As is so often the case, a single week can bring great change to Disneyland. Halloween may be tomorrow, but Disney is already moving on to Christmas. Small World is closed for merrymaking, red and green merchandise is replacing orange and purple on shelves, and jolly decorations are being placed all over the park.  I know you’re all curious to see what’s inside . . It’s what happens when two holidays collide!


Main Street

Uncle Walt sits atop his pumpkin perch as snow falls upon the castle behind him. Soon, the Christmas Day parade will begin taping and the entire resort will be in full holiday press.

By November 10th, the big holiday switch-a-roo will be complete. So, you’ve got just over a week between November 1st until the 10th to enjoy what ‘should’ be an enjoyable lull between spooky and merry seasons.

That giant Mickey pumpkin was the most popular thing in the park this week. Lines can stretch all the way down Main Street to Center Street and beyond!

It’s dark, but we are standing at Center Street and the line to take a photo with the giant pumpkin is long and slow. And on the other side, the line stretches across Town Square toward the Train Station!

Some may lament the early snowfall, but at least the diamonds are gone . . . for now.

With as quickly as these roofs go up, should Disney wait until November 1st to redecorate the rooftops?


It was a strange week traffic-wise. There were times when the park was enjoyable and times when everything ground to a halt. There will be a bit of downtime for Indy next week. Expect it to be closed the 6th through the 9th.

If you are willing to climb, you can get a beautiful view of the Star Wars land construction. We arrived just a bit too late for the best light, but here are some dusk shots of the future empire . . .


Have you been on Big Thunder since it returned from refurbishment? All the show effects are working again. It’s a great time to ride!

Disney cleverly used the new Big Thunder Trail paths for Mickey’s Halloween Party treat-trails this year.

Zocalo Park will frequently fill up with overflow queue for Big Thunder, but not today.

Farewell Halloween Tree . . . until we meet again . . .


The snowfall on the back of the castle has always been a bit of a mess. While they do their best to blend it all together, the plates just don’t match up back here.



Small World will open on the 10th of November, the official start of the Holliday season this year.

If you watch Soundsational, try to catch the 2nd showing. Seeing it after dark adds extra vitality with all the parade lighting.


You can see Star Wars land behind Chip and Dales tree house

Hills of faded glory . . .

Toontown mountain need some love



Christmas has completely taken over this little corner of the park.  Garlands, decorations, and props are everywhere. It does look a bit more sparce than years past, but they may not be done decorating here yet.

Haunted Mansion queue takes the whole courtyard

Have you noticed the explosion in popularity of flower ear hats?

But the real superstar right now is the rose gold ears. Women were buying them by the arm load.




Here’s another land that has really gotten into the spirit of the NEXT season a little early.

We can catch a little bit of Star Wars construction from back here as well.

The rock work is really going to be impressive here.



It feels like we’ve taken a million rides on the Disneyland Railroad since it reopened this summer. But it’s still a glorious ride.


Love the waterfalls


Space Mountain reverts back to its previous self on November 1st. It should take just a day for the ride to banish the ghosts in the galaxy.

These are the “if only” tracks. The most popular ride you can’t go on.


Are you ready for jingle bell time? Ready or not, here it is.

Christmas and Halloween Merchandise side by side

Mickey Lights!


It’s the Disneyland version of an ugly Christmas sweater!


Coco has hit the shelves.

Coco releases this Thanksgiving. Are you looking forward to it?

Let’s face the facts, Baymax is adorable. . . even on socks. End of discussion.

Happy Halloween everyone! Be careful out there and we hope your candy bags are filled with Reeces and no raisins.

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Today’s update was shot and assembled by Dsny Debbie with additional photos and commentary from Dusty Sage.

Let us know if you think Christmas is starting too soon.