Happy Halloween Time from Disneyland! While the official events and attraction overlays don’t launch until this Friday the 15th, things already look quite festive. Today’s update takes us down Main Street USA and into a world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy. . . oh, and Star Wars, there’s a whole lot of that going on too.

Disneyland Getting Goofy

Orange bunting and silly pumpkins dot Disneyland’s Main Street USA. For the most part, things look just as they did last year. However, the big Mickey Pumpkin in Town Square and the giant character pumpkins over the Disneyland turnstiles have yet to make an appearance.

Editors note: As of the day of this publishing, the large Mickey Pumpkin has returned to Town Square.

The windows at Starbucks are a bit of an anomaly. Unlike the silly pumpkins elsewhere, this window has a darker occult appeal.

Feels like something from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The shops are also getting into the spirit.

The China Closet has added fall foliage
This isn’t Halloween related, but I’m loving all the teapots available at the resort right now.

My favorite is always the Fortuosity shop on Main Street. The infestation of black crows is all kinds of amazing.   

At the end of Main Street The Little Red Wagon corn dog cart has returned from a short refurbishment.

The Main Event

For years now Haunted Mansion Holiday and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy have driven huge attendance to the Disneyland Resort. Add in Mickey’s Halloween Party, which now offers tickets over $100, and you can see how this is a huge revenue opportunity for Disney.  This year’s Halloween Parties are nearly sold out. Only 4 dates still show ticket availability:

Disney World has been offering their Halloween Party event for the last two weeks. We’re surprised they haven’t tried that here, given the demand for the event.

Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy returns this Friday after a lengthy refurbishment of the attraction (the attraction closed August 21st).

Speakers have been installed on the exterior of the mountain for the nightly projection show on the dome of the mountain.

But most folks are probably waiting for this . . .

Haunted Mansion Holiday first opened in 2001 and is still going strong.

Generally, Halloween decorations at Disneyland are mostly installed by this point. We’ve yet to see the Dia De Los Muertos figures go up in Zocalo Park.  Some smaller decorations have been installed at Frontierland’s Pioneer Mercantile.

There are also some very minor decorations at ToonTown.  Mostly bunting.

Some bunting here:

But not in the rest of the land.

River Belle Terrace Renovation

The test of table service dining at River Belle has been a big success. During this refurbishment, the dinning room will be enhanced to remove the old quick serve queue and add additional indoor seating. If all goes well the reconfigured restaurant will reopen in mid-November.

There’s a vintage mural on the river-facing construction wall.

They’ve even placed tarps around the roof, likely for ventilation work.

A River Runs Through It

Disneyland’s Railroad and river attractions remain very popular.

I’ve been fascinated with the vegetation planted around the river. It’s all growing in fast . . . but there’s one thing that they just can’t make grow fast enough . . . although they planted mature trees, they simply can’t match the growth of the 60 year old forest on Tom Sawyer Island.

Huge trees on the right and smaller trees on the left.


Fox watch 2017 . . .

Last week we showed you photos of the fox family, which you can spy from the train just before the Toontown tunnel.  The ornamental grass had grown so tall that you could no longer see the baby fox in the log. We were happy to see that the grasses have been trimmed and the baby is visible once again.

Editors Note: As of the day of this publishing, another fox was added to the fox family.

You can just make out the set-up for Fantasmic on the Mark Twain.


Star Wars Land Construction

Lots of Star Wars photos today. It’s exciting to see mesh going up for rock construction. If you think of Star Wars as a Western in space, its location behind Big Thunder makes a bit of sense.

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of flight , a dimension of fight, a dimension of adventure. . . You’ve just crossed over to the Star Wars Zone . . .

Those tall towers will be rock mountains. They have a vague Big Thunder-ish look to them which will help them blend in with the old west nearby.

There’s mesh going onto the tower below. Rock work won’t be far behind.

That’s the approximate location of the Millennium Falcon attraction.

The photo below is interesting because is shows how the rocks of Star Wars land will be a nice counterbalance to Big Thunder nearby

You can really see the mesh below.

We’re looking toward the Millennium Falcon attraction below.

And here’s the MASSIVE Battle Escape building. You can see the exterior walls going up on the Northern portion of the building.

This is at the Southern end of the Battle Escape building.

This and That

New credit card readers have appeared at some ODV carts around the park.

There’s an odd mix of day and evening shots in this update because I got trapped in 3 hours of traffic getting to the park on Friday and ran out of daylight. So I had to return on Saturday to pick up the rest of the shots. Both days were moderate in attendance, but all that should change this coming weekend as everyone and their brother heads down to Anaheim to see the new Halloween offerings.


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Well folks, that’s our Disneyland update for this week. If you missed the DCA Update yesterday, it’s available HERE. We hope you enjoyed it and that you are as excited about Halloween in Cars Land as we are. Today’s update was shot and assembled by Dusty Sage.

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