Would you like to be at Walt Disney World every day of the year, for at least 20 years? You—or at least your face—could be!

But your ability to Leave a Legacy at Epcot has gone to Yesterland.

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  • stamphead

    Earlier this month when I asked for the location of my etching with my brother, they listed it 4 or 5 times Did they want to fill empty space?

  • airick75

    Ugh..I visited Epcot over the summer without knowing anything about this project and having not visited Epcot since before 1999. I walked in and skeptically thought, “What’s this?” It was not pretty, not nice looking…those etching plates look like cheap metal awkwardly placed on the granite. I hope they do move them – it would be worth it just like it was worth redoing CA Adventure.

  • Disneyaholik

    I can’t lie, I have one of these lol

  • indianajack

    Just hideously ugly. Another disastrous management decision from TDO that put easy profits over aesthetic value.

  • It was a decision based on greed that brought this travesty to Epcot in the first place, and it looks the part. They really should remove all the metal photo plates, install them in some unused room in Innoventions and let folks see themselves there. Then remove all the tombstones and completely restore Epcot’s entry plaza. This is one of those inexcusable issues that its hard to believe they haven’t already fixed (right along with the hat).

  • rmsongs

    My family of 6 has 3 tiles. Now that one son is out on his own and one daughter is soon to follow, I’m glad we bought them, since we are not likely to return as our “original” family. (I’m assuming future visits will include spouses & grandkids.) We’ve enjoyed visiting our tiles on subsequent visits. When I first heard a while back that there was a possibility the stones would be moved, I wasn’t too happy about it. That being said, I have to admit they’re not the most-attractive thing I’ve ever seen and I can understand how people who didn’t purchase tiles would hate seeing it right inside the entrance. I think it would be fine to move it to some quiet, out-of-the-way corner of the park, so those of us who wish to “visit” can, while those who hate the “gravestone” look don’t have to see them. That seems like a fair compromise.

  • danyoung

    I’ve had my smiling face up on the wall since 1999, and it’s given me a lot of pleasure to know that I’m always there, even when I’m not. I know others have said that they don’t like the look, and I just don’t see it. My eye is mostly on Spaceship Earth anyway, so whether the entryway is granite monoliths or flowers and trees really doesn’t matter much to me. I’ve got 6 days till my next trip, and my first stop is to check to make sure my little 2×2 pic is still there!


    My dad and I have our 2×2 pic on these wall so we are always there. It was put on in 2004 and in 2007 and 09 I check our picture out on the wall. It pretty cool to have them there. But they should redo the entryway to what they had there when EPCOT first open and put the symbol back to what EPCOT had in the 80’s.