Welcome back to another hot and sticky week at the Disneyland Resort. This was the final weekend of Saturday blockout dates for Deluxe passes as the summer winds down. But it should still feel like summer for a while longer, as the hot and humid weather remains in our forecast. With that coming, it’s a good time to slow down and enjoy the details of Disneyland, particularly on the new stretch of river.



We’ve been covering the new Rivers of America renovations for the last couple of weeks. Now let’s turn our eye on the little details around the river. How many have you noticed?


Some of the animals look pretty good from a distance, but most have no fur and are painted with a semi-gloss paint, making them not overly realistic looking at closer range.

The horse has a realistic tail and mane, but an almost plastic looking body.
Have you spotted this beaver? He’s holding sticks to take to his dam.
View of Indian village from train

New waterfalls on left side of train

When the water is running, it hides an important cave . . .
This is the Fantasmic float storage area, usually obscured by waterfalls.

Beautiful rock and bridge work and a view of the railroad’s first left hand turn in Disneyland history.

Have you seen Disneyland’s new dragons?

Bearded Dragon lizards that is.


According to a train conductor, the dog house is for Nik’s dog but all I hear when I see Indiana is “We named the dog Indiana” Henry Jones Sr.

You’re being hunted

This Mountain Lion is easy to miss. Listen for the roar as you pass by.
The logo on that lamp appears to be for the departed Big Thunder Ranch.
Another detail shot with attempts to simulate fur


concrete or not, this little doe is adorable.

The murderer beaver has fur too.

The beaver we showed you earlier was solid as a rock. But the adorable animatronic premeditated murder beaver has fur.

No fur on the lions on the river


This effect is not as bright as it was and the birds are harder to see

Did you catch the lightning strike

The Pterodactyls fly around in the background behind the waterfall
Lava flows out of volcano. It’s impressive.



Does the swoosh on the “W” look familiar? It’s speculated that this carriage was purchased by Disney from Knott’s Berry Farm during their recent sale. The swoosh is reminiscent of the “K” in the Knott’s logo.

Paging Tony Baxter . . . The box on the wagon is addressed to “Jason Chandler” who is a character from the never built Discovery Bay project that Tony worked so hard on. Discovery Bay was to have been built on the very area where Star Wars land is being developed today. It’s a neat tribute that very few people will ever understand . . . but Tony Baxter will, and so will you!

As you head down to the Star Wars land entry tunnel on Big Thunder Trail, you’ll find a post office that looks like it could have been lifted straight out of a ghost town.

The landscape behind the post office looks like a pack mule trail from the earliest days of Disneyland’s Frontierland.

Main Street USA

Let’s take a horse-drawn trolley ride on Main Street USA. It feels like a special treat every time you get the chance to do it.

Crowds were mild in the morning this weekend but by midday, they grew to fairly moderate across the resort.

Since it’s been so hot lately, a popular spot to stop has been the Opera House, which probably has the best A/C in all of Disneyland. Stop by and see ‘ol Abe, who’s as spry and realistic as ever!

Quite a few people came out for some good old fashioned Americana.
Lincoln tends to be the most advanced, intricate, and detailed humanoid animatronic at the resort.
New Orleans Square


The trees haven’t grown in enough to hide the parking structure in the distance. But it looks like they’ll eventually be up to the task.

Scott Attula always loves taking photos of the details at on the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean . . . and this week’s heat was a good excuse to visit these air conditioned attractions.


Decided to edit our favorite bloodthirsty bride a little differently this week to bring out some of her features. Hard to do because she’s mostly a projection.

Meanwhile, in the bayou . . .

Pirates has one of the most intricately themed loading areas in any Disney ride.

I’ve been aiming for this shot for months and finally got it!

We’ve only got a short time before Pirates closes to make way for this Redhead’s transformation.

Check out that auction sign behind her, I never really noticed it before!

A strange occurrence, one of the musical pirates is missing and was replaced by a barrel.

The barrel is trying its best to play his accordion.
If you look closely, you can see the metal rod sticking out of the top of the stack of hats on the pirate’s head. So that’s how he keeps from dropping them all.

We haven’t taken a good look at the details on the castle in a few months and it seems that the same issues are plaguing the roofs since January.

The golden finial at the top of the gemstone roof is all out of whack.
Dents, pealing and rust. . . all on one roof.
Cracked walls on the castle stucco.

Main Street Electrical Parade Farewell

And don’t forget that the Main Street Electrical Parade is glowing away once again after August 20th. This parade seems to have more than nine lives . . .  and we sure hope to see it return for holidays and special engagements in the future.

I can’t be the only one who calls this the “bacon float.”

The Main Street Electrical Parade will be glowing away after this weekend, so get your final viewings in now. To satiate your nighttime parade needs, Paint the Night will soon be moving over to Disney California Adventure – more on that story soon.






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Well folks, that wraps up this Monday update. We hope you enjoyed it.  Today’s update was shot and assembled by DsnyDebbie with additional photos from Scott Attula and background research and commentary from Dusty Sage.

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