After a year and a half of construction, shortening, rockwork, replanting and retheming to accommodate Star Wars land, the Rivers of America have finally reopened at Disneyland, the result is impressive.

We’ll have full photo coverage for you on Monday but wanted to share some images and video with you right away.

Disneyland Railroad

Not much has changed, but the things that have are a pretty good improvement.

The two dioramas between Tomorrowland and Main Street Stations have been spruced up and some projections have been added. Like birds:

Some seriously cool thunder and lightning effects:

And rainbows:

The volcano effects are pretty great as well:

Rivers of America

From either the Mark Twain or the Columbia you see a lot of the same as the railroad, but things are staged more for the riverboats.

The waterfalls around the railroad trestles are quite spectacular
“A sign of peace”

Two additions include this beaver eating the wood on the railroad bridge (he actually moves pretty smoothly),

and then there’s the wonderful Indian shaman animatronic who has an impressive range of motion; he is a real joy to watch. They’ve positioned him quite well for all levels on the riverboats and the train to see.

The Indian village was moved closer to Frontierland

Expect some more photos in the update on Monday!

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