MiceChat’s Alain Littaye shares a rare look at Disneyland Paris during “early entry” hours with very few guests. We also get a look at the progress being made on the Ratatouille attraction now under construction at Walt Disney Studios Paris. We think you’ll like what you see. ~~Rick

Disneyland Paris Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

I have a new Disneyland Paris update for you today, and we will also have a look on the construction of the Ratatouille dark ride at the Walt Disney Studios Park.

We visit the park with new pictures from Max, DLRP Welcome webmaster. You’re going to see Disneyland Paris and the Walt Disney Studios like you’ve never seen them before, i.e totally empty, with almost NOBODY in the parks! Max woke up very early and entered Disneyland Paris at 8 a.m thanks to the “magic hours” and then went over to WDS at 8.30 a.m which was also not open yet to regular guests.

Between 8 and 9 a.m there is usually almost no one in the parks. Then at 9 a.m. hotels guests start arriving. The park opens to all other guests at 10 a.m. Between 8 And 9 a.m., the two parks looked like a ghost town! And yes, two Disney parks with almost no one inside feels a bit strange, as you will soon see.

We begin near the Disneyland Hotel entrance to the park. Note that absolutely nobody is waiting at the ticket counters to enter the park.

Main Street U.S.A. Nobody here except two guests on the right.

A closer look at the Christmas tree and garland while we’re here. Not more than fifteen people on Main Street!

Arriving on Central Plaza. Not more than ten people…
Looking toward Main Street from the castle. Really not a lot of people on Central Plaza…
…except the snowmen characters who are also waiting for the guests.
How cute are Snow Donald and Snow Daisy?!

Let’s move to Fantasyland through the castle. It’s going to be easy – there’s no one in the castle either!

Are there more people in Fantasyland? Nope, just a family who enjoy the whole land all to themselves!

Peter Pan’s Flight refurbishment is over and the ride is now open again!

Around 8:30, Max went over to the Walt Disney Studios, hoping to see more people. No such luck…

From Front Lot to Production Courtyard to Toon Studios, nobody here yet!

A little bit of refurbishment on this facade wouldn’t hurt. No big drama, though.

If seeing these parks as virtual ghost towns makes you anxious, here is another picture shot of Town Square shot by Max at 11:30 am. As you can see, everything was back to normal with hundred of guests walking towards Main Street.

Back to WDS now to have a look at the progress on the Ratatouille dark ride, scheduled to open in 2014. But first – you’ll see why it’s important – let’s have a look back at the WDI artwork showing how this small land will look when it will open. Keep the artwork in mind when you will look at the pictures below so you’ll know what will be what.

Here are the latest pictures shot by Max.

On the picture below, the left part should be the walls for the restaurant – as there will be a “Ratatouille” restaurant.

And on this next one, the walls will be the ride entrance.

As you can see below, they’re finishing the walls on the show building and starting to theme the top of the facade.

We’re not totally done yet as Max also shot some pics of the new World of Disney store which now has Christmas decorations at its entrance. And, good news, the globe on the top is now turning again.

That’s it for today’s DLP update, see you soon for a new one!

Pictures: copyright Max Fan

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  • There is truly something magic about being in the theme parks when they are empty. That clear unobstructed view of the castle is a real prize.

    The Ratatouille complex is going to be stunning. The concept art reminds me of Epcot’s France pavilion. Hmmmm. I wonder if we can expect this ride to make its way to World Showcase?

  • red barchetta

    “You’re going to see Disneyland Paris and the Walt Disney Studios like you’ve never seen them before, i.e totally empty, with almost NOBODY in the parks! ”

    I thought that was every day at Walt Disney Studios?

    • Aotphks

      Not really. The last two times I have visited, both parks there are pretty busy with visitors.
      However, when my dad was stationed in Germany back in 1992, we visited Euro Disneyland during their first winter season and I remember vividly how empty the entire park was at 3PM. So those pictures are a good indication of how bad attendance was during that first year..and this is before all these early entry gimmicks and such.

  • 2DZNY

    Great shots! Love the unobstructed views, and love that you included an outdoor shot of Crush’s Coaster. I only had one opportunity to ride it a few years back, but it truly impressed me and was my favorite attraction during my visit. Looks like the new Ratatouille attraction is cut from a similar, amazing mold. Too bad the folks in Orlando can’t put something like this together!

  • danielz6

    Rattatoulle should be in Epcot not it Paris! Why build a mini Paris land in Paris!? That was part of the folly of CA adventure, nobody wanted to be in California then go to a theme park representing a mini California when the real thing was right outside! Uggh does Disney ever learn? That would be like putting the American experience in boston or new orleans square in new orleans! Totally redundant. Why not put the awaited star wars land or Indiana Jones ride there? Or how about adding the submarine ride or journey to the center of the earth to finish their never completed tomorrowland? Or western river expedition? It’ll be a great attraction but why put it in Paris where its redundant? I don’t get it.