DCA may have the big new ride, Guardians of the Galaxy, but all the buzz is across the Esplanade at Disneyland for the return of the railroad and river. Still, there’s quit a bit going on at Disney’s California Adventure. New foods, ride rumors, and a faltering festival.

Much thanks to PhotoMatt, Dsny Debbie and Scott Attula for their help with photos this week!

Red, white and blue bunting still lines Buena Vista Street.

Five & Dime is a real treat. Have you taken the time to stop and watch them perform?



Icy Treats

The former wine booth behind Schmoozies in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot now sells shaved ice. It’s pretty good too.

Mission: Breakout!

This past week was the first time Scott Attula was able to ride Guardians of the Galaxy. He said that while he’s still not a fan of the facade, the ride itself was lots of fun. He loved the different variations in the drop sequence and random show scenes.

Which do you prefer – Guardians tower by Day or night?

Another day vs. night. The Tivan symbol reflects differently at night.

When Rocket releases the creatures, does Figment get out too?
Whaaaat…of course I escaped!

If you want to get the best view of the Rocket animatronic, it’s actually better to be in the back of the room. If you get too close, you’ll just see the top of his head.

I’ll take this…
Creatures eat the strangest things.

Time to blow this popsicle stand

Elsewhere among the Summer of Heroes we can find Black Widow


Captain America

We loved this lady and her friend whom we spotted earlier in the day on the Rivers of America. But they fit right in with Captain America.
Mid day and no one in line to find out what character they are. Folks don't really seem to be excited about the Summer of Heroes.
The Summer of Heroes Showcase plays to small audiences all day long.

Scott tried the Orange Fanta freeze and while it was refreshing, it was too sweet to finish.


We took a stroll through the newly refurbished Animation building. They mostly just replaced the carpets.  But it's still a great space to relax and get out of the heat. And we were melting on Sunday when we took these photos.

Anna and Elsa have moved back to the Animation building. We were crossing our fingers that they'd let the ladies remain in the old Millionaire building which is still decorated for Olaf's snow festival.

Beat the heat

When it's hot, you look for ways to cool down. And there's no better way to do that at DCA than the Grizzly River Run.

This little fellow stopped by to say hello.

Pixar Pier

It's hard to believe that by this time next year, this whole area will be rethemed to Pixar.  But they did the same with Tower of Terror in just a few months, so we hope they can do a good job with this one too.

We can spy a few clues from the concept art released by Disney. There's a "Pixar Pier Theater" and a Bing Bong's Confectionery.

At the D23 EXPO, Disney Parks and Resorts chairman, Bob Chapek, announced plans for Pixar Pier. The pier will take on a brand new look as more Pixar characters and stories come to life, from The Incredibles, to Inside Out to even more Toy Story.
The pad that the Maliboom once stood on is still there, complete with queue line. It could easily host a new attraction.
Will Mickey's Fun Wheel receive its 3rd retheme?
This one should require little if any change.

Disney discounts  . . .

Star Wars Land Construction

We still can't bring ourselves to call it "Galaxy's Edge," but boy oh boy is it getting BIG!

If you ever wondered what it looked like when the Matterhorn was being built, this is pretty close to it.

The southern most portion of the larger show building will be a hangar, as shown in this concept art.

Around the Resort

Does anyone know what the yellow trams are used for? They aren't bubble wrapped (no doors), so it seems unlikely they would be used for guests. Perhaps they are used for cast transport.

The old colorful tiles are in the process of being removed from the Mickey and Friends parking structure. They were a slip and fall hazard

The summer of heroes will soon come to an end. Have you had a chance yet to "Hero Up?"

Downtown Disney

Build-A-Bear, Ridemakerz, and Chapel Hats are all closing soon so that Disney can use the space for more dining options.

With Ridemakerz gone, where are you going to take your kids to teach them how not to zpell?

Wetzel's is safe, for now.





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