Happy Labor Day everyone! Normally, this is a big day for theme parks in Southern California, but unusually hot weather has chased the crowds out of the parks. If you are at Disneyland today, we’ve got a few tips for you to keep cool. We also have the latest updates from the park, which is rapidly getting ready for Halloween!

How to Beat the Heat at Disneyland

We’ve all been there at one time or another, it’s a hot day at the theme park, you are sweating and having a hard time finding shade. You might not be properly hydrating yourself. You start to get that nauseous feeling . . . the heat has you in its grip. It’s actually a serious thing. Many guests push themselves or their families too far at the parks and end up suffering for it.

I’m at the parks all the time, I’m there when it’s hot, I’m there when it’s cold, I’m there when it rains, and I’ve learned a few things that I’d like to share. Many of them have to do with attractions or spaces which often get overlooked on a normal day.

The Opera House on Main Street USA isn’t just a pretty building, it houses some patriotic and Disneyland focused exhibits. . . but it also has GREAT air conditioning! While you are there, you can watch Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln or sit in the lobby and catch a video with Steve Martin and Donald Duck about the history of Disneyland. If you take your time looking at the exhibit in the lobby, watch the Steve Martin video and then see Great Moments with Abraham Lincoln, you can spend the better part of an hour in this building!

The Cinema on Main Street is also a good place to duck out of the heat. It’s dark, cool, and a great space to relax. But there are no seats here, so unless you want to sit on the floor, you probably won’t stay long in this location.

The Plaza Inn has indoor seating if you can find a spot.

Shopping is always a good way to cool down quickly. No lines and you can decide how long to spend or when it’s time to move on.

Ice Cream might just be what you are looking for as well.


Disney will provide you with free ice water at the restaurants. If you just ask for water, they’ll give you a small cup . . .

But if you ask nicely for a large, they are often happy to do that for you, especially on a hot day.

At Rancho del Zocalo you can get it for yourself. The cup and ice are inside and the water is outside.

Golden Horseshoe has food, ice cream and air conditioning . . . and be sure to stay for the show! This is another good spot to linger for a bit if you need time to sit and recover from the heat. This isn’t just a restaurant, it’s an entertainment location, so it’s OK for you to sit down for a while whether you are purchasing something or not!

The band was playing out on the balcony when I swung by for this photo shoot

Mickey and the Magical Map is one of my favorite shows. While it’s technically outside, it is fully shaded . . . which is a lot better than walking around in the sun. Sit a spell and relax!!!

Earlier in the week, Dusty posted about the heat and asked folks on Facebook to list their favorite way to beat the heat.  Other than “don’t go,” the Tiki Room was a top pick. I have to agree . . .

Not only is the Tiki Room a fun show and vintage Disneyland, it’s also a great opportunity to get a Dole Whip and eat it while you are watching the show.

If you are a Star Wars fan (and a lot of you are) spend some time hanging out in the Launch Bay. While you are waiting in line to meet Darth Vader or Chewbacca, you are getting yourself out of the heat. Take the time to linger and look at the displays. There’s a lot to see here, and it’s all out of the sun!


Here’s a new tip . . .

Adventureland recently reconfigured some of the shops to serve as covered seating for Bengal Barbecue and for the fruit cart which was previously located near the exit of the Jungle Cruise. There’s air conditioning here and quite a few new tables. It’s good to keep areas like this in mind for those moments when you just feel like you need to take a break. Of if the kids want to go ride Indy and you need to relax.

Of course there are many other ways to beat the heat. We’d love to hear your ideas, particularly the ones which don’t involve waiting in a long line (when you feel like you might pass out if you don’t get out of the sun, waiting 30 minutes for the Haunted Mansion probably isn’t the best way to find air conditioning).  Interested in your tips. We’ve certainly needed to use some of these techniques for ourselves this past week just to bring you this holiday update.

Park Updates

Looks like Dynamite the goat got a touch up.  He is much fluffier and his head and tail move as he tries to follow the train as it goes around him.

It seems much brighter to me inside the blasting tunnel on Big Thunder. Danger! Keep Out!

The Disneyland Railroad just reopened in July, but the plants are starting to really take off. So much so that the baby fox in the log is barely visible.

Ghost Galaxy is on the way . . .

Space Mountain is closed for refurbishment and to install Ghost Galaxy.

September 15th is the date the Halloween attractions are set to open.  That’s just a little over a week away. The seasons change quick in these parts. It may still feel like summer to you, but the theme parks can’t make the switch to Halloween quick enough these days. They are already doing Mickey’s Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom in Florida! What’s the earliest date that you are comfortable with Disneyland celebrating Halloween?

Haunted Mansion is closed for the annual installation of the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay
To see how Jack has wrecked the halls, kindly drag your bodies back to the park beginning September 15th

New AP popcorn buckets are out . . .

These aren’t new . . . but they are new to me. Since I don’t Fastpass the Matterhorn, I never noticed all the work that went into the new-ish Fastpass machines here.  Indulge me for a moment as I share a few shots . . .


Force Friday

Did you feel it on Friday? Did the Force tug at your wallet and make you buy Star Wars merchandise? Suzanne Lee stopped by the shops in Tomorrowland to check it out for us. One word: Porg


The red and Porg nametags are AP exclusive. The other two Open Edition.

So, did you “Resist” the new merchandise or did you go full Porg?
The Porg look like flying puppies to me.

PIN-GO Returns

The card is available at select locations at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World. You collect stamps by buying pins. When you get 5 in a row (or diagonal) you can redeem your card for a “Surprise Pin”.

Run Disney – Super Hot

Are you a Run Disney person? The Pixar Half Marathon was this past weekend and it was a real challenge from all accounts . . . mostly due to a race “Red Alert” due to heat and humidity. But it certainly was a real accomplishment for all who finished.

Thank you Katrina H for sharing your Double Dare medals with us

Did you visit the parks this past week? How did you beat the heat?

Well folks, that wraps up this holiday update. We hope you enjoyed it and that you are having a great Labor Day. Today’s update was shot and assembled by Dsny Debbie with photo support from Suzanne Lee.

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It was so hot this week that Mickey melted!  –   Artist Richie Velazquez on Tumblr