Technology has been rapidly advancing over the last several years. Completely changing how we vacation as well as how we go about our daily lives.

Cell phones, RFID, virtual queues, augmented reality, virtual reality, and so many other kinds of tools are redefining how a day is spent. Innovation pushes the themed entertainment industry forward. It provides new avenues for creativity and opens the doorway to possibilities for the audience.

People who have that drive to keep pushing technological boundaries in innovative ways provide some of the most interesting Season Pass Podcast interviews. One of the best places to find those talented minds is the TEA Summit!  The TEA Summit brings together so many great people with interesting backgrounds that provide their own unique in depth perspective on what’s happening in the industry and our world. This year was no different with individuals such as the one and only Nolan Bushnell!

Nolan Bushnell has always been a pioneer behind pushing entertainment forward and has always had a love for it. From creating his own home zip-line to working at a local theme park early in his life, and even to applied for a position at Walt Disney Imagineering. He always has been inspired by the themed entertainment industry.

A revolutionary in video games with the creation of Atari, and dining experiences with the inception of Chuck E. Cheese; those two projects alone (among many other great things he has done) not only redefined industries, but also has defined aspects of our culture too.

Now he has co-founded a brand new company called Modal VR. They are working with a “Spatial Immersion Platform” in the virtual reality space. This VR method can be used in large environments with larger amounts of people.

All the possible solutions and ideas that Nolan talks about in this episode make me so intrigued to see what Modal VR has in store. Virtual Reality has so many applications and possible scenarios and Nolan really wants to push it forward. It is so great to hear how he has thought of so many aspects of these kinds of experiences and how he wants to solve the common roadblocks that it has in some areas.

His passion and determination for “world dominance” in the entertainment industry is clear and evident. I think that his inventive and entrepreneurial minded background will help him make some great innovations for years to come with projects like this and a few others that he teases in the episode.

Stay tuned even more exciting content as we approach Halloween and the 10th anniversary of the Season Pass!

As always, the links to the episode are below. Enjoy!