Welcome back to America’s First Theme Park, where the townsfolk are just waiting to take you on an adventure. Knott’s has cooked up some great entertainment this year that can compete with any of the bigger parks but with a down home quaint charm. And stick around till the end to hear about our huge MiceChat Halloween Spooktacular event!


Boardwalk BBQ: Now Open

What a beautiful building!

Back in the Boardwalk section of the park Knott’s has opened its new BBQ restaurant. They’re now cooking up some delicious Rotisserie Chicken, Ribs, Pulled Pork, etc. The design of the new building is pure 1950’s kitsch.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking the establishment is closed. The front doors are tinted so darkly it’s hard to tell if the restaurant is even open. I had to open the door to see if the restaurant was taking guests. But it’s well worth checking as the smell and the food are great.

Entrees Menu
Sides Menu
If you want to get soda or beer you can skip the line and go straight to the register or beer counter

On the Meal Plan ($31.99/day or $126 for the whole season), you can get a quarter chicken, smoked sausage, quarter pound tri-tip beef, half-pound of pulled pork, sausage on a bun, or a pulled pork sandwich. Both the House Salad and the Rotisserie Chicken Salad are on the Meal Plan as well.



On a plate, you get two sides and a corn muffin (excluding salads, you get no sides; for the pulled pork sandwich, you only get one side)

Salad Station
The registers and soda fountains are in the adjacent room to help keep the line moving.

Quarter Chicken, Corn Muffin, Mac & Cheese, and Potatoes
Rotisserie Chicken Salad
Pulled Pork Sandwich and side of Baked Beans

Outside, there is a stage for a live band to play. Unfortunately, there is a limited amount of available tables. Hopefully management can round up more tables for this popular eatery.

This Planter gets trampled all day long. No one uses the gate.

Attached to the front of the building Knott’s has added a Refresh Station so guests don’t have to inundate the inside of the restaurant (all season free refill plan is $29.99)

This Refresh station has a sink attached to allow guests to wash their reusable cup…and the BBQ sauce off their fingers!

We really enjoyed the new BBQ. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

Snoopy’s Magnificent Magical Revue Starring Magician Greg Wilson

The show involves a guest outside in the park in a guessing game with Greg.
Snoopy Has to Pull A Rabbit out of a Hat… That’s a big Hat!

MiceChat writer Shelly Valladolid was actually in the park between D23 EXPO and San Diego Comic Con and had lunch with one of Greg Wilson’s mentors, who paid him a visit before the show. He told her that even without the big stage, characters and effects, Wilson is a fantastic magician, absolutely mindblowing. One of the best. Don’t miss this show if you have any chance at all to see it.

Construction Continues Along the Boardwalk

A huge stretch of the Boardwalk is behind blue construction walls. The walls went up as the Boomerang closed and it covers from the Sky Cabin all the way over to Johnny Rockets and the fountain area. Although we have no details of the project, yet; Knott’s will be making its announcement on August 16th, National Rollercoaster Day. . . so that’s a pretty good clue.

The Sky Cabin is now behind the area’s construction wall but they do not appear to be removing the observation tower. Hopefully, this just means the Cabin is getting a new queue. The Sky Cabin has been closed since its December 2016 incident.

The Blue Wall is the Construction Wall that encircles the Sky Cabin and heads all the way back to Johnny Rocket’s
The Sky Cabin’s queue is now behind the Construction Wall

Back over by the Boardwalk BBQ and Ballroom, the walkway that used to lead to Boomerang is now “backstage”. A gate we’re hoping will indicate the size of the new attraction going into the former rollercoaster, spinner, and 4 gift shops’ spaces. (Shelly: “Great place for some SOAPBOX RACERS, don’tcha think?!?”)

A Few Other Things Around The Park

Ghost Town Alive! Still Kicking!

Shelly and some pals took in Ghost Town Alive! during her recent visit and got to partake in some of the adventures:

Two women talking to an 1840's themed postmaster through an old post office window
Newly minted reporters Flo Doyle and Nancy Stadler trade the latest with the local postmaster. Photo by Shelly Valladolid.
visitors sitting in an old-fashioned classroom while a costumed teacher speaks
The teacher’s name matched that on the list on the wall for the year it was supposed to be. She taught a little girl how to write her name in gorgeous cursive! Photo by Shelly Valladolid

Later, bandits took over the school. We’re not sure whether or not they learned cursive. Flo had to take a letter to the bank, refused to let the recipient’s fiance read it, and kept checking back to make sure he hadn’t. Apparently, some guests create characters for themselves and never leave that part of the park all day – and Knott’s is perfectly fine with that! It’s really a hoot interacting with the characters. You could easily lose a few hours wrapped up in an adventure.

Swimming In Darker Waters

Over the last couple of months Knott’s has repainted the walls of the Boardwalk water feature to help make it look deeper and less like a swimming pool.

Unfortunately, they did not paint the bottom where the paint is coming up.



New Merchandise

Some new-to-us merch has popped up around the park.


The Catawampus has gone missing! Hopefully, they find this extinct species soon! I wonder if there might be any clues in a Marketplace shop window?



Ghost Town Alive and Circus of Wonders

If you missed it, be sure to check out our coverage of Knott’s Ghost Town Alive and the Circus of Wonders, both of which continue through September 4th, HERE.




Tickets at: http://scaryfarm2017.eventzilla.net/

This is the 12th anniversary of our ultra-popular Halloween event and we are working with the great folks at Knott’s Berry Farm to make this our best haunt ever! Leave the real world behind and enter a dreamland of spooky fun with fellow Micechat readers.

This is a VIP experience. You’ll get exclusive access to the haunt designers, special tours, front of line access, and an amazing Mrs. Knott’s buffet dinner before the scares begin. This is the ultimate way to experience Knott’s Scary Farm and the best package for the event.

Event includes:

  • Admission into Knott’s Scary Farm
  • Meet and greet with maze designers
  • Backstage tour of a new maze before the event
  • All you can eat Private Pre-scare Boo-fet dinner
  • Early entry into Haunt
  • Unlimited front of the line access to all mazes!
  • Fastlane front of the line for rides!
  • Priority Seating for the final performance of ELVIRA at Knott’s Scary Farm!!!
  • For one simple price you’ll get an entire night of food, entertainment, friends, frights, fun and EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITIES!!!

Get your tickets while they are still available! For questions, please contact [email protected]

Tickets at: http://scaryfarm2017.eventzilla.net/


That’s all from the Farm this month but we will be back with more Knott’s news soon!

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