California Adventure is currently in the middle of two big shifts. By the time you read this, Halloween will be mostly removed and Christmas will officially open just a week from today! That’s a quick switch-a-roo. But first, we have more news on the complete re-theme of one of the park’s original lands . . . Paradise Pier, which will soon get a Pixar makeover. Is it ambitious enough or just a bit of lipstick on the proverbial pig?

Paradise Pier Pixar Pier

Disney has been laying on the theme park news these past two weeks and has turned their attention to Pixar Pier this week. It’s pretty much what we’ve expected: a quick and mostly cosmetic overlay to Paradise Pier which brings more Pixar characters into the land.

There will now be four new “neighborhoods.” The first is a retheme of California Screamin’ to the “Incredicoaster.” That includes a new mid-century-modern style to the loading area and new paint for the cars and scream tunnels. Looks like the track will remain white. They were mum on what “new character moments” were coming. There also looks to be a chasing splash effect near the launch point for the coaster that wasn’t explained but was included in the concept art.

The second neighborhood is Toy Story themed. That will be where Midway Mania currently is and it looks like King Triton’s Carousel will be absorbed into this area.

The third neighborhood will be inside the old Maliboomer pad and will be Inside Out themed. There will be a new Inside Out flat ride inside the helix and it looks to be a spinning gondola style ride similar to Flik’s Flyers. It’ll be surrounded by racks of memory orbs. I hope those will be actual orbs and not just flat walls that are painted.

The fourth neighboorhood will be where the current Midway is around Mickey’s Fun Wheel. Mickey’s Fun Wheel will be painted blue and all the gondolas will be repainted with Pixar characters. In an interesting turn of events, they’ve opted to leave Mickey Mouse on the front of it and didn’t mention a name change so it looks like it will remain “Mickey’s Fun Wheel.” The midway games will remain and become Pixar themed.

Some may find this news disheartening: Ariel’s Grotto and Cove Bar will shut down to become a new lounge and grill. No news on what that means and there was no mention on if there will be a Pixar theme.

The Pier goes under the knife when most locations close on January 8th and re-open during Pixar Fest in Summer of 2018.

For those wondering about the area between Silly Symphony Swings and Ariel, it will remain the same, the area will now be called “Paradise Park.”

So, are you super excited about all these changes or are you disappointed that no big new attractions are being added? The consensus online has been mixed and a heated.

Do you like the concept art and description of Pixar Pier?


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Making Christmas

Throughout the resort, you’ll find Disney “making Christmas.” That’s not to say they aren’t still unmaking Halloween.

Cars Land

As we entered Cars Land earlier this week, we found a mixed bag of holidays. Cars Land was one of the most intricately decorated areas in the resort this past Halloween, so it’s going to take a few days to start seeing more Christmas and less Halloween. They have until this time next week so they’ll be moving fast!

The chain web is still up

Seems the locals have already shed their Halloween duds, but we’ll see them sporting their holiday best soon.

And holidays will be colliding for the next few days. I’m going to miss those Cone-o-Lanterns. what about you?

The gas-o-lanterns have been uprooted

The billboard has gone classic. No snowcar yet. Still waiting on “Happy Holidays from Cars Land!”

I wonder if the lights can change colors or if they’ll have to restring each of these trees?

Buena Vista Street

Buena Vista Street is busy shedding a colony of bats and Halloween window decorations.

Just the night before it looked like this:


Work on the displays along BVS has yet to begin, but we’ll see that happen soon, maybe even by the time this post goes live….


Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!


Inside the shops, we found that there are now three sizes of Baymax plush with the addition of this big one.

Anyone want a huge strawberry smelling bear?

We’re all going to miss this particular horseman. But we’d love to see him return as an animatornic next year. At the very least the arm and pumpkin.

Pacific Wharf

All along the parade route going towards Pacific Wharf and Paradise Pier, you’ll find signs of the returning Festival of Holidays. Last year’s festival was dismally attended. The prices were high and there wasn’t enough of a draw to pull people over to DCA. Hopefully, TDA learned some lessons.

Does this make you hungry just looking at it?

As you walk through the wharf, there are plenty of string lights and garland to put you in the Christmas spirit.

Is everyone ready for World of Color: Season of Light to return?

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Construction

A Galaxy Far Far Away is starting to look like something promising behind Disneyland.

We’ve got rocks!

Some of the show buildings are starting to get completely enclosed.

This area is starting to really take shape.

The framework for the Battle Escape ride is getting more intricate.

We’re still over a year and a half away from the opening, but they’re making some big strides in construction right now!

Downtown Disney

The esplanade still has it’s Halloween banners up.

But Downtown Disney is already repping the holidays.

They’ve even begun to sell holiday merch!

Shops around Downtown Disney have started to get into the holiday season.

This looks like something that belongs on Etsy

Coco marketing is in full swing, so expect lots and lots of merchandise for the upcoming film to hit shelves!

That skeleton mask on the hoodie is a neat idea.

I don’t know what this is yet but it’s colorful and looks like something kids would love.
This is actually tasteful for initial marketing.



Well, that’s not terrifying or anything. What’s up with candy cane Olaf? He looks like he’s on something.

The new bowling alley is making great strides. Will it be a strike?

Goodbye pumpkin towers

The Dream Boutique added some decorations to the previously empty walls.

Star Wars VR is on the way . . . I’m excited to give it a spin, err, shot!

This brand new Starbucks will soon be demolished to make way for a new hotel. So you know that hotel placement was totally last minute.

We’ll also be saying goodbye to the AMC Theaters, Earl of Sandwich, ESPN Zone, and Rainforest Cafe soon.

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Let us know what you think about Pixar Pier. This is the 2nd year in a row that Disney has started a big new project in January that they plan to open by summer of the same year. But are these quick overlays enough?