Disneyland is preparing to show its “not-so-scary” face as summer comes to an end and Halloween creeps in. Major attractions have closed to prepare holiday overlays and new merchandise is now on store shelves. Unfortunately, some maintenance problems are also lingering. Let’s take a look at the new boos . . . good and bad.

Holloween Continues to Creeps In


The major Halloween decorations aren’t out yet, there’s one last summer holiday weekend. But once Labor Day is over, you’ll starting seeing a lot more orange and yellow bunting throughout Main Street. Over at the Magic Kingdom in Florida, they are ALREADY doing their Halloween parties. Now that is scary! ūüėČ

… But Halloween future is already starting to take shape.

Ghosts are invading the galaxy

Space Mountain is already down for a lengthy 4-week refurbishment. In previous years, Space required 4 days or less for the Halloween install. Hopefully, the attraction is receiving a little love, as the lighting and projections were due for some upgrades. But would it be too much to hope for an upgraded version of Ghost Galaxy this year?

Haunted Mansion closed last night to begin its holiday install. Let’s see how Jack will wreck the halls this year.

Both Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion Holiday will return on Friday, September 15th. But will this be the last year for these two Halloween overlays as Disneyland tries to get guests to shift their attention to DCA? Once Star Wars land opens, Disneyland is going to be packed daily for quite some time. They won’t need gimmicks like Halloween and Christmas to fill the park. But DCA has plenty of room for extra guests.¬† So that begs the question, what’s going to happen with holiday overlays such as Nightmare Before Christmas, Ghost Galaxy, Small World Holiday and Jingle Cruise? Just the tip of the iceberg in operational changes which may be coming to Disneyland in the wake of their largest and most highly anticipated expansion ever. I doubt it, the seasonal offerings are just too popular for Disney to let them sit in mothballs, but time will only tell.

Disney has added umbrellas to the exterior queue. They are unthemed and randomly scattered.

As every day passes more Halloween pops into shop windows and displays across the resort.

This pumpkin display has appeared outside Pioneer Mercantile in Frontierland

Over at the Emporium, all the bi-coastal merchandise has been placed on display.

I like the reimagined look of the characters this year in the merchandise.  Hopefully, the characters in the park will take on the same look this Halloween.

There are new pins this year as well . . .

Dark Splash Continues


A few weeks ago we showed you that Splash Moutain has been having some major lighting problems. Both exterior and interior lighting is out all over the attraction and some of the Animatronic figures are also nonfunctional. So let’s take a ride through this week to see just how dark this “dark ride” is getting.

Entering the show building the Geese are almost all in the dark.

Half of light background wall.

I think that is a turtle next to Be’er Rabit but I’m not sure… since it’s in the dark!
Br’er Rabbit on the Push Cart is not working and also in the dark

After the second drop into the laughing place…

Hit or miss lighting on the fountain area.
Broken fountain, missing figure
Dog on a row boat spinning in the middle of the dark room
There are 3 animals in this shot but you can only barely see the turkey

To their credit, after the third drop Disney has restored the lighting over the boat but the rest of the show scene is still in the dark. Also, the Pig playing the organ is missing.

Blue Bird Figure is not working

Can barely see what’s got Brier Fox’s tail

Splash Mountain is one of the signature attractions of the park and one of Disney’s all time great rides. It’s really unacceptable that it continues to operate in such a substandard condition week after week.

There’s an attraction somewhere in this photo.


Parade Route Pot Holes


Disneyland feels a little more empty in the evenings now that the Electrical Parade has ended its run. After the Halloween parade traverses the park this year, Disneyland will be without a nightly parade for a long time. Paint the night is moving to DCA and Halloween parties (and parade) will move to DCA next year as well. But it’s not all bad, as you can navigate the park a little easier in the evening now.

With emptier streets, the Main Street vehicles can now travel the street in the evening.

Wide open spaces. No benches, ropes, or people waiting for a parade

Now let’s talk about those pot holes… If you walk down Main street you can see a lot of cracked and patched pavement. It just feels messy. Hopefully, after the holiday season, Main Street can get a full repaving with both the daytime and nighttime parades being down.

Over in Fantasyland, the ground at small world mall is also a crack and patch mess.


Not as classy as you’d expect from Disney.
Fantasmic Crowds Roars!


As Fantasmic 2.0 moves to weekend only showings, crowds still crush around the New Orleans Square to view the new version of Fantasmic. At about 5:30 pm ropes began to be set up. Guests are allowed to sit and wait for the show in advance in the non-ticketed areas:

  • 2 Hours allowed along the upper walkways of the New Orleans stadium – to the right of the Pirates Entrance to the churro cart (just keep on the red bricks of the¬†upper section or¬†close to the railing on the level walkway section)
  • 1 Hour allowed on the lower area on Stage Right (left as you face the stage) behind the Raft Dock to the Harbour Galley ( the old smoking section is used as disabled viewing zone and is off limits to the standby waiting section. Disabled guests can enter their viewing zone a 2-Hours prior to the show)

If you are traversing the West Side of the park between the hours of 6 to 8pm (before the first show of the night) be prepared to be stuck in gridlocked traffic as the area is roped off and most of the walkways are reduced significantly.

My recommendation¬†is to stay out of the area during Fantasmic unless you want to feel like cattle…Moo!

Fantasmic and fireworks are switching to an off-season schedule of weekend performances only. While that’s sad news for weekday visitors, it does mean that the park will be less crowded and you’ll likely be able to make weeknight riverboat cruises (which are all too rare these days).



Main Street

The Little Red Wagon Corn Dog Cart is under refurbishment. The construction fence runs along the walkway to the side of Plaza Inn all the way back to the cast member gate and into the back entrance of Plaza Inn.

This week is forecast to be very hot in the parks (hovering near 100¬ļ for much of the week ahead). When the temp rises outside, we start looking at the things you can do inside. Let’s take a dive into some air condition in the Disney Galley on Main Street.

Inside the viewing area, The Train display is still up but it should be getting replaced soon.

I love going to Walt’s Barn at Giffin Park, have you been there? It’s open to the public the 3rd Sunday of every month.

Have you seen the pocket watch on the new train route? (It appears to be a functioning watch as the hands move). We won’t tell you exactly where it is. It’s a fun little easter egg for you to keep an eye out for.

Over inside Disneyana some of the theme park merchandise that was on sale at the D23 Expo is still available.


Epcot Merchandise without taking a Florida Vacation, yes, please! Epcot is my favorite park in Florida.


Over at it’s a small world, you can see how smoke from the train has damaged the gold paint on the decorative bridge the train passes under.

Also, maybe Disney can hide this projector better… or even give it a matching paint job.

That projector is so big that it looks like an air conditioning unit


Looks like ToonTown is in need of a toon-up in a few places.

This attraction requires Guests to navigate narrow, winding stairs. Very few guests make the trip.

The real shame is the abandoned Ball Pit behind the tree house. We understand that the ball pits aren’t hygienic by today’s standards. But they’ve had years to figure out what to do with this space and it still sits derelict.

Some of the fences are starting to rust and are staining the concrete as well.

Over at Minnie’s House, she now meets guests outside the front door with the queue waiting on the Handicap ramp.

Her house is still open though, you just have to enter through the back door.

It’s the back side of Minnie

Over at Donald’s Boat, some work has been down to clean up the grime, but it still looks TERRIBLE.

Disney has filled these pot holes but did not match the color scheme

Star Wars will be very visible from inside ToonTown, hopefully, some tree cover can fix that.

Star Wars Land

HVAC is being installed on the roof of the Battle Escape attraction.

The Loading Bay is starting to take shape on Battle Escape

The top of the Mountain Range was installed last week. We are now under 2 year until opening.

At night it looks like work lights have been installed in part of the attraction.

The mountain peak has a light on it as well, though it is likely temporary.

New Orleans Square

The Train has been having issues a lot lately. The night I shot this update we waited for the trains went down for a good 35 minutes due to the train signaling system being down. Most of the time was used to restart the computer and that took about 25 minutes.

Over at French Market Disney has added a new planter to divide the extended seating area from the walkway.


On the monorail, seats, and walls are clearly in need of refurbishment.





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