When carburetors creek and Catalytic Converter quake, cars come out for a swinging wake. Creepy cars materialize and begin to swerve and glide, grim grinning gears come out to socialize!

Yes, it’s Halloween in Cars Land folks, and so far it’s glorious!!! They’ve only just begun to install all the amazingly detailed decorations and we couldn’t be happier. This is one of the most fun overlays Disney has done and we can’t wait to see what they do to the attractions by September 15th.

You’ll notice the Halloween theme is creeping into Disney California Adventure the moment you arrive. The first stage of the entry decorations has been installed. They were still working on the bigger pieces when we took these photos.

It will soon look like this:

Buena Vista Street Halloween

DCA’s opening act is getting into the Halloween spirit this year. In addition to all that Halloween bunting and merchandise, we’ll find a Headless Horseman and decorations on Carthay Circle as well.

Here’s the concept art:

Monsters After Dark

Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout will have a nighttime Halloween overlay this year called Monsters After Dark. The story of the attraction takes place in the moments following the conclusion of the daytime version of Mission Breakout. It seems that after the Guardians break out of the tower, Groot gets left behind. In the new story, you’ll follow Rocket back into the tower to save his friend from the now thousands of Monsters running amok throughout the building.  Sounds like fun . . . and like EVERYONE will be waiting until after dark to ride!!

Lighting tests have been spotted on the exterior of the building after hours . . . likely for use during the upcoming Halloween season.

But there’s a lot more Halloween coming to DCA this year . . .


Something kooky is getting into Cars Land this year as Radiator Screams gets a punny Halloween overlay. Let’s take a look at the cobwebs, cones, and spoooooooky decor in Cars Land . . .

The Cozy Cones are decorated as ghosts or are they cone-o-lanterns?!

The cones in the garland have been carved like pumpkins!

We might even get to see Mater dressed in his vampire outfit!

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree will transform into Mater’s Graveyard JamBOOree. Ooooooooh. We likey.

The concept art. Look at those adorable bat wings

Cobwebs made out of chains. . .

Flo’s is still in transition, but the concept art is amazing!

You can buy “Boo-venirs” here.

This is just awesome!

Luigi’s will become “Honkin Haul-O-Ween” with all new songs as well. Disney promises haunted versions of classic Italian festival songs with names like “Terror-antella” and “The Chop Top of Carsoli.”

Orange and yellow lights have been strung up at Luigi’s

And here’s the concept art version of how the tire tower will look when complete:

Even the hoods in the windows at Ramone’s House of Body Art have been updated.

We’ll keep an eye on the Halloween progress and bring you more photos shortly.



On Monday I shared my tips for staying cool at Disneyland. Today I take a look at the slightly more difficult task of beating the heat at DCA.

Let’s start with the dough. Take the Boudin tour and get a free bread sample.

It’s not much of an attractions, but there’s air conditioning and even some tables where you can sit and take a break.

Have a cool drink in Carthay lounge or bar.

Ice Cream is a cool treat and there are many choices in DCA

But this shaved ice in the Backlot behind Schmoozies is really a great snack.

Cool mist fans in the Radiator Springs Racers line.

And Plaza Gardens dinning area has fans without misters, but they do have some great shade options.

Go see a show. There are quite a few.

The Summer of Heroes movie isn’t the best, but there’s air conditioning and comfy seats. Almost enough reason to go in there. But I miss the Muppets.

If you time this one right, you can have a full hour seated inside watching “Frozen” as you cool yourself down. But if you get there too early, you’ll find yourself trapped on that giant patio out in the sun. Beware the Frozen trap.

The Animation building is an excellent spot to get out of the sun and into the fun . . .

Enjoy the bugs land fountains while you can. If the rumors hold out, this area could be going away soon to make way for Marvel.

Shade by the water . . . this one is a little trickier.  Some umbrellas and seating have been added near the Fun Wheel in Paradise Pier (soon to be Pixar Pier).  If you catch this spot when the sun is directly above, you can find some spots with good shade.


Goofy’s Sky School is closed for refurbishment, and it’s a long one too. The ride closed on August 21st and will be down through December 18th.

Meanwhile, on one of the hottest days of the year, we found Grizzly River Rapids closed and drained as well.  The ride closed on the 4th but is scheduled to reopen tomorrow (September 8th).

Chip and Dale play games with kids in front of the closed Grizzly River Rapids



Wait times for Guardians of the Galaxy at 1pm on Thursday was posted at 45 minutes. But there was hardly anyone in the exterior line.
The Cove Bar also had at least a 45 minute wait! Is this bar the new most popular attraction in the park? What’s the appeal to waiting this long for a drink?

The new fans at TSMM are already dirty and dusty like a real midway.



Let’s jump ship for a moment at take a look at a construction site far, far away . . .

This project is really moving along. The Battle Escape (First Order) ride is absolutely massive.  But we won’t have these views for too much longer. Walls will start going up on these buildings soon.


Splitzville, the bowling alley famous for their sushi, is making some rapid progress. I need a size 7 shoe and a side of wasabi please!

Star Wars Merchandise has landed in Downtown Disney. Some of it is exclusive to the Disney Parks.



Star Wars bubbles!
Porg mugs! How many of your grew up with owl mugs that looked very much like these in the 70’s?


The menu changed recently at White Water Snacks, and now includes this pretty decent rice bowl.

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Well folks, that’s our Disney California Adventure update for this week. We hope you enjoyed it and that you are as excited about Halloween in Cars Land as we are. Today’s update was shot and assembled by Dsny Debbie with photo support from Scott Attula.

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