As expected, Halloween has been a blockbuster at Disneyland. Big crowds show up to the sold out Mickey’s Halloween Parties and the weekends in particular reach packed conditions in the parks. Disney has certainly orchestrated a change in patterns that has turned the off season into one of the busiest seasons of the year. Let’s take a look around the not so scariest place on earth.

Main Street USA

This sign has been up on several of my last few visits. Wonder what they’ve been filming for?

During most of my visits since Halloween, Chip and/or Dale have been walking around instead of just posing for pictures. I’ve appreciated the extra interactivity! I prefer the characters to walk around rather than having them at the end of long meet and greet lines. What about you?

From the train station, and with the angle on your camera just right, the castle almost looks tall.  😉

Let’s take a train ride to New Orleans…

New Orleans Square

As you enter New Orleans, you’ll be greeted by the continuing construction at the River Belle Terrace. No date has been announced about when the restaurant and its improved dining room will reopen.

Jack has brought Halloween to New Orleans and continues to command long lines both to meet him and see his decorations in the Haunted Mansion. The queue for this popular Halloween overlay reached up to 2 hours long on Sunday.

The salty old Pirates of the Caribbean have been a popular stop during the few hot days we’ve had this past week in southern California.

It be too late to alter course now, mateys.

Disney long ago announced changes to the “Buy a Bride” scene in Pirates of the Caribbean by the end of the year. But with a just a few months left in 2017, the changes should be coming soon.

We wants the redhead!

When I was riding on Thursday, the lighting in one of the chase vignettes wasn’t working properly.

This barrel continues to play the accordion for us while we wait for the accordion pirate to return. He’s been gone for weeks.

When you walk into the attraction (or finish riding), you’ll notice that it’s quieter than usual. That’s because the barker bird at the beginning of the queue is missing!

Critter Country

Down in Critter Country, you’ll be hard-pressed to not see both Star Wars construction and the parking structure.

This is much improved over what it was, but the trees still can’t hide the structure.

The cast member in me really hopes that the structure will be fully obscured by the time Star Wars Land opens.

Near the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge entry is a little holding area with items covered in tarps. I think this is to hide treat stations for Mickey’s Halloween Party.

A new Bison Blue Cheese burger sounds like an interesting Halloween offering at Hungry Bear. I’m excited to see unique offerings coming to this establishment, even if I’m not a huge fan of blue cheese (scrape that off and the rest sounds delicious).

They’re selling these things everywhere this year!

Something I noted was that the sign for the promotional Fantasmic offerings was still on display. Fantasmic promotions should have ended with the start of Halloween, but these offerings were pretty good, so I’m not complaining.

Something that I ran into multiple times during my Thursday (read: weekday) visit was that many food locations were closed by 4pm. It was bad enough at DCA, but over five hours before the park closes is a little ridiculous.


David Koenig broke news this week that the Jungle Cruise will not be receiving its annual holiday overlay “Jingle Cruise” this year, which makes me very sad. I loved the corny holiday cheer, and it will be missed.


I’ve walked past the Dia De Los Muertos display a few times and hadn’t stopped for it yet. I feel that due to location, most people don’t realize this is even here, especially considering it’s often used as extended queue for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Speaking of Thunder, I noticed that the waterfall was off near the second to last turn on my visit.

And then there was this construction wall where the extended queue usually is. Not sure what’s going on.

The decorations for the Shooting Expedition are needing a little refresh, they’re looking a bit washed out.

And now for a ride out on the river to Fantasyland…

The entire concrete fox family send you their greetings.


I feel like I’m always on the train when the parade is going on.

In the land of fantasy, you’ll find that Siemens is getting ready to leave it’s a small world. Anyone out there want to sponsor a historic attraction?  What’s about you Dusty? How does this sound: it’s a small world, brought to you by  Has a nice ring to it.

Hello, everyone, my name is Scott, and I have a problem with photographing the Matterhorn too much.


There’s very little Halloween spirit in Tomorrowland, except for Space Mountain. You’ll be hard-pressed to see much of it during the day, though.

The crows helped bring the Halloween spirit for this shot, though

I’m a huge fan of how the facade looks at sunset.

As much as I love Ghost Galaxy, I feel like every time I ride it, something’s not working. I think it needs a good refresh after this season.

And finally, a quick detour through the Grand Canyon.

And a trip back in time…

Today’s update was shot and assembled by Scott Attula.

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