Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World! This week, we are heading to a soggy Magic Kingdom to see all the latest news, construction and photos. Let the magic begin!

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!


We’re only one week from Halloween!

Scrims up near the Barber Shop side of the Emporium on Main Street.

A large scrim still up at the end of Main Street next to Casey’s Corner.
This ‘waiver’ is now up on Main Street since all the parades are webcast into the new Disney Store locations.
Stitch’s Great Escape has been reduced to a character meet and greet.
So much Porg merchandise anywhere that fine Star Wars things are sold.

Exterior refurbishment still happening at Cosmic Ray’s.

Some large trees were cut down here near the Be Our Guest restaurant. Does the scale look off to you?

The crane installing the holiday lights on the castle is now gone.
Still no news to report on the Hall of Presidents. It becomes more and more odd by the day.

Splash Mountain closed for refurbishment.

The entrance walled off.

Sunshine Tree Terrace is finally free of scrims and walls.
But now this whole area of Adventureland is walled off.

The walls extend basically out almost to the outer ring of the Hub.
A rainy day at the Kingdom.
These rings around the hub were designed to alleviate traffic, yet now a large part of one is reserved for something.

Time to go dry off!

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