Max returns with a spectacular review of Disneyland Paris’ ambitious new nature park with naturalistic accommodations.
There’s something new at the Disneyland Paris Resort, Villages Nature. While it is a tourist area which contains a water recreation area, this isn’t a theme park. But it is something unique, beautiful and of ecological interest. Let’s take a look.

Villages Nature is an independent partnership between EuroDisney S.C.A. and Pierre & Vacances Group. There’s no Mickey Mouse here, but there is the high level of detail you expect from Disney.

The project takes advantage of geothermal heat which comes from water 1.3 miles underground at 172.4°F. Thanks to a network of 11.1 miles of canals, the waters at Villages Nature are heated and also supplies heated water to the rest of Disneyland Paris. This saves nearly 9,000 tons of CO² per year. The use of geothermal energy supplies 100% of the heating needs of Villages Nature and up to 50% of the needs of the two Disney theme parks and the Disneyland Hotel.

The objective of the project is to provide playful activities and lodging in perfect concert to nature, imposing the least possible impact on the environment. For example: electric transport, bicycles and the use of organic products.

The bulk of the photos we are showing you is in the center right section of this map. Most of the accommodations at the top and bottom of the map were not available for us to share.

Let’s take you back to the first days of Villages Nature at the beginning of September.

Visitors wishing to make a day at Villages Nature are found at the welcome house. A bracelet similar to Walt Disney World’s Magic Band is distributed. This “Village Pass” provides access to the experiences included in the entrance fee but also to the options purchased during the day (pony & pedal boat rides, cooking classes, water park and much more).

But let’s not drag, off we go to the “Ferme BelleVie” (translation: Beautiful Life Farm)

This educational farm offers the opportunity to meet the animals of the farm but also to discover how the animals are nourished, their peculiarities and how they are treated (for example, how to milk a cow).

The free range chicken coops.

There’s even a little theater for presentations.

This place is a relaxing departure from the rest of Disneyland Paris. A bit of animal contact is the ideal start to the day. This farm also contains a grocery store, a bakery and an indoor playground for children.

Next up “The Forest of Legends

This outdoor playground gives the young ones the opportunity to play out in the forest. Just behind this space, a campsite allows you to find a show of legends. At the exit of this forest is a mini-golf course offering a view of the pond and the Aqualagon.

Let’s discover the beach neighborhood.

After having conquered the hearts of the children, it is time to take care of the adults! This site offers a garden so huge that its name is the “Extraordinary gardens.

You will have understood, there is not one, not two, not three, but four gardens! To distinguish them, four themes were chosen: the Land, the Fire, the Air and the Water. The gardens were planted a year before the opening of the site and allows an excellent junction between the main activities in the Center with the promenade and the Aqualagon (waterpark). Everything is designed to make you feel cut off from the world and the frenzy of the promenade and Aqualagon (waterpark).

The Land
Our course begins with the garden of the land. This is a place where we can see vegetable gardens, flowers, and steel sculptures which evoke the work of the land and its blooms.

The Fire
We arrive in a wooded area, with lots of red and black flowers. The soil resembles volcanic rock and pollinating insects roam. A campfire space allows you to relax in the evening and a giant nest will remind you of being a baby chick. A walk on the heights allows you to get a view of the whole garden.

The Air
This garden is dedicated to the air and makes room for vegetation undulating in the wind, flags and other chimes bring tones and touches of colors to the area. This open space, exposed to the sun, allows for the wind to sweep through the gardens.

The Water
This is a highlight of our visit to the gardens. This garden offers color, water flowing from all sides, and a winding passage to the summit, which offers views of the Aqualagon.

The Extraordinary Gardens are a unique space where architecture, landscaping and art encourage the exploration and contemplation of our natural environment. These gardens spread over close to the five acres and are a real surprise.

Coming out of the extraordinary garden, the Aqualagon (waterpark) calls to us. This structure is visible from all over the site.

This building, imagined by famed architect Jacques Ferrier, is intended to be an icon of the area but also to wrap the environment around the façade. This structure was conceived as a suspended garden which rises from the shores of the lake to more than 20m high, up to a lookout with a 360° view on the entire site. The building looks a bit like unfolded origami, the frame consists of eco-certified wood.


The exterior structure of the Aqualagon is wonderful. Inside, the view is equally stunning, and heated to 86° F all year round.

The interior space is spectacular, with the stairs to the slides wrapped in a wooden vortex, like a tree trunk expanding out to the soaring ceiling.

This is likely to be the most popular location at Villages Nature. And if the wave pool, 7 indoor water slides, including the sublime “Crater float slide”, do not tempt you, a massive outdoor lagoon awaits you with an overflowing pool facing the lake.

Lake Promenade
This place of meeting spaces, shops and restaurants, borders the lake on 40 acres! It is the perfect place for nocturnal activities such as the “Soirée Guinguette,” musical concert among others. There is also a bowling alley, a children’s club, as well as activities such as pedal boats to see the biodiversity of the lake area.

Finally, whatever your place of accommodation, three electric bus lines will serve as relays for you to move around the site. The environmental commitment to avoid any impact and emission of CO² is well thought out.

Final Thoughts
The site is not yet fully open to the public. Not all cottages and apartments are finished. That said, the activities and structures offered to visitors are all operational.

So we find ourselves in a scenario where all the facilities are currently uncrowded. That makes this a little paradise for visitors! So, be sure to take advantage of clean, new places in a virtually private setting until the opening of all the surrounding accommodations.

At the time of my visit, 2 water slides (Aqua coaster) were still closed in the Aqualagon, but should open for the Halloween holidays.

If you do not stay on site, visits to Villages Nature are possible for the price of €50 for adults and €40 for children. (€10 Less on weekdays). This price seems reasonable to me and adds value to those choosing Villages Nature accommodations as the entire facility will be included for them.

The entire Parisian region is fortunate to have such a remarkable site at the gates of Paris which offers such wonderful leisure activities.

Imagine spending a week at the Villages Nature, with easy access to the Disney parks, and returning back to your relaxing cottage in the evening. Paradise.


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