Presto chango! The seasons change in the wink of an eye. While most parks wait until after Labor Day to end their summer season, Disneyland essentially ended theirs last night with the closing of the Electrical Parade and the start of some big refurbishments today.  Halloween is the next big thing on the calendar at the Disneyland Resort and you can now find the kooky (and not so spooky) 2017 merchandise on the shelves.

With many kids back in school already, but many annual passes still blocked out, Disneyland was enjoyably uncrowded for much of last week.

Reasonable waits for a Friday afternoon.
The Main Street vehicles take on an extra charm when there aren’t hundreds of people crammed in the street.

Electrical Parade Glows Away AGAIN

It’s never easy to say goodbye to an old friend . . . after all too short (yet extended) a run, the Electrical Parade is headed back into mothballs. Sadly, this also marks the end of Disneyland nighttime parades for a while. Paint the Night will not be returning to Disneyland but will instead move to Disney California Adventure (perhaps as soon as later this year). Disneyland will continue to run Fireworks and Fantasmic on weekends and Soundsational parade during the day. But buyer beware – that makes weekdays this fall a full priced way to get less magic from Disney. No nighttime parade at all and no nighttime spectaculars or fireworks Monday through Thursday.

Let’s take one last look at a sparkly old friend . . .

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Disneyland proudly presents our spectacular festival pageant of nighttime magic and imagination in thousands of sparkling lights and electro-synthe-magnetic musical sounds. The Main Street Electrical Parade!

This parade was insanely popular throughout its run!

Enjoy this final night video from Dsny Debbie. We think you’ll like the unique view:

Will this beloved parade wink out forever? Or will we see it eventually return to Disneyland or one of the other Disney parks? It’s too soon to know for sure. But any parade drawing the kind of crowds this one has at least has the opportunity for further adventures.  Personally, I’d like to see this parade get a budget for regular updates and ongoing runs during the busy seasons.  It would be neat to see a new unit added every year or so and a rolling modernization of the parade as had been done periodically during its initial Disneyland run.  All sorts of units have been swapped in and out of the parade over the years, including Pete’s Dragon and even an ill fated Return to Oz float (which caught fire and was destroyed). So, could the Main Street Electrical Parade return? Or is it lights out forever???  We’d love to hear what you think about the parade. Would you like it to return? And if so, do you want it to be updated or remain as classic as possible?  Or perhaps you’d like to see it shipped to Walt Disney World or another Disney park. Let us know in the comments below

Main Street USA

If you’re looking to cool off at the Main Street Cinema, you’ll be disappointed to hear that it will be down for refurbishment as of today for about a month. The Little Red Wagon Corn Dog Cart will also go down today for about two weeks. You’ll also find Halloween making a very early debut this year with merchandise and treats already in the shops on Main Street.

It’s almost time for the spooky season folks. What do you think of the new designs?

Stop by the Candy Palace and get some Halloween candy, it’s already available!

Starbucks on Main Street has a new Disneyland mug. It’s Fantasyland themed:

New mug on the left, old one on the right.

The Disneyland Railroad remains one of the most popular rides in the park. Of course, it doesn’t help that the trains have been plagued with operational issues since their return. It is common for Railroad operation to run with just one or two trains for much of the day, resulting in long waits at all four stations.

New Orleans Square

Over in New Orleans Square, Haunted Mansion will go down for its annual Holiday overlay next Monday, August 28th. Catch it in classic mode until then!

Ooohhh ghost stairs!

This was an odd glitch on the Hatbox Ghost. His face was scaled wrong and it was purple!

Tom Sawyer’s Island has been very popular since its return this summer.

Listen well, me hearties, leave this cursed treasure alone!
Anyone ever notice that this workshop apparently belongs to a young William Turner?



Thunder Mountain had a quick refurbishment this week. Considering the week prior we saw that it was often down and/or evacuating, it probably needed a quick fix.

Take a close look at that shipping tag. Barnabas T. Bullion aka the owner of Big Thunder Mining Company!

While I appreciate the work that went into Big Thunder Trail’s remodel, I couldn’t help but laugh when I spotted this outlet this week. I call this one “outlet of the wild”

Doesn’t look like they even tried to cover it up or hide it in any way



There’s no place like Tarzan’s Treehouse to check out what’s going on in Adventureland and beyond. Up here we can see the beginning of the River Belle Terrace refurbishment. When the restaurant actually goes down, the dining room will be remodeled to finally remove the old quick serve queue lines and allow for more seating.

I love heading up the Tarzan Treehouse around sunset. You get quite the view from up here. . .

New Orleans Square of course.

And even all the way out towards Matterhorn.

I think I’ve had this weird fixation with photographing Matterhorn lately, it just seems to be so photogenic from all over the park!

Critter Country

The Davey Crockett canoes now finally have a permanent exit gate. No longer will they need to use planters to block the exit after they’ve closed.

Brian spotted some interesting merch over at the Briar Patch, have a look.

These almost look retro in a way, nice!


As of today, you’ll find a closed Space Mountain as it prepares for its annual Ghost Galaxy overlay. That really exposes the problems with the current Tomorrowland and its mishmash of themes and inconsistent mix of attractions. Star Tours is great (and will be getting another update this winter), but Buzz Lightyear is feeling tired and beat up and no one is attending the Path of the Jedi or the Launch Bay. The Subs feel more like a Fantasyland attraction and the Autopia continues to belch fumes with its inefficient and not at all futuristic lawnmower engines. Tomorrowland needs a complete overhaul. Help us Imagineering . . . you’re our only hope.


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Well folks, that wraps up this Monday update. We hope you enjoyed it. Today’s update was shot and assembled by Scott Attula with additional photos from Brian Pinsky, Dsny Debbie, and Dusty Sage.

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