Hello, and welcome to Dateline Universal Orlando! There’s always so much to see and cover in these parks. Today we’re headed to Universal Studios!

Welcome to Universal!

Despicable Me 3 promotion at the entrance of the park.

Can’t wait until this area is a scare zone for Halloween Horror Nights in just a couple of months.

Walls up across the street from Mel’s Diner.

With all the Nintendo talk happening lately, it seems more and more likely that ET will be safe for now. I know that most kids don’t even know who ET is these days, but it’s a great ride.



Animal Actors seems like it will meet its end, being replaced by a giant castle from Super Mario.

Almost time for this theater to transform for Bill and Ted!

Heading through the bricks into Diagon Alley.

As you can see here, Universal Express is now available at Escape from Gringotts.

Even though it isn’t new, there’s something truly amazing about being in Diagon Alley.

Express is also available at Hogwarts Express, and Forbidden Journey over in IOA.
Not much to see on this side of Fast and Furious construction wall other than some scaffolding.

New mural on the construction walls.
The attraction marquee is also essentially this entire building.

Auntie Anne’s continues to serve pretzels in the old bodega location.
The Blues Brothers car was just parked in the middle of the street. Pretty cool!

A promotional photo op for Despicable Me 3.

That’s it!

That does it for this week. Are you excited for Express at the Potter rides? Ready for Nintendo land? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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