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Published on December 01, 2012 at 5:01 am with 12 Comments

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two has been one of the most anticipated games of the year and not just for Disney nerds but for gamers everywhere. The big difference for this release is that Mickey and the gang have finally made their way to the high definition consoles (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3). So, is this game worth finding under the tree this year?

George: Both of us loved Epic Mickey but we complained about the same issues as everyone else with the terrible camera and super hard levels. Both of us played review copies on the Xbox 360. So, how does Epic Mickey 2 stack up for us Disney nerds and dad gamers?

Jeff: Right off the bat, you’ll be able to tell that they were going for something different in this game. For starters, the characters now all have voices (which was sorely missed in the first game), and there is a new musical element. This was touted as a big feature when the game was being promoted, but unfortunately, the musical numbers, while fantastic, are few and far between.

George: The music for Epic Mickey was very contagious and I agree that it is sorely missed. The musical numbers for the Mad Doctor were great and really reminded me of something from Doctor Horrible. This is probably a good place to mention the cut scenes, too. The animation was so much better in this game and there was a lot more. Junction Point was able to take advantage of the more powerful consoles and it really shows. So, how is the game play?

Jeff: The sequel handles much like the original when it comes to the game play. While the original was only for the Wii, and the Wii-motes made the painting mechanic a breeze, it was a bit more of a challenge on other console’s controllers. They talked at length about how they tried to fix a lot of the game play issues from the first game, and I will give them credit for doing that. But I still had a lot of issues with the camera at points. It often liked to center itself, at almost eye level, behind your character, making it difficult to see anything at all. I often found myself trying to adjust the camera, and wind up dying in the process.

George: Both of us played large portions of the game with our kids and found it challenging dealing with the AI of Oswald. There was lots of, um, loud talk between us and our kids about coming to one side of the screen to go through a door or needing to revive one of us when we died. The bosses seemed so unbalanced, too. One of the first incarnations of the final boss had me running to the interwebz to see how to beat him. I admit that the addition of the co-op play really extended the play time in a good way, but the game really seemed hung up on some tough play mechanics.

Jeff: I definitely agree. While I loved the addition of the much needed co-op mode (especially when they added another character), it was frustrating how much (or how little) we were able to do separately. Everything is very linear and by the book, with little to no time allowed for exploration. But that’s one of the high points of the game: exploring all of the cool, obscure, and lost, Disney stuff that have packed into the levels.

George: For our MiceChat readers, probably the best reason to get Epic Mickey 2 is for the layers and layers of nerdy Disney details that you’ll find everywhere. There are Hidden Mickeys (and Oswalds), images of collectibles as the landscape and tributes to the parks and films. As Jeff said, the game feels short and you needs to spend a lot of time doing the side quests when you first visit a land. There are collectible outfits, trading pins and more! I think we can both agree, though, that the best part of the game is the same as it was in the first Epic Mickey.

Jeff: Overall, from a gaming perspective, the game gets a solid C+. I think the reason we stuck with it for as long as we did is because of the Disney aspect. If it was any other game, I may have passed on beating it. But, wanting to see all the other layers of Disney history the game had hidden within it kept me going.

George: As much as I enjoyed playing the game with my son, there were many times when I stopped playing and had to take a break—mainly because I was frustrated with fighting the same mini-boss over and over. I still liked the game a lot and I think that most Disney fans will, too. Most non-gamers are going to find it challenging and a lot of kids are going to simply give up on it.

You can also hear us review Epic Mickey 2 with our sons on Communicore Weekly (the Greatest Online Show!™).


So, have you played Epic Mickey 2? Is this popular sequel going to find its way to your holiday list?

By Jeff Heimbuch and George Taylor

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  • http://micechat.com Dusty Sage

    I’ve had a love/hate (mostly love) relationship with this game since its first iteration. The graphics, Disney gems, and idea are superb, but the game play itself is frustrating.

    A game that you’ve just got to show off to all of your friends, but one which is almost too frustrating to actually finish.

  • RX-24

    I see no mention of the Wi U system which also features this game as well as controllers (for the hardcore geeks) that are Mickey’s brush and Oswalds controller button.

    • George Taylor

      Thanks for the comment!

      We received review copies for the Xbox 360 and not the Wii or the Wii U (I need to buy a Wii U, though).

      Have you played that version? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

  • Brer Mole

    “I think the reason we stuck with it for as long as we did is because of the Disney aspect.”

    ^LOL this. :p I’m playing through the game with my girlfriend and parts of the game can be REALLY frustrating, but the more and more we keep going (and seeing things like the cactuses from Western River Expedition, or Splash Mountain animatronics), the more and more I want to keep plowing through the game, despite the weird game dynamics. Oh well. :T

    • George Taylor

      Agreed! It’s such a beautiful game and the nerd details are everywhere.

      But there were levels and minibosses that I had to attempt multiple times.

      Thanks for the comment.

  • Monorail Man

    Thanks for the review guys. Overall, I really liked the first one, but didn’t end up finishing it – I watched a playthrough on YouTube instead, because I couldn’t get over the camera issues. It’s terrible to hear that the camera is an issue again in Epic Mickey 2. Overall, yes, they are filled with all kinds of fun Disney references – but if getting to those references isn’t total fun, then what’s the point?

    • George Taylor

      I never finished the first one either, but I did beat this one. I’m not a gamer by any means and the last game I played was Skyrim. But this one was fun enough to continue playing and the camera was bad but not as bad as Epic Mickey.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Internitty

    I was lucky enough to recieve an Oswald plush figure with my pre-ordered copy of Epic Micjey 2. I’ve been playing this game for a week or so now and I’m loving it, I found the camera frustrating at first but once I got the hang of it the camera has become second nature. I love the difficulty of the levels, it’s been a long time since I found a game that is fun AND challenging. I would heartily recommend Epic Mickey 2 to anyone who enjoys a visually entertaining as well as challenging game. I mst admit though I really want the powers that be to release a paint brush controller ofr the xbox 360 version at least ;)

    • George Taylor

      Thanks for the comment!

      As beautiful and challenging as the game is, I’m really glad to hear when people really enjoy it.

      Imagine if Junction Point had added Kinect controls!!!!

  • brianpinsky

    I liked this game more than the first one for one of the many reasons, voices. I played on the Wii which most of the controls where the same but many of the referances came straight out of the first game. I did like how after you finished the game you could back and finish the quests unlike the first one which was when you were done, you were done. I think the game needed to be worked on for another 6 months because of all the things that did not work, or held onto it until it was beta-tested and they worked out all the problems. (Yes, i know that only works on a perfect world, everyone elese is on a time scheduel). I think its a great game but if they relase a 3rd one it needs to be interactive and a way longer story line, like tripple the length.

    • brianpinsky

      Oh and did you see the DCA reference in the final level?


    As much as I enjoy this game, I am taking a break from it. I am not sure if I was given a defective copy or if there is some other issue, but I have had to restart the game from the beginning twice now because of glitches. In two different instances I have completed a task but a door/thinner wall that are supposed to open do not open and I am left with no choice but to go all the way back to the start of the game. I’m frustrated to say the least, because I really do want to complete the game.