It’s one of the best weekends! D23 Expo is here! You’re in the spot for in depth coverage too! Dusty, myself, Andy Castro and the rest of the team will be running around like crazy people trying to report on all the happenings at the World Famous D23 Expo! So grab some popcorn (but put it in a ziploc bag because this is just the first article) and get ready for the wildest ride in the bloggersphere (im really sorry for that one..ha!)

Tonight, I entered the Anaheim Convention Center a D23 Expo virgin, and I left understanding why people travel and carve time out of their life to go to this. The scale of these booths. The artistry involved. This is a true celebration of Disney culture. Every corner is photo ops and merchandise you have to convince yourself you don’t need. Make sure you follow MiceChat across all social media to get the latest updates and the best overviews of the entire convention!

I was able to take a peak into the Disney Archives as they celebrate “A Pirates Life for Me: Disney’s Rascals, Scoundrels, and Really Bad Eggs. This is everything to do with Pirates in Walt Disney Culture!

Next we went over to the Parks and Resorts booth which is celebrating “A Galaxy of Stories”. You are not ready to see what’s there. It’s kind of a big deal. It’s the actual model for Star Wars Land at Disneyland! It was unveiled in a dramatic fashion with a tear away curtain and the audience gasped as we took in the enormous scale. Look for specific updates about Star Wars Land from my pal Andy Castro, who is covering Parks and Resorts all weekend!

So if you’re not going to D23 Expo this weekend don’t feel sad. Enjoy your comfortable chair from which you can view all the news and events without having to wait in lines for hours, fight the crowds, or walk really far! We got you!!

We’ll be publishing throughout the day all weekend long, so please keep checking back. No need to eat, sleep or have a life outside of MiceChat for the next three days . . . OK?!

MiceChat will be Facebooking, Twittering, AND Instagramming the Expo live all weekend (follow along so you don’t miss out. We also have a booth in the Expo’s Collector’s Forum, where you can find Disney celebrities, Disney Legends, Disney animators, and lots of opportunities to win fun-tactic prizes!!! Stop by booth 712-718 and say hello!