Welcome back to the Disneyland Resort. After a whirlwind weekend at the D23 Expo we are back with a quick news and photo update from the Disneyland Resort. We aren’t quite sure how we pulled this off, but enjoy the magic folks. There is SO much going on right now that our heads are exploding.


Last Thursday, Disney announced the new MaxPass System will begin this Wednesday. Disney will be charging regular day Guests $10 per person per day for the luxury of being able to book Fastpasses from a Smart Phone. But every single person in your party will need to have it, or it’s worthless (possible pot hole here for the new system). For Annual Passholders, Disney will charge $75 per year per person (except for those who have Signature Plus Passes, who will get this new service at no additional charge). Along with Fastpass, all guests who upgrade the park tickets will have access to Photo Pass for free. Note that both Signature and Signature Plus pass already have Photo Pass so Photos seem like a worthless addition to the plan. There is no substitute for the use of a smart phone. If you do not have an alternate way to access the system, you won’t be able to use the system.

D23 Expo Announcements


Star Wars Land: Galaxy’s Edge

Walt Disney Imagineering showed off their giant model of Star Wars land at the Expo as well as the ride vehicle from Battle Escape over the weekend. There is a lot of detail on this map. At the Expo, WDI was “play testing” their autonomous robot that they hope to have wandering around the new land.

View from the Fantasyland-side of Big Thunder Trail as seen from walking under the train track.

In the Parks and Resorts Panel Disney confirmed that Blue Milk is coming and that Rex from the original Star Tours will be a DJ inside the land’s Canteena. The Model seen at the expo is in fact the Disneyland model as Florida will only have 2 land entrances compared to Disneyland’s 3.

Pixar Fest

During the Parks and Resorts Panel, John Lasseter revealed the new Pixar stuff coming to the Disneyland Resort. “Pixar Fest” will launch at Disneyland next summer. Pixar Play Parade will be moving over to Disneyland from California Adventure and Paint the Night Parade will be moving to DCA. Alas, there was no mention of what will become of Soundsational or Main Street Electrical Parade. A new Pixar Firework Show will be added on the Disneyland side of the resort, but no mention of World of Color.


Pixar Pier

The most interesting news coming out of the Parks Panel for Anaheim was the one Lasseter just drooled over was the changing of remaking Paradise Pier into Pixar Pier. My favorite part of the whole discussion was turning around during the panel and reading Chapek’s lines on the teleprompter in the back of the room. And when this topic came up for Lasseter’s lines, the teleprompter just read: “No specifics. Be vague. Mention Ride” and Lasseter did his best impromptu discussion of the whole panel and only grumbled (into Chapek’s microphone) about the coming ride.

This concept art looks to be taking place near the Maliboomer’s old space.

Expect the Paradise Pier Hotel, along Disneyland Drive, to be re-themed to match the new land. Pixar Pier will open in summer of 2018. That’s quick folks!

Halloween in California Adventure

A giant Oggie Boogie display will loom over the park gate with new Halloween Decor along Buena Vista Street. As Disney is intending to move Mickey’s Halloween Party from Disneyland back to California Adventure in the next couple of years.

Halloween Cars Land

Disney has also announced that Cars Land will be getting a spooky make over.

Expect Halloween costumes for the cars.

Dia Los Muertos Celebration brought to you by Pixar’s Coco

A Dia Los Muertos display will be coming to Paradise Gardens for Halloween this year (that will be moved to Bugs Land after Halloween through the New Year). This display will be used to help cross promote Pixar’s Coco which is coming to theaters for Thanksgiving. No news if the Dia Los Muertos display will be set up in Frontierland inside the Zocalo Park.

Marvel Expansion

Bob Chapek did not announce anything about the new land except confirmed that the two attractions will be themed around Spiderman and the Avengers. No mention of dark-ride, nor rollercoaster, not even a B-ticket spinner but according to our sources, one will definitely be a roller coaster with all the bells and whistles.


Main Street

Over at the Train Station…

The audio below is from Main Street as one of the trains pulls into the station. The train has a completely new announcer/spiel and as well will play music from the land while idling in the station. The Disneyland Railroad returns in a few days on July 29th. Take a little listen:




Along the Big Thunder Trail, we can see through one of the holes in the walls is a Red Wagon along the pathway into Star Wars Land.



Over in the Castle Courtyard, the Enchanted Chamber has reopened as a princesses dress shop which also sells Bibbity-Boppity Boutique.

Just some duck butts up in the air

River Work and Star Wars Land

Along the walkway into Critter Country, the Fence has finally been removed from the Canoe dock. We can now see the Indian on the Horse along train tracks and more Indians along the river below.

Construction crews making sure the new paint job is finished on the Critter Country bridge.
Water is now flowing through critter country

And a few snaps of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for you.

Fantasmic Returns


On the eve of Disneyland’s 62nd anniversary Fantasmic has returned to the Rivers of America with mixed reviews. Many (but not all) agree that the Pirates scene and the exit music were superior in the original versions. But the new version of the show has amazing new technology, lighting and music (mostly).

The Monkey scene now opens with a Lion King segment, but the rest of scene is Jungle Book with a new beat.

The reworked “Elephants” segment is amazing.

The new Genie segment is also vibrant, colorful, and energetic.

Tribute to the Pinocchio puppets which were removed from the show.
Random Ariel just swimming by.

Extended Pinocchio under water scene.

With the switch to using the Pirates movie franchise, comes the controversial change of the Peter Pan scene to the Pirates of the Caribbean (movie version). The Columbia sweeps across the river and as you try to watch the screen I cannot tell one character from another because the entire ship has a bright blue light on it making Jack look like the rest of crew.

A damsel in distress. At one point she calls out for help. At another moment Jack asks her if she needs help and she says no.
Was Jack up there the whole time?

But it all looks really beautiful.

What’s going on?

From where I was watching the show on stage right next to the raft dock I could not see any of the projections onto the island.

Mickey talks to the Queen’s Mirror now and is drawn into the realm of Evil.

We don’t get to watch the Evil Queen transform into the Old Hag just the jump to the video of the Hag talking to the Mirror.

Ursula Scene is still boring with nothing coming across the water and now they have added a little extra animation to make her scene a little longer.

Mickey uses his imaginary sword to defeat the dragon now


The River Boat Scene remains unchanged with the exception of the removal of the Mary Poppins Chimney Sweepers on the deck of the Boat and the switching of Snow White for Rapunzel.

The exit music of the show now uses a song that was written for Tokyo’s show. Tokyo only uses the first verse of the slow song at the start of their show where Disneyland version uses the entire song for exit only, which is just a drag as you exit. The original exit music added a lot of energy for guests as they leave. Listen below and leave your comments on the change at the end of the article.

Here is the original 1992 exit music:


Here is the current exit music being used by the show:


In my opinion the reworked Fantasmic is a 7 out of 10, versus the original 1992 version at 9 out of 10. If Disney replaces or fixes the Pirate’s scene and changes the exit music back that would move my current rating to an 8 as the rest of the show would still have major music timing issues as the music during the show is constantly stopping and does not flow together. You could almost tell where the took original show and added extra music to extend scenes for some reason.

Disney California Adventure

Be sure to see our Update from California Adventure from Friday – HERE.

Around the Resort “This and That”

White Water Snacks

Over inside the Grand California Hotel, White Water Snacks has added some Flat Bread Pizza to their menu…

That’s OK for me… But I will still get my off-menu Carnitas Burger.


Downtown Disney

Construction on Splitsville continues as the front of the building is still taking shape now.

World of Disney has sprung a leak.

Mickey and Friends Parking Structure Construction

The work continues at the Mickey and Friends parking structure to remove the slippery tiles that are over 15 years old. This project is now affecting all levels. Disney may close a level from time to time to get this project done as quickly as possible, possibly affecting the times that the structure is open. You may want to park at Toy Story for the next few weeks to avoid the construction.

You can see the old tile and new brick next to each other


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