Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see, Disneyland at Halloween.

Well, not so much strange, but plenty silly . . . welcome back to the Disneyland Update and the eternally popular Halloween Time. If you visited the park this past weekend, you no doubt have stories to share of difficulties parking, busy parks, and long lines to buy specialty popcorn buckets. We’ve just crossed over into the busiest period of the year for Disneyland, from September 15th until New Years Day. Boo!

Halloween Begins

Halloween time at Disneyland is now in full swing. All the decorations are up, and the two haunted Halloween attractions are welcoming guests for a spooky time. It’s also become one of the busiest weekends of the year as annual passholders turn out to see all the holiday offerings.

Main Street USA

The Fab Five pumpkin sculptures have returned to the entrance of Disneyland for another year.

So have the Halloween Time bunting and banners.

The characters on Main Street each have their own unique costumes.

Dale was acting quite mischevious Friday morning, mostly photobombing people taking pictures in front of the Mickey pumpkin.

I had a friend in from out of town this past weekend who wanted to see Halloween at Disneyland. She posed the question, “Why is it that Disneyland guests line up in droves to take pictures with statues?” She’s spent most of her Disney time at Walt Disney World. Perhaps Disney World just doesn’t have the awesome statues and props like the GIANT Mickey Pumpkin in Town Square. What do you guys think?

Let there be orange and yellow!

New Orleans Square

The Mansion has been changed, and everything is adorned and deranged! Haunted Mansion Holiday is a staple for Halloween guests, some come to the Disneyland Resort during Halloween time just to see how Jack has wrecked these halls.

I didn’t notice anything drastically different this time, other than the new gingerbread house, but it’s still one of my favorite things to do all year.

A man-eating plant makes a wonderful wreath. That is if you don’t get caught in its teeth!
On the first day of Disneyland Christmas my ghoul love gave to me…a crisp photo of Madame Leota.

The new gingerbread house is Oogie-rrific! I wonder what he tastes like?

The snake seems to be missing his naughty list this year.
Hattie continues to show off his holiday best.
Have you been good this year?

At the French Market, there are two specialty deserts just for Halloween, Snake and Spider Chocolate Goo and Pumpkin Cheesecake.


Zocalo Park’s Dia De Los Muertos decorations have returned. We were afraid they wouldn’t since there are similar decorations up across the esplanade to promote the upcoming film “Coco.”

River Belle Terrace is under wraps for a major refurb and reconfiguration, which will allow for more indoor seating and the removal of the old service queue.

The River Belle Terrace remains closed for refurbishment.


Ghost Galaxy facade projections are always great. Do you see stars? If you don’t, click for full-size.

Things are green and spooky at Space Mountain with the return of the fan-favorite Ghost Galaxy overlay. I didn’t notice anything new, but it’s still as fun as always.

Does the ghost galaxy have any motivation to pursue you? Or is it just inherently evil? I’ve always wondered what is driving it to follow us.

Over at Tomorrowland Terrace, construction walls have gone up around most of the covered part of the seating patio.

Some of the windows are still open and the stage is untouched.


In Fantasyland, you won’t find any Halloween decorations, but you will find some Halloween promotional items. I stopped by the Red Rose Taverne to grab some lunch and tried the Enchanted Maize Flatbread.

The flatbread tasted essentially like a vegetable pizza, and has the above-average quality we’ve come to expect from the Red Rose Taverne. If that overlay means we continue to get better food here, let it continue to stay.

Everything about the dish was delicious. Gooey cheese, tasty vegetables, and a savory sauce. Of course, this is essentially a vegetarian dish, but you can order a side of beef if you’re feeling carnivorous.

Halloween Themed Cups available around the resort


Toontown received Halloween-style bunting, but not much more. The entrance screams “Halloween” more than the actual land.

This and That

Launch Bay closed at 4:30 on Friday. I’m not sure exactly why, but there isn’t much foot traffic going inside anymore as it is. The Disneyland website still says it should be open until 8pm even on days where the park closes at 6pm which isn’t helpful. If you’re looking to meet Chewie or Vader, double check to see what time the location actually closes.

There was a wait time board outside of Pirates that looked like a new design to me. The one near the entrance doesn’t cut it on busy days, so a mobile one is appreciated.

Over in Fantasyland, the old 60th Anniversary diamond roof is STILL up on the castle. As you can see, it isn’t in great shape. Perhaps they’ll finally be able to fix the original roof underneath it before or after the installation of the winter snow-swept roof.

Harold does year-round spooks, no promotion needed!

But wait . . . that’s not all . . .

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AND . . . we have a HUGE update for you from Disney California Adventure which is coming up tomorrow.

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