Welcome back to Knott’s Berry Spooky Farm. The Farm’s busy season is here, the Fan favorite hard-ticketed begins tonight, Knott’s Scary Farm. Although I am far too chicken of the “Scary” Farm myself, Dusty and company will have a review on MiceChat tomorrow!

Yea…not for me… But regular park reporting . . . I can do that job…

Knott’s is hosting the Scary Farm for 25 nights this year.

Ghost Town Alive No More

The popular Ghost Town Alive campaign has packed up for the season and the citizens are looking forward to returning next year for another fun-filled Summer.

Moving on to the Scary Farm News…

Knott’s Spooky Farm


It’s not all guts and gore at the park this time of year. It may be Scary Farm by night . . . but it’s a family friendly Spooky Farm by day, September 30th through October 31st. The event is sponsored by The Hershey Company. Children 3 to 11 years-old can trick-or-treat with all the shopkeepers in Ghost Town. Also new this year, Stanley Scarecrow has opened the Livery Stable for guests to meet with the Creepy Critters of Calico.

Over in Camp Snoopy, the Grand Sierra Railroad takes riders on A Trip To Camp Spooky. Then over at the Camp Snoopy Theatre guests can show off their best Halloween costume at the Peanuts Costume Contest followed by the Peanuts Dance Party. Additionally, families can watch the Peanuts Gang in The Monsters Are Coming, Charlie Brown where they’ll have guests of all ages singing along to classic Halloween tunes.

In Fiesta Village, join the Dia de Los Muertos Celebration in the Fiesta Stage area for an interactive, non-scary, educational celebration of the season. The area offers photo ops, educational activities, and a face painting stand. Knott’s Ghastly Gallery in the Boardwalk Ballroom has a slate of entertaining activities including a live show.

Timber Mountain Log Ride: Halloween Hootenanny

Moving on to the jewel of Knott’s Berry Farm, Timber Mountain Log Ride . . . which has received a family friendly overlay this Halloween season!

Timber Mountain Log Ride: Halloween Hootenanny will entertain guests both during the day and night in the fog. The attraction features a new song performed by Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies. This promises to be a real hoot and we’ll have full coverage of it for you soon.

We caught park maintenance adding some of the final touches to the attraction a few days ago.

Other elements of the overlay were released by Knott’s as concept art.

Scary Farm News


This year Knott’s is Featuring 13 Houses. We’ll be back again tomorrow with our review of this year’s event . . . which opens TONIGHT! .

The Hanging

The Calico Stage has been prepped for The Hanging: Fake Noose.

Elvira: Going Out With A Bang!

But we can’t forget the Queen herself . . . especially in this her FINAL year of performances at Knott’s Scary Farm.

To help promote the show, banners and posters have been placed around the theater.


Moving to the back of the Boardwalk, Knott’s is hard at work on a brand new coaster that will be filling in the huge plot of land left by Boomerang. HangTime is the first Hanging Dive Coaster on the West Coast.

The new coaster will tower 150 feet over the park and features a 96-degree drop (the steepest drop in California). After a near vertical ascent, riders will “hang” for nearly 2 seconds facing straight down at the ground until the ride plunges them into a  beyond-vertical drop. Across 2,198 feet of steel track, riders will experience five gravity-defying inversions, a negative-g stall loop, and dive below the pier on two occasions. The new Coaster is expected to open Summer 2018.

Here’s what it will look like by day . . .

And at night it will receive a special lighting treatment which allows the lights to chase the trains!

You can see our full report on HangTime, HERE.

In the last couple of weeks we have seen the construction walls backed off the main walkway. There is some newly poured cement in the area as well.

They are just about ready to install the first footers.

Further down the construction site, the Sky Cabin is still closed from the incident last year. Knott’s IS planning to reopen the attraction, but we don’t know when that’s going to be.

Around the Farm

Halloween everywhere!

Ghost Town

At the park entrance, pumpkin heads top the posts of the canopy.

And throughout Ghost Town:

Down Main Street, the Halloween decorations are everywhere.

Overhead netting helps darken the area even more during Scary Farm nights

Along the walkway to Fiesta Village are some pretty scary looking figures…


On the pathway between the Calico Mine and the Log Ride you’ll find creepy pumpkins on the light fixtures.At Big Foot Rapids, these grim reapers cover the light poles.

Rumors are starting to circulate that Big Foot Rapids maybe receiving a major upgrade and theme enhancements during its refurbishment after the Holidays. Improvements are always welcomed.

I wonder if during the refurbishment there is some way to hide the Pony Express track? Theme continuity is needed in this little corner of the park.
Clever new sign painted onto the back of the Beverage Station across from Big Foot Rapids

Fiesta Village

Fiesta Village is getting into the Spooky Farm game with educational interactive child-friendly experience by day and a full scare zone at night.

There are a few coasters down for refurbishment at the moment. Montezooma’s Revenge is getting its mechanics refurbished and should be ready to launch very soon.

Camp Snoopy

Camp Snoopy can’t let itself get too scary during the day, as this is where most of the child-friendly attractions are. But there are hints at Scary Farm even here. As you can see, tree stumps have been placed around the area that scare actors can climb into at night when this entire area becomes a huge scare zone which features the Headless Horseman!

Linus is ready for the Great Pumpkin’s arrival.

Peanuts Gang in The Monsters Are Coming, Charlie Brown has already begun to play in the Camp Theater.


Xcelerator is also down for refurbishment with no known return date yet, but it shouldn’t be down too much longer.

Around the Boardwalk area, the Halloween decorations are spot on with the Old Fashion Circus posters and Clown Heads.

A face only a mother could love.

Lots and lots of fake balloons…

Also in the area . . . there are some monkey’s on top of some of the lamps!

Over at the Charleston Fountain:

Gargoyles have taken over!


Hey Ladies, don’t look behind you…

And that’s our look at the park by day . . . You’ll have to check back tomorrow for what Knott’s has scared up for you by night!!!