuff!

  • Athlonacon

    My favorite is looking back to 2009! I love it, please keep up the retro pictures, they are fascinating.

  • JungleCruiser117

    Great update as always Andy! Here’s to hoping i can get my hands on a candy cane this year.

  • MightyWhitey

    Great update as usual!

  • madmonkeygirl

    The decorations look great. However the Holiday Village is just out of place. I’m sorry but if i want to go to a Holiday Village I will go down the street to Knott’s Berry Farm. Their Holiday Village is done the correct way and Knott’s is the perfect place for it NOT at Downtown Disney. It looks so out of place and just wrong. Also the skating rink you have to wear a helmet yet at other rinks around (Downtown LA, Queen Mary, Fallbrook location) no helmet is required. Kind of a shame really because ice skating is all about having fun not having to wear a protective helmet. I doubt i will even try out the one in Downtown Disney for that reason.

  • dsnyfn

    Great update, as usual

  • Bundaegi

    I really enjoy all of the updates. It is part of my Monday morning ritual. It helps me out when I have a “case of the Mondays.” 🙂 It is a nice distraction from a boring conference call I attend every Monday morning. Not to mention a little trip to DL every week.

  • garyman

    Great Update as Always.

    I hope to get notified today about Candlelight Precessional Viewing

  • lnsemsf

    Thanks for the great update! Can’t wait to be there in a few weeks.

  • smanrick51

    I don’t know what I would do without these amazing updates!

  • whyshouldiworry

    Another great update, thank you.

  • Chasoneering

    The redemption of DCA is so clearly illustrated when you consider the archive photos. i never thought I would see the day.

  • disney1218

    I remember looking at all the paradise pier construction like it was yesterday.

  • gauchogirl

    Going this weekend – can’t wait to see all the holiday decor!

  • DisneylandPlanner

    wow how much things have changed from 2009 what is going to happen in the next 3-4 years????

  • bayouguy

    Me and my family were at Disneyland/DCA the day after Thanksgiving and it certainly didn’t seem like massively crowded. It was a very nice day.

  • tystock

    it really is amazing how much remodeling they did over the last five years at DCA…and thanks for the reminders of the price increases (it’s still as fun as ever though). Can’t wait till we make our next trip in a few weeks.

  • Oathkeeper

    What a trip to see those old construction photos of DCA! It was ialways fun to read the updates and see more progress little by little. DCA has certainly come a long way!

  • agent321

    Another great update!

  • Kateyandstitch

    Great update! Those candy canes look wonderful!

  • Wreckless Abrandon

    The new Flo’s Merch is pretty sweet. Saw them in person yesterday and I almost bought one of the shirts… stopped myself since I already bought too many Christmas presents for other people!

  • urbanleadership

    Happy Anniversary Dateline Disneyland! ❤ The Grand Californian.

  • harvickfan005

    I am looking forward to this Christmas season at the Disneyland/DCA. This is my 1st Christmas season at Disneyland since 1991. I am going to try to do the Candy Cane Days at either of the parks.

  • iamdisneysgirl

    Great week to come to Disneyland with less crowds….its calling my name to come 😀

  • EpTxGuy

    Thanks for the awesome update, I really appreciate it!

  • RodeToad

    Great photos, great update

  • poppins

    You make Mondays so much better !! Thanks for the updates:)

  • Derekkita

    Thanks for the update

  • juanab

    Thanks for the updates. I haven’t been able to go to Disneyland in 4 years. Its so nice to keep abreast of all the changes.

  • Lucky Oswald

    I love the pictures in your updates. They capture many of the little details that parkgoers miss on their way back to the RSR queue. I’m not sure how i feel about the Candy Canes being made over in DCA. Kinda makes it a little less special? I guess it gives more people the chance to see the confectioners do their thing.

  • ah92us

    So why exactly are the joysticks being put back in if they have no control? Just going to confuse the guests…

  • tad4irsh

    Once again i am forced to look on an ddream about the Disney Christmas from Afghanistan 🙁 I love the great photos and when i get a chance to get online (which is not as often as I would like!) I come here first because the Happiest place on Earth at the most wonderful time of the year sure beats where I am.

    Thanks for letting me dream!

  • swfanatic

    Great update! I am FINALLY getting back to the parks when our family heads down to California next week!! The last time I was there was.. actually I think when your archive photos were taken! Little Mermaid land was just getting cleared, the Lagoon was drained, and the Orange still looked like an orange. Can’t wait to finally see new Star Tours, Mermaid, World of Color, BV street, Carsland, Haunted Mansion Holiday, all sorts of new stuff that I have never been able to see! Need next week to arrive!

    Keep up Dateline Disneyland! Its my Disney parks fix during the long span of times when I can’t be there! Thanks for all you guys do!

  • DisneyBuff

    One of these years I will make it down to get a fresh candy cane. Thanks for the pictures.

  • Histrionicus

    Been reader for 2 of your 5 years! Congrats and thanks!!!

  • pli1018

    I’ve decided to make it a life goal to be there for the candy cane making. One day!

  • dfan07

    The candy canes may be tough to get but they are worth it!

  • Meagan Yates

    I love the holidays at Disneyland!!!!

  • Meagan Yates

    I love going to Disneyland during Christmas!! It really gets me intot the holiday spirit.

  • jdotcole

    Candy Canes! I knew I’d forgotten something 🙁

  • knaacje

    PIck me 🙂

  • disney4me2001

    Love the new Cars Land merch! Also appreciate the flashback- I remember thinking that the prices were ridiculous then! Now they actual seem cheap compared to today’s prices…

  • martinjbell1986

    Great Update, Thanks!

  • joy bells

    I am getting so excited for the new princess fantasy area. It looks like its going to be pretty awesome! thanks for the great update… I think I’m gonna have to make it a priority to get to the parks tomorrow.

    Oh and thanks for the opportunity to win such awesome prizes!

  • bstone76

    Great update as always. Can’t wait to go in 2 1/2 weeks. I get to see cars land for the first time.

  • lctom1

    Someday I need to get one of those Candy Canes! Maybe this is the year ???

    It was fun to look back on the way DCA was five years ago. Gosh, was it already five years? It seems like only yesterday …

  • lighttragic

    I love the photos from the archives well except for the price increases :{

  • mulva5

    Great update and pictures, love the Candy Canes.

  • Tinkbelle

    Why are the Silly Swings getting such a long refurb?

    Also, are those white decorations ( in the planters with the poinsettias outside the hotel) lights? Can you get a picture of it lit up for next week?

  • Georgiegirl2012

    I was a DCA this past week and seeing the pictures posted he just doesn’t do it justice. Disney always makes the holidays magical!

  • CastMember 02

    Great Article, just wondering what type of stage show will be going into the Fantasyland Theater?

  • bummerkit

    Its crazy to see how far the park has come in the last few years.

  • venbacca

    Thanks for the great update! we are so excited to come and see all the magical Christmas decorations in two weeks!

  • bummerkit

    I’ve always wanted one of the hand made candy canes, but I don’t think showing up early, waiting in line, and paying over $13 with tax would really be worth it… Maybe you all know something I dont?

  • Shawncmc

    I need to get a fresh Candy Cane soon!!

  • MarkILIS

    Has anyone noticed the broken/missing neon on the Flo’s V8 Cafe sign? Looks like the “C” and “a” in “Cafe” are missing on the side of the sign facing Blue Sky Cellars. It’s been that way since at least Sunday the 18th. I imagine it requires a custom creation to replace it.

  • dznymum

    Wow, great update. I am so wishing I could be there for Christmas!

  • mandyloop66

    So happy to see all the pictures!!! And we will be there on the 1st so we will get to watch Candy canes being made!!1 YAY Disneyland!!! We <3 HoJo's btw, we have made it our new hotel to saty at, and can't wait to stay again… for free!!! Pick Me 🙂

  • feiden

    It does infuriate me that the Annual Passes are now exorbitantly priced….. (And I was just reminded looking through the beautiful photos…)

  • mandyloop66

    So happy to see all the pictures!!! And we will be there on the 1st so we will get to watch Candy canes being made!!1 YAY Disneyland!!! We <3 HoJo's btw, we have made it our new hotel to stay at, and can't wait to stay again… for free!!! Pick Me 🙂

  • chipndale16

    Great update! Can’t wait to see the holiday decorations in person in a few weeks!

  • lovedisney617

    This is my favorite time of year, especially at Disneyland!!! I cant wait to visit and see how the parks have transformed for the holiday season!

  • julesn2boys

    Loved all the info and we love staying at the Hojo Anaheim! Disneyland at the holidays is definitely the best 🙂

  • greinstein

    Nice one today

  • esmith

    Thank you for another wonderful update. I love getting my weekly fix!

  • GiRiMama33

    Can’t wait to see all the decorations when we get there next month! Thanks for the update and all of the pics.

  • DLmeg33

    DCA looks great all done up for Christmas! It’s finally becoming a place where I enjoy spending time.

  • DisneyPenny

    I have never made it to see the Candy Canes but always wanted to. Thanks for the information. I love Disneyland at Christmas time!

  • Dawncala

    I’ve never been to the park to see them make the candy canes live, so thank you for posting the virtual version.

  • evergreen

    Nice update!

  • cheshiregirl

    The parks look fantastic! I can’t wait to see Carsland Christmas in person this weekend!!!

  • Lvjen777

    Great update! Love the holiday decorations at Disneyland .. we really can’t wait to see the new & improved DCA in person.

  • dlandcory

    Great update! Thank you for all the work that goes into this! Hope to be there next month!

  • KiMcHeEfOrLiFe

    Thanks for the updates as usual! Great pics of the Christmas decorations!

  • nicoleezk

    All the holiday decor looks awesome! I wish I could be there to see it in person. Love, love, love all the Carsland pics!

  • mrsheppo

    Nothing prettier than Disneyland at Christmas time!

  • DisneyGoof

    Thanks for the update! Happy Anniversary!

  • SiRocket

    I <3 Disneyland! 🙂

  • Cactushugr

    We just found out we are in for the Candlelight Processional! First time for us. December 5, Kurt Russell.

  • bigfry

    Thanks once again for a great update. I’ve been enjoying the archival pictures just as much, if not more, than the actual current going ons in the parks.

  • doulamama

    Yay! what a great page!

  • tahoemommy

    Love the candy canes. The Holiday decorations are the best.

  • Hettiebear

    Awesome Update. Great to see what was happening behind the big blue walls that seemed to be up for so long in DCA. Visited the parks last week during Thanksgiving week…. busy busy busy. Going to go again this week hopefully less crowds :).

  • garyman

    Great Update as always, Unfortunately I tried to see the Candlelight Processional but was not selected for the dates I chose.

    Maybe we will see it from the sidelines.

  • Donald Fan

    Great update!

  • garyman

    Yes, nice page. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  • Joshnyah

    As always great update. Wow where has the 5 years gone. Heck where has the 10 years gone? Thank you Micechat, Dateline Disney, In the parks, the endless amount of quality photos, the reporting, the Haunt organizers, the GBR creators, and so much more, not to mention all the great friendships that this place has created in the last 10 years. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 10 years. Happy early birthday, where’s the Cake?

  • shae1210

    Disneyland has got to be the best place on Earth to spend the holidays. We went there a couple years ago for my birthday and early Christmas and was fascinated by all the deco’s and the “snow”. Hoping to get to come back very soon and take my baby girl so she can enjoy it too.

  • PinBrian

    Trader Sam’s looks great! (And I really have a craving to go there now)

    Do the freshly made candy canes taste any different than the not freshly made ones? Can someone describe it? (Never had a fresh candy cane, and I am VERY curious as to the difference in terms of taste.)

  • tgrbabe

    Love the update – and I am so excited!! We just found out we were selected for the Candlelight processional. I have never been and always wanted to – and what makes it 100% better?? It’s one of the nights Dick Van Dyke will be the narrator!! Who could possibly be more Disney than that?? I cannot wait!! Now I need to try a fresh candy cane and Christmas at Disneyland will be complete!! 😉

  • sucho23

    Would love to be able to get a Candy Cane but never there when they are making them. Also can’t wait for Indy to reopen.


    Thanks for the update! Just curious, what makes the fresh-made candy canes so unique from other candy canes? Do they just taste better/fresher?

  • Melonballer

    Trader Sams looks great and….

    Wait a second.

    Is that?

    Holy Smokes! It is Santa Slappy! So that is where he ended up after he got evicted by Disney from Pleasure Island.

  • mysteriouspnai

    I love looking at these updates every week!

  • disneyseeker

    Great update! I’m loving these throwback update pictures. Hard to believe it’s already been 5 years.

  • Keala76

    Awesome update!! What type of refurbishment would be in the plans to keep BTM and Silly Symphony Swings closed for soo long?

  • fitztwg

    Great update!

  • dl_appurtenant

    Love those flashbacks!

  • Irving

    Wonderful update! It’s great to go back and see how the resort had evolved in just a cople of years.

  • disneylandfan8

    Another fabulous update! I getting so anxious for my next trip – in 4 days – and seeing these photos is helping me get ready!

    I’ve never seen Candlelight and can’t wait to see it next Monday with the man I’ve been in love with since I was a child (some ?? years ago) – Kurt Russell!!! Merry Christmas to me!

  • scottc

    I also love to see some of the old construction photographs. Thanks for the update. Thanks for the heads up on the candy canes, hate to buy one thinking it was a fresh homemade one!

  • AstateEditor

    Great update as always! Thanks, Andy.

  • jbm500

    So much. I always like the construction updates. The archival pictures were great. So much has changed in only 5 years!

  • ewokrights

    Great update!! Very excited to see the refurbished Indiana Jones!!

  • gparzlaw

    Great update as always

  • Leviathan

    Great update I love the candy cane photos!

  • Bronco21

    It’s hard to believe that 5 years ago I got my first annual pass and now I once again am pass-less. Thanks for the update Andy (and the e-book I won).

  • dolewhipdude

    Thanks for the update Andy. It’s always a pleasure to read and starts the week off just perfectly!

  • RangerDoug

    We are going to be there Dec. 6 & 7, we can’t wait to try one of those candy canes! We have never been there when Christmas decorations are up, we are excited!

  • CountryDarlin23

    Looking forward to a 2012 Candy Cane. It’s just not Christmas without them!

  • JEFFW08

    Oh how I love seeing the candy canes made every year…. Can’t wait to actually spend a holiday season at the resort!!!

  • Tinkd

    thanx for the update…be there in 2 weeks!!!!

  • anmal2

    Nice read. Was at the parks yesterday and seems we missed a few things. Can’t wait to go back and see what we missed.

  • ralzap

    I’m debating one more Premium pass. Not living in So-Cal, it is a very hard call. The food prices, and other charges make you take pause. I love Disneyland, but there is a price point.
    Go Mice age. You folks have made a differance.

  • CheffieDon86

    Have enjoyed ready articles and have learned quite a bit more about Disney from you. Hate that I can’t get down there this Christmas.

  • garyman

    Great Update, Hope to be there in a week to see for myself with my wife.

  • dmomof4

    Awesome. I love looking back at DCA a couple of years ago…

  • MckyMni

    Love the Flo shirts, great touch. These pictures are making me regret not going to the Resort during Christmas Time.

  • breepick

    Great updates! Thanks for sharing all of this! I can’t wait to visit in person.

  • paswato

    Great update.

  • HiddenMickey87

    Christmas at DL never fails to amaze. Thanks for the update! 🙂 God Bless.

  • mugglechris

    Thanks for the update! Looking forward to trying to get a candy cane this year.

  • shadowman

    Just how good are those candy canes anyway? I’ve never had one. Thanks for the update!

  • ace66678

    I never had a Main street Candy Cane. One of these Days I will have to Fight for One and see what it is all about.

    Looking back at the prices really is depressing. I use to be able to afford Disneyland.

  • victoriaskitten

    It seems like yesterday that all the Cars Land and Ariel constructon began. It is so fun to go back and see how far the Park has come.
    I can’t wait to watch the candy cane making and to enjoy them in 10 days.
    Happy Birthday and thanks for all the articles and pictures I have been privelaged to enjoy. I look forward to the future of Dateline Disney.

  • flyingwyatt

    I love reading all of the updates here, thank you!

  • johnarodz67

    Nice update, always learn something.

  • DisneysMagic

    In the Indiana Jones sign announcing the return of the attraction, technically shouldn’t it be “The Adventure Continues Winter 2013” and not “2012?”

    • jayshap

      the attraction is reopening this december…technically it is still Fall. i don’t know why they chose winter 2012 haha.

  • jayshap

    great update!
    i can’t believe how much DCA has changed. it’s crazy. i remember going the week it opened in 2001.

    and hopefully i’ll get to be there for the holiday season soon!

  • LittleSquirt

    Does anyone else find it a bit odd that RSR’s permanent fast pass is in Bugsland? I hope there’s not too many confused visitors

    Anyways, loved the update! It makes my Mondays a little happier 🙂

  • Internitty

    wow what are they doing to Silly Symphony Swings that’s going to take 10 months!

  • 100acrebarb

    Love that Trader Sams is in the holiday spirit. Fun place to spend some time.

  • TifaOnACloud

    Thanks for the update!

  • Marko50

    Wish I was there now!

  • ShorelineDLer

    Send a candy cane up to Washington! They look delicious!!

  • Figaroj

    Great update as usual…love the pictures of the hotels decorated for Christmas!!

  • icleanblood

    Going today with my 3 daughters! Can’t wait to go create magical memories with my little darlings, thanks for the update!

  • jmichael79

    Man oh man, I can taste those candy canes! Thanks for another great update.

  • DanielleBowen

    Great pictures! Thanks for the update.


    Great update. Heading to WDW in a few days, but seeing pictures of Carsland reminds me it has been too long since I hit the Disneyland Resort. On my list for 2013.

  • wituslj

    Great update. I love seeing Disneyland dressed up for the holidays.

  • trebor13

    Great update as usual.

    Too bad Dick Van Dyke isn’t doing the processional the same day they’re making the candy canes.

  • pyttius

    Great update! Silly Symphony Swings is going to be closed from January til November?? :-O

  • FlubberZorro

    Can’t wait for next week! Loved all the older pictures!

  • turbo55

    It stinks your neighbors to the North can’t enter for the ebook. Don’t you guys know it’s cold up here and we can use the reading material?
    Oh well…

  • kat3010

    Great update and pics as always. Would love to watch candy canes being made some day

  • saphron37

    Great update! THANK YOU! I really hope to one day see the holiday decor at the Grand Californian myself, it looks amazing!

  • JMazz


  • fairygoodmother

    Oh how I wish I could see/hear Dick Van Dyke at Candlelight! He, to me, is a Disney icon.
    thanks for the list of performers. Great update, as always 🙂

  • Tink60

    Thank you all so much for the weekly updates. When a person lives 1000 miles away from the resort visits are few and far between. These updates allow me to keep up on the changes and stay connected to my happy place. So thank you all once again.

  • painted windows

    Great Update Andy!


    Great update!

  • Pirate Wench

    I am not a fan of Candlelight being preformed 20 nights in December. What a mess.

  • stacyjr1015

    Great update as usual! Can’t wait for our trip in the spring.

  • mgronenthal

    Great update! The look back to 2009 really hits the changes in the parks well.

  • jjmaneja

    I’m sad that I didn’t get selected for the Candlelight Procession. But that may not stop me, especially now that I realize that I missed the candy cane making and tiki bar

    thanks for the update!

  • MichLDee

    Awesome article! Wish I could be there today!!

  • jenmurray

    Wow!!! Look at those prices for AP’s!!!! I wish it was still that way! Cute new shirts for Cars Land!

  • Etaber5

    Beautiful pictures. I love Disneyland at Christmas time. I hope to get back there someday soon and try one of those candy canes!!!!!

  • walterfamily05

    I am truly in awe of the amazing skill you have in photographing the park! Thank you!

  • margerforce

    Was able to get one of the first candy canes made at DCA on Saturday!

  • gilhooly

    Great update, thanks! I really liked the old update photos.

  • disheadz

    Great Update! Thanks for 5 years of great work 🙂

  • xalesa

    Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve been able to catch up on DL news here. The parks look beautiful. I want a candy cane now!

  • DyNaH428

    Love these updates! The archived stuff is especially interesting. Thank you.

  • Murrie567

    Thanks for another great post!!

  • Tiki AA

    Fabulous update! Thanks again!

  • QPerth

    I know I say this every week, but thankyou for another terrific Dateline Disneyland! I very much appreciate the work that goes into these. The look back at earlier Datelines is still a real treat!
    Fingers crossed for one of the runner-up prizes,I’ll leave the hotel package for a US resident!
    Thanks! -Q.

  • tomdar2

    It’s interesting to see the construction pictures again. So much has changed.

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