Halloween is near and it is definitely time to start putting together that just-so-perfect Disney-inspired costume. But, maybe you’re tired of the same old, same old. If so, here are a few suggestions that are a twist on the normal attractions, movies, and characters.

Dress as a giant book covered with vines, palm fronds, moss, mud, lizards, and snakes.
You’re The Jungle Book.

Dress as the state of California. Yell at everyone you meet.
You’re California Screamin’.

Wear that California costume one more time. This time, also wear a hat that has a giant, heavily-bandaged letter “N” on the top.
You’re Sore “N” Over California.

For either of the preceding, wear ears with the word “Imagine” written on them.
These are the attraction’s Imagine Ears.

Dress as an underwater sea base surrounded by gadgets, gizmos, and thing-a-ma-bobs.
You’re Sub Bastion.

Dress up like a NASCAR driver and wear Earnhardt’s number 8. Walk around swinging a golf club.
You’re Chippin’ Dale.

Dress up as the letter “L”. Place a giant nest on your head.
You’re Aerie-L.

Dress as Captain EO covered with evergreen needles and oak leaves.
You’re Pine-Oak EO.

Dress up as a cross between Ricardo Montalban in Star Trek and Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands.
You’re Shearer Khan.

Cover yourself in red, white, and blue. Wander around screaming that the liberals are destroying the country.
You’re the Mad Tea Party.

Dress as a Radio City Music Hall dancer. Carry a bunch of fishing poles.
Explain that these are the Rockette Rods.

Make twelve wigs, labeling each for a different month of the year. Wear the third one.
You’re the March Hair.

Join with three other friends and dress up as Civics and Accords. Bring some cards, sit at a table, and start betting.
You’re Poker Hondas.

Where an all-black space suit with the sign “Second man on the moon”.
You’re The Black Aldrin.

Dress up as a golf tee. Whine and complain about how much you dislike the costume.
You’re Tee Moan.

Dress up as a Goodyear-sponsored bottle of Ex-lax.
You’re The People Mover.

What suggestions do you have? (And don’t even think about dressing up as a certain emoji and naming it “Winnie”.)

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Mike lives in Phoenix, Arizona and has two claims to fame. The first is that he was born the day Disneyland opened. So, yes, he is old. The second is that he is the funniest internal auditor in the profession of internal auditing. Yes, a very low bar. Yes, this is akin to being the sanest person in the asylum. So why not combine those two great achievements? Why not combine that love for Disneyland with a slightly offbeat sense of humor? I guess we'll all find out.